Not Me Monday…(after the week of Easter)

Not Me Monday is a fun blog hop held by Mckmama at It’s been a while since I did a Not Me post, but this past week–leading up to Easter,  was such a “doozie” that I couldn’t resist telling you about it!  Adjust your chair, and get comfortable, whileI recap my last few days for you!

Let me begin by saying that my fibromyalgia has flared up, and been working overtime making my life a living hell.  I haven’t had a whole night’s sleep in over two weeks.  Three hours a night has been the average lately.  I’m not a person who can function on small amounts of sleep, so this has not been a good thing! 

If you read my blog regularly, you know that last weekend, my favorite old canine companion, Hobbs, was sick and dying (heartworm disease) .  In fact I didn’t think he’d last through the weekend…  He didn’t eat for two days…but then on Monday he rallied and ate a hotdog when my husband offered it to him!  He layed around sick every day this week, eating exactly two hotdogs each day–but nothing else– until Thursday…I’ll get back to his story in a minute.

Well…as  if the fibro and the dying dog wasn’t enough, on Tuesday night I was squatting in the floor looking through a photo album…when I went to stand up I turned at an “odd” angle and pulled a muscle on the left side of my back!  I felt the  muscle when it pulled, and it nearly brought me to my knees!  If you’ve ever hurt your back, you know what I mean!  This was my second time messing my back up within the past few months… 

On Wednesday, I kicked myself in the butt to get  my body moving– walking with a bit of a sway due to my sore back–  and went with my daughter and granddaughter to the mall so my granddaughter, Madison, could see the Easter bunny.  My back didn’t hurt as long as I was walking–it was going from standing to sitting that nearly caused me to faint!  

The first mishap of the Easter Bunny trip was when I forgot what time that we were supposed  to leave, and I showed up at my daughter’s house a whole hour early…I tell you, sleep deprivation works on the mind…the next disaster was arriving at the mall– to discover that the Easter Bunny is only at the mall on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday–and we were there on Wednesday!!!  We figured there was no use in wasting a trip to the mall, so we made a few pictures of our own of the Easter Bunny’s lovely garden scenery, then  we shopped…unfortunately we should’ve waited…I’ll tell you why in a moment.

everything in our photo except for the elusive Easter Bunny...

On Thursday I was still hobbling around in pain with my back, but Easter was quickly approaching and my house was a disaster.  Unfortunately, in addition to my back pain, my spring allergies kicked in making me hoarse, and a horrid headache had kicked in…I popped Excedrin all day, did laundry, and proceeded to clean the house–while wearing sunglasses!  I couldn’t stand the light from the windows!  My  husband arrived home from work and helped me finish up the last of the mopping and vacuuming, thank goodness!  Unfortunately, Thursday was the day that Hobbs stopped eating again… 

On Friday morning I was too sick to attend a scheduled egg hunt with the grandkids, and also had to cancel my dentist appointment.  I rallied by lunch and forced myself to get out and go to the bank, post office, and grocery store–errands must get done!  My daughter mentioned that she wanted to take Madison back to the mall to see the Easter Bunny, and I needed to exchange some shirts that I’d bought on Wednesday, so I hitched a ride with her on Friday afternoon.

We arrived at the mall to find the Easter Bunny there, but Madison was unwilling to have anything to do with him!  We offered every bribe in the book, and a few extras!  Her mother tried everything!  No luck there!   I think Madison’s view of the Easter Bunny must’ve looked somewhat like this…

View of Easter Bunny through Madison's eyes...

 So after two 60 mile trips to the mall–we didn’t get an Easter Bunny picture–but we discovered that the things which we had purchased on Wednesday were much cheaper on Friday!  Just our luck!  It worked out okay for me because I was returning some things anyway…Whoo Hoo…Love a good sale!

Saturday came and went, and was a bit better–still no sleep, but my back was better, and my allergies were settling down a bit,  but Easter Sunday was a doozie!  In fact, Easter deserves a blog post all of its own.  Stay tuned…to be continued…

Hey now, don’t forget to leave a comment, and be sure to tell me in your comment that you would like to win this twenty dollar bill…I’m celebrating my “blogiversary” this month by giving some lucky commenter/contestant twenty dollars on April 30 at high noon…Good luck!

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  1. I’d love to win $20! Ok, now that that is out of the way….oh my goodness! I’m almost scared to go read the to be continued post! Bless your heart, you’ve been through so much this week already!!

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