A Snowy Night In Georgia…Tuesday’s Blog Hop

It had been over twenty years since we had seen any snow in our area.  Our last snowfall was in December of 1989–just a couple of days before Christmas!  Our children were ages 11, 7, and 4 that year.  Of course, we went outside and played in the snow, made a snowman,  and took  a few pictures.  The years passed, and most of those snow memories faded from the minds of our children.

Our weatherman predicted snow a couple of times this winter, but nothing ever came of it….so when they began predicting snow for a third time, I really didn’t pay them much attention.  Friday, February 12, people were bustling with excitement.  Our schools closed early and everyone was in anticipation of the impending snowfall.  I didn’t have to go anywhere, so I just went on with my daily routine.  I wasn’t sure if we’d see snow or not.

Georgia snowflakes falling in the dark...

Finally, shortly after dark, the snowflakes began to fall where we live!  We’d been watching the news and weather, and knew that snow was finally headed our way.  We’d hoped that it would arrive during daylight hours, but that was not the case.  As we looked outside  our back door into the darkness, it looked like a blizzard–or what I imagine a blizzard would look like.   The flakes were very large, and very thick. Within two hours, the ground was covered with about two to three inches of white, powdery snow.

Son Brad's first snow angel...

All three of our now-grown children showed up at our house to celebrate the snowfall, and go  outside to play in it.  They made a snowman, there were snowball fights, and our youngest son even made his first snow angel.  I watched from the warmth and safety of indoors, as our grown children played in the snow, lighted by the light beaming from the side porch light.  I couldn’t get over their excitement, then I realized that it was the first snowfall that they really remembered.

Jennifer, Brad, and Madison pose with the snowman...

If it had been daytime, I would’ve been outside in the middle of the activity, but since it was dark, and the surfaces were icy and slippery, I hesitated to go outside.  I was afraid I’d fall.  Finally, after everyone had their fill of playing in the snow–and running in and out–I ventured out into the dark night to view the snow.  By then it had almost stopped snowing, and the snow was beginning to melt because of the warmth of the ground.  What I could see was beautiful.  I took a few pictures in total darkness, and carefully slipped back into the warmth of the house.  I didn’t even make a snowball!

me posing for a quick pic before heading back inside...

I’ve seen snow about four times in my life.  My thoughts about snow are always the same.  It’s beautiful to look at, but very messy to get out in.  I prefer admiring it from indoors.  It has the appearance of being powdery and dry, but it is actually cold and wet!  I’m glad that I don’t live where it snows very often.  Snow is a wonderful thing to look at, but I wouldn’t want to live with it…I also learned that Crocs(shoes that we wear year-round) don’t work very good in the snow…LOL

I heard on the news that it actually snowed in 49 out of 50 states on February 12.  That probably will never happen again…not in my lifetime anyway.  I do hope that it doesn’t wait twenty years before it decides to snow in Georgia again…I’d like to be around to see at least one more snowfall!

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  1. We were LOVIN’ the snow too :)…Love your pictures!!!

  2. Yes~~~we had the fluffy beautiful snow in Alabama too!

  3. Hi!

    I’ve just hopped over to your blog on the blog hop, and I really enjoyed your lovely post and your beautiful snow pictures. Thank you for sharing!

    I live in Scotland, UK, and we get snow every winter, but NOTHING like the weather we’ve experienced this year!! Visit my bog hop post to see and hear about our Big Freeze:


  4. Glad you the kids got to enjoy the snow!!!

  5. 49 out of 50 and that’s only because I don’t think it could ever snow in Hawaii. The snow has gotten close to us this year but not right at our house. I bet it was a lot of fun! All we’ve been getting the past few days is rain, rain, rain.

  6. Hi….I’m over from the Snow Pics blog hop. I am originally from ATL, GA and only remember a couple really good snow storms while living there…disabled the whole city. LOL I’m a Jersey girl now, and we just went through several snow storms totalling over 5 feet in snow all together. Snow is so beautiful and fun to play in, but I’m never sad to see it go. Great post!

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