Views On Getting Older… We Seem To Be Turning Into His Parents!

Kathy and Ed on Valentine's Day 2010

It’s official folks…my husband and I are quickly turning into his parents…sort of!  We have vivid memories of them aging through the years, and these days we often find ourselves repeating some of their habits.

The first and most bothersome thing I’ve noticed is the fact that my  husband has difficult time hearing.  This is not a new problem, it’s just getting worse.  In order for him to hear the television, he has the volume so loud I nearly jump out of my skin!  I even bought him one of those little gadgets to help him hear–he refuses to use it!  Ed’s daddy did the same thing.  I remember Ed’s mama trying to get her husband to go and get his hearing checked, but he always refused.  Once she even made him an appointment–and he made her cancel it!  My husband is the same way.  Despite my repeated efforts–he refuses.  So….he rarely knows what is being said on television…or anywhere else for that matter!

I’ve also tried (unsuccessfully) to get him to go to the dentist AND the optometrist.  I might as well be talking to the wall!  He needs glasses, but refuses to go get his eyes checked because he knows that he has cataracts–and is afraid they will tell him it’s time for the surgery!  I’ve assured him that he can “just say no”!  

 Oh my, just the thought of going to the dentist makes his blood pressure rise–a lot!  He has a deep fear of the dentist… from his childhood.  I think he’s been to the dentist twice in the past 40 years, need I say more?  He is a “stickler” for taking care of his teeth, however.  He brushes and flosses twice as long as I do–and I visit the dentist regularly.

The latest habit that I’ve noticed my husband picking up is eating two cookies( chocolate covered grahams) after his meals.  I prefer Oreos!  As they grew older, Ed’s parents always kept a package of cookies(Big Sixties) on the table, and his daddy always ate a couple of cookies for dessert.  Ed’s daddy also jumped up and began clearing away the dinner dishes as soon as he was finished eating–whether anyone else was finished or not!  Ed is guilty of that habit, too!  You’d better hold onto your plate…

The other night Ed saw a co-worker that he hadn’t seen in a while.  He couldn’t get over how much she had aged.  He rarely comments on anyone’s appearance, so it must’ve been bad.  She was telling him about all of these vitamins and stuff that she is taking… and he was thinking , it’s not working for you…

After that we started talking about getting old.  He said “I’m pushing seventy!” (not true…he just turned 60)  I said to him “Well, your daddy lived to be 80, and your mama is about to be 89, so you come from “good stock”.  He says to me very seriously…”Well, men don’t live as long as women–the women “hell-hack” the men to death, then spend the rest of their lives complaining because the men died!”  Oh my goodness…I thought I’d die on the spot!  After all of these years, I finally know Ed’s view on “old age”–and women!  All I can say to that comment is…Ed’s lucky that I have mellowed in my old age…and have a good sense of humor these days…

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