Easter…Old Times Not Forgotten…


Me at Easter...cir 1963

 My name is Kathy, and that is me in the photo above.  I believe I was 8 years old in this photo.  I loved this Easter dress(it was pink), and this is the only photograph that I have of me at Easter as a child.  

The following photographs are very old, and once belonged to my mother.  I don’t know exactly how old most of them are, but they are a good bit older than me.   

It’s not surprising that my oldest, fondest, memories of Easter in the “good old days” are of the food…Easter Dinner!  Women actually cooked back then…everything from scratch!  No boxes or cans…it was either fresh, or came from the your own freezer or jars.  Those were the days…and the food was awesome!  I did notice that there is a packaged cake on the end of the table…I wonder who did that? 

The dinners were especially fun if they were held outside, weather permitting.  It’s a lot of trouble to do this–setting up tables, chairs, and carrying the food in and out,  but it sure is fun!  People don’t do that very much anymore.  I miss those days… 

Once lunch was finished, and everything was put away, the adults would rest and talk for just a bit, while the children played.  Soon it was time to hide the eggs! 

one of my cousins posing with all those eggs...

All of the dyed eggs that everyone brought were combined together in a large dish pan.  The men would then take the eggs down to the woods near Grandma’s house and hide them.  Yes, they actually hid and hunted eggs in the woods back then!  I don’t ever remember being afraid of snakes…It was a real challenge to find those eggs that were hidden in the woods.  The ground cover was thick, and the hiding places were limitless!  Of course, we never found all of the eggs.  

Egg hunts were family affairs back then.  Mamas and daddys went out and helped their children hunt for those elusive eggs.  The event following the egg hunt  was almost as much fun as the hunt itself.   Someone would buy a couple of crates(24 bottles each) of bottled soda pop of various flavors, and have them chilling on ice.  Everyone would gather around outside, grab a drink , and eat the Easter eggs that we’d just finished hunting.  We didn’t know about salmonella back then, and I don’t remember anyone ever getting sick! 

The picture above was taken at the last big family egg hunt that I remember attending at Grandma’s house.  By the time this egg hunt was held, my grandparents had moved to a different house, and the former “egg hunt in the woods” was actually held near their home under some trees.  It was the late 60’s, and that is my daddy(white shirt, black tie) standing in the far left of the picture.  It wasn’t too many months after this egg hunt that my Grandaddy became ill and eventually passed away. 

Those were the days…simpler times…simpler pleasures.  Why in the world did things have to change? 

Except for tomorrow, when I’ll  join a weekly meme, I’ll be sharing more Easter memories the rest of the week…Hop back over for another dose of reminiscing…I’ll be sharing about Easter with my children when they were small.

You can also click on the link below to see what other’s posted about Easter in this week’s blog hop hosted by Brent Riggs–or you can write your own post and join in the fun!  Thanks for hopping by…Kathy

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  1. What a lovely blog post and such precious beautiful photographs! Thanks for sharing those happy memories!

    I look forward to reading more of your Easter posts…


  2. Hi Kathy,

    Love the old pictures. Thanks for sharing. I also love Easter. Have a great week.

  3. I love looking back at your Easters! That was quite the food spread. Thanks for sharing the history!

  4. The table of food reminds me of my Easter’s growing. A new dress and lots of food. 🙂 This makes me want to go through all my old photos.

    • Thanks for visiting and commenting…Yes, those old photos are interesting…and fun to look at. Those were the days.

  5. I love love love your Easter photos…. it;s very creative and fun to look at. Keep posting more.

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