The Third Time Is The Charm… A Valentine’s Day Love Story

For years, it seemed that our daughter, Brandy, was going to always be “unlucky in love”.  She’d spent nearly five years of her life dating “G”, her highschool sweetheart,  got engaged to him–only to have him practically leave her standing at the altar without an explanation. 

Next came “R” who was a good-looking, smooth talking guy, who came in and swept her off her feet.  “R” was originally from South Africa, but  moved over here with his missionary family several years ago.   He  had the cutest little “British” accent, but after about a year into their serious relationship–Brandy soon found that most everything that came out of that “smooth-talking” mouth was a lie.    

Scorned twice by love, Brandy was almost afraid to try again.  Finally,  she agreed to a blind date arranged by a friend and fellow co-worker.  Like her mother before her, Brandy was cynical, and didn’t think too much would come of the blind date, but just like her mother–she was wrong! 

Brandy and Clint had a love connection from the beginning.  Brandy was surprised that things could move along so quickly, but I explained to her that sometimes you just know–immediately.  It was apparent, almost from the beginning, that Brandy and Clint were meant to be together. 

Clint has the sweetest “southern country drawl”, and the personality to go with it. I’ve never seen someone “court” a woman like he “courted” Brandy.  He was a man in love–and he wasn’t afraid to show it.  He’d leave romantic phone messages, he sent flowers, and every weekend he showed up bearing lots of gifts–lots of gifts!  It was a true southern courtship! 

Brandy and Clint had their first date on October 7, 2000.  Just four months later, on Valentine’s Day, Clint showed up with his arms full of gifts.  I am not exaggerating–it was a bag full!  The bag was filled with an assortment of stuffed Valentine’s animals, and other things.  Among the things  was a “Merry Moo” figurine of  one cow proposing to another cow, and it said “Will you marry me?” (Clint loves all things John Deere) A little further down in the bag was THE BOX–containing a large diamond engagement ring!  Clint asked the question, Brandy said yes, and the rest is history! 

Valentine's Night 2000--the contents of the bag are on the couch & on Brandy's finger!

The two of them wasted no time in planning their wedding.  They were married on July 7, 2001–exactly 9 months from the day of their first date.  The friend and co-worker who played “cupid” was their matron-of-honor!  It was a beautiful wedding, and we’ve never felt like we lost our daughter–instead we gained another son–and a granddaughter, five years later!!! 

...And they lived happily ever after

So I guess it’s true what they say, “sometimes a person may have to kiss a few toads to get to the prince.”  Brandy went through a few toads, but finally found her prince!  For her, the third time was definitely the charm.  I just love a happy ending….

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  1. Can I say AWWWWW….again? (It’s not illegal to say the same thing for two posts in a row is it?

    • LOL! Not at all. You must enjoy a good love story, too 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

  2. Good that she is like her mother :o) And found her perfect prince :o)

    What a beautiful wedding photo!
    Blessings & Aloha!

  3. […] soul so I really loved reading about Kathy and Ed’s real-life love story and also about their lovely daughter and son-in-law.  Ed and Kathy are parents of 3 and grandparents of 2 (so far). Now here’s the surprise. […]

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