Random Dozen…Wednesday’s Hop

1. Have you ever fired a gun or shot a bow and arrow?  Yes, I have fired my husband’s rifle, and tried to shoot his bow and arrow.  I decided that I am not coordinated enough to shoot the bow and arrow!

2. Do you know where your childhood best friends are?   Yes, but not any early childhood friends.  My best friend from high school and I still keep in touch.  She and I were friends all four years of high school, and she was my maid-of-honor when I got married.  I have one other friend from that era that I also keep in touch with.  I’ve known both ladies for over 40 years. 

3. Do you usually arrive early, late, or on time?  I am a stickler about being on time, so I usually arrive a little early.  I can’t deal with tardiness!  It’s my “school teacher” mentality…

4. Are you more of a New York or California type?  Umm.  I’m not sure what those types are.  I’ve heard that New Yorkers are a bit rude, and Californians are a bit liberal, but I don’t know if that is true or not.  I’d probably lean more toward New York though, I tend to be conservative.

5. Do you have a special ring tone?  No.  I rarely turn my cell phone on unless I need to call someone–so I rarely hear it ring.  I hate to talk on the phone–that comes from several years of being a receptionist/switchboard operator…

6. What is your favorite type of chip? It’s a love/hate relationship–with Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips…at first I didn’t like them, but the taste grew on me!  I know, it’s weird.

7. Best comedy you’ve ever seen is ….the old Carol Burnett Shows!  My husband and I would watch it every week, and nobody has ever done comedy any better than Carol and company–in my opinion.

8. Have you ever cut your own hair? To quote Dr. Phil, “How’d that work for ya?”  Yes, I actually have cut my own hair several times.  Sometimes I’d fix it after the hair dresser cut it uneven, or trim the front of it in between haircuts.  I think it works for me.  I have also cut my daughter’s hair, her daughter’s hair, and trimmed my sons’ hair.  Let’s face it…I like to cut hair–I used to cut my doll’s hair when I was little!  I’ve only “botched” one haircut–on my son when he was little.  The clippers “got away” from me…

9. If you were going to have an extreme makeover, would you rather it be about your house or your personal self? Well, our house it relatively new–less than 3 years old.  It’s not fancy, mind you, but my husband and I built and decorated it ourselves, and we like it…so, I’d have to say I’d rather have the make-over on myself.  I could use some work…actually, at my age, I could use a LOT of work!

10. Are you allergic to anything? No foods that I know of.   As for medications, the one allergy that causes the biggest problem is betadine solution.  That’s what they normally use to scrub patients with before surgery(or childbirth).  I found out that I was allergic when I was scrubbed with it before being catherized…ouch!

11. Why is it so hard to change? That is a good question!  I hate change of any kind.  I like being stuck in my familiar little way of doing things.  The unknown scares me.  I have made changes in my life at times, and usually was happy with the results, but it’s still very hard…and I am very “hard-headed”.

12. One last question dedicated to February love: CS Lewis said, “To love is to be vulnerable.” Please share one example of that assertion or share any thought you’d like to about this topic.   My thoughts are this…when you love, you always run the risk of being hurt in some way, but the experience of loving and being loved is more than worth the risk.  There are all kinds of love–the love of your spouse, the love of your children, the love of a pet…each one is very different, but all are wonderful to experience–and sometimes painful.   

Thanks so much to Lid at http://2nd-cup-of-coffee.blogspot.com for hosting Random Dozen.

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  1. I mentioned Carol Burnett too…they are still funny!

  2. I always loved Carol Burnett too – that Tim Conway & Harvey Korman were a hoot (Harvey was in Blazing Saddles & is one of the reasons I like it so much). Just yesterday I told a coworker I was walking like Mrs. Wiggins (Carol’s secretary to Tim’s boss). My arthritis was bugging me & I felt like I couldn’t straighten up – a certain part of my anatomy was being QUITE prominent LOL.

  3. I like salt and vinegar chips too.. but they make my mouth hurt b/c they’re so bitter. I had forgotten about Carol Burnett too… watching them laugh at each other was sometimes funnier than the funny parts! LOL

  4. Speaking as someone who lives in California, most Californians are quite liberal. But I don’t really fit there. I joined into this meme this week after I’ve seen it on your blog the past few weeks.

  5. Enjoyed your answers. Carol Burnett was one of my favorites, I was having a Senior Moment the other night and couldn’t think…lol. I have also trimmed on my hair a little, used to cut my exes. hmmm maybe that is why he is an ex. lol.

    until next time… nel

  6. Oh my! I LOVED The Carol Burnett Show! Best thing on TV while it was one!

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