Not Me Monday…The Day After!

Happy Monday everyone! Time to begin the week with a few “not me” moments from the weekend.  If you enjoy my post, hop on over to Mckmama’s blog hop at and join in the fun.

We did not begin our Valentine’s Day weekend here in southeastern Georgia with snow!  On Friday evening it did not look like a blizzard outside because the snow was falling so hard.  We hadn’t seen snow in these parts in 20 years!  My grown sons and son-in-law did not play outside in the dark–in the snow–for nearly two hours!  They did not remind me of little boys.

Brandy and Brett posing with the "Southern Snowman"

On the Saturday before Valentine’s Day, I did not send my husband out into the wild frenzy of Wal-mart shoppers to do some grocery shopping for me…I would never do that, especially since he brought roses to me on Friday–to “avoid the crowd”…I would never do that!

While my husband was fighting the frenzy at  Wal-mart, I was at home baking and decorating Valentine’s Day cupcakes with my daughter, Brandy, and granddaughter, Madison.   Brandy did not volunteer her husband to go with my husband to Wal-mart…to get him out-of-the-way…

By the time my husband returned from fighting the shoppers at Wal-mart, I was tired from all the baking– since I haven’t been feeling well lately…He offered to take me out to eat, but I did not tell him that I’d rather just lay on the couch!  My sweet husband then went into the kitchen and made a supper of spaghetti and french bread for us…I am so blessed…

I volunteered to cook lunch for our entire family on Valentine’s Day, so I decided to skip church and cook. The last time I cooked, then went to church, I could barely hold my eyes open… My daughter came home from church to tell me that the entire family was on our “family pew” except for hubby and me.  Ahhh…I did not feel guilty.

the girls enjoying some humor during lunch

My youngest son, Brad, and his new girlfriend did not have the most interesting Valentine’s Day story about their gifts to each other…She gave him a box of candy–which he accidentally dropped and spilled outside in the dirt…she also gave him a Georgia Bulldog mug, which they kicked off the table and broke during some “horseplay”!  He  gave her some chocolates, which she left in the car during church–and returned to the car to find them melted…I hope this is not an omen….

After our family enjoyed a Valentine’s Day meal of baked ham with all the trimmings–including a heart-shaped ice cream cake, we retired to the living room to play the Newlywed Game.  When the game ended,  Brad and Jennifer came in only 3  points behind Ed and me…Pretty impressive!  A couple of 4 months versus a couple of nearly 38 years–either they were very good, or Ed and I are pretty bad…

grandkids opening Valentine's Day gifts...

Being the southern, a bit “red-necky” family that we are…we did not settle down to watch the Daytona 500 Nascar race for entertainment!  The race was not stopped with 78 laps still left to go…because there was a pot hole in the track!  Give me a break!!!  After only an hour and a half delay to repair the hole in the asphalt, the race resumed.  By then, everyone had lost interest, and gone home.  As for me?  I stretched out on the couch and took a nap…complete with snoring… I never snore, not me!

It was not the best Valentine’s Day weekend that I’ve ever had…one that I will never forget!  Have a great Monday everyone!  

***Now to announce the winner of the weekend giveaway….the winner is Tabitha!  Tabitha was commenter # 14–the winning number chosen.  Congratulations, Tabitha, and thanks to everyone for visiting and leaving a comment.  Your prize will be in the mail as soon as I get your address!  There will be a new giveaway on Friday…

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  1. haha…this was great!

    especially the newlywed results and your thoughts on the outcome score…
    “A couple of 4 months versus a couple of nearly 38 years–either they were very good, or Ed and I are pretty bad…”

    Blessings & Aloha!

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