A Budding Romance…At Last

Our youngest son, Brad, is twenty-four years old.  I’ve been hoping and praying for a while that he would meet a nice girl, and make a “love connection”.   My prayers have finally been answered.  My answered prayer has a name..and it’s Jennifer.

When Brad was a teenager, he was the “good guy”.  He was courteous, thoughtful, smart, and he always knew how to treat a girl.  He took his dates places, and didn’t mind spending money on them.  He was always very accommodating.  I’d think to myself–wow, he’ll make some girl a great husband someday.  It seems that most girls these days don’t want a guy that will treat them nice–they prefer the “bad boys.”

Brad went through a series of girlfriends, and none of them worked out.  I think part of the reason was because Brad has always been mature for his age, and had nothing in common with most of the girls that he dated.  Brad got hurt really bad in a relationship once, and  I was beginning to think that he would be a confirmed bachelor forever.  I worried as his attitude toward women seemed to grow more bitter over time.

Weeks turned into months, and months went by…nothing happened.  Brad hung around with his buddies, and worked at his job.    Then, lo and behold, just when he least expected it….Cupid strikes!  It wasn’t our regular cupid, Michelle, this time(although she did try)…This time Cupid came in the form of Face Book.

It seems that Brad always enjoyed being around Jennifer when their group of friends got together– I think he even dated her once in high school, but then she became involved with one of his buddies.  I don’t know the specifics, but from what I can gather, while Brad was suffering his ill-fated romances, Jennifer was going through her own trials and tribulations.

As fate would have it, Face Book brought them together again!  Brad said he “just decided to send her a message and say hello”…That was in October of 2009, and they have been practically inseparable ever since.  I’ve never seen two people compliment each other like those two!  They go together like peanut butter and jelly, like salt and pepper, like …well, you get the idea!

Jennifer and Brad at Christmas

I don’t know how this romance will play out, but I know how I hope goes!  Jennifer is one in a million!  She’s sweet, smart,  caring, funny, and never meets a stranger.  (Brad has all those same attributes)  We first met her at our Halloween costume party, and she fit right in with our crazy family.  Imagine meeting your new boyfriend’s parents…and they greet you dressed as mustard and ketchup! LOL

Jennifer recently graduated from nursing school, and became a registered nurse.  She’s been in the process of finishing school, graduating, and launching her new nursing career–all while she and Brad have been dating and getting to know one another.  I don’t know how she does it!  (Brad has finished college, but works 4 ten hour days, so he’s busy, too.)   

I am so thrilled that Jennifer and Brad have made a “love connection” and I sure hope it’s a romance that keeps on blooming!  We’d be honored if we get the opportunity to welcome her into our family one day.  Happy first Valentine’s Day you guys!!!

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  1. Sounds wonderful!!!!

  2. What a wonderful post! They are a very cute couple. My daughter married 6 years ago to her high school sweetheart. They had went their separate ways but ended up finding each other again. And we got a bonus, he had a 3 yr old son. They are very happy, they have had their ups and downs, as we all do. I hope and pray this works out for your son!

    until next time… nel

  3. Such an encouraging story. A little like my ‘boy’ (he’s 27!!) He too experienced a traumatic break up with a long standing girlfriend. It was such a low time for us all as we always accepted her as part of the family. But not to be. And God knows what he’s doing. Our son now has a delightful girlfriend who treats him so very well. It’s such a joy to see them so happy together. My prayer is for wedding bells now!!!!
    Love your blog – my first visit. It’s nice to read about your family.

    • Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog. Maybe wedding bells will be in the futures of both of our sons, I hope so! I love happy endings:) Blessings, Kathy (from Reflections…by Kathy)

  4. What a beautiful story I love it! Thank you for sharing I hope they make it too!

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