Six Word Saturday…

My six words for this Saturday are:    Working around our goldfish pond today.

The weather is beautiful here today, and much yardwork needs to be done.  Our goldfish pond looks neglected, and needs a lot of work.  We’re going to clean up around it, and get it ready for summer.  It’s a never-ending job…but I love my pond.

The pond water was actually clear today(usually it’s mirky and green) and I could see the fish.  I look forward to the yearly visit of the frogs, and the tadpoles which hatch from the frog eggs.  Tadpoles are great algae eaters.

Since the water was clear, I got a good look  at all of the fish.  They have gotten so big!  There is a koi in the pond that is at least 18 inches long… amazing since he was only 2 inches long when I put him in the pond!   I sure hope nothing happens to him…sometimes predator birds swoop in and eat or kill my fish–especially when the water is clear!

Thanks to Cate at for hosting SWS.  Have a great weekend everyone…as for me…I’ll be hanging out with the fish!

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  1. Pretty pond! We have a massive spring clean up ahead of us too – looking forward to getting ship shape for BBQ season!

  2. Sadly our garden is more…well…natural as I say but but the neighbours just shake their heads with fixed smiles! Random Twitter Stories.

  3. I am so jealous that your weather is warm enough to work outside. We got snow again yesterday, so it’s back to square one before any yard work can be done. Enjoy your weekend and happy SWS.

  4. Nice. I love the little fish ponds too, but I have no know how on how to keep one going, let alone have the desire to do all the work. But I don’t mind looking at yours! You should take a pic of your big fish to share.

  5. I would love to have a goldfish pond one day!

  6. What a lovely spot! I could spend hours I think on a bench like that, just being quiet and thinking and observing.

    Thanks for playing 6WS!

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