Not Me Monday Continued…(Easter Weekend…)


If this post pulls up first…please make sure to read the preceeding post before this one…You have to read them together to get the whole vision of my week leading up to Easter!  Trust me, it’s a “doozie”! 

On Saturday…I got up, took a couple more of those Excedrin, and began to color Easter eggs at 8 o’clock in the morning…Our church had an egg hunt planned for 11 o’clock.  While coloring those eggs, and making some baked beans to go with the hot dogs at church, we received bad news…Our son-in-law’s uncle had been found dead.  Not the kind of news that you want to hear at any time, but especially at holiday time.  Apparently, the uncle had suffered a heart attack and died sometime during the night. 

We went to the church, watched the grandkids search for eggs, ate lunch,  and upon returning home found our old, sick, dog “Hobbs” laying on our walkway at the base of the front steps.  He was obviously in very bad shape.  He’d stopped eating– for the second time– 3 days before, and was now swollen and having trouble breathing.  I rubbed his head, and talked to him, thinking that darn dog is going to wait and die on Easter Sunday.  I just knew in my heart that this situation wasn’t going to end well… 

Meanwhile…our family had planned to get-together later on Saturday afternoon to color eggs for Sunday, and to eat pizza together. 

Christina, Jennifer, Brandy, Madison coloring eggs...

  I also had to make the stuffing to go with the turkey.  In addition, I baked and decorated a rabbit cake for Easter.  Thank goodness,  my daughter helped me get the cake finished when I “pooped out”. 

Our bunny cake

Our family had a great time eating pizza, coloring eggs, and playing a game called “Catch Phrase”.  I was busy cooking and didn’t participate in the game, but I have never laughed so much in my life!  Some of the clues and answers being given were hilarious!  I highly recommend that game for some great family fun!

Pizza time for everyone...

  The last of the children left after 11 o’clock that evening…and my hubby and I were planning to attend the sunrise services at church at 7:30…It was another sleepless evening for me…I saw the clock at 1:30, 3:30, 5:30…then finally got up at 6:20–to get the turkey started!

our small, beautiful sunrise service in the country...

Our sunrise service at church was beautiful.  Some chairs were gathered under some large oaks beside the church–facing the east, ofcourse….the morning was cool and a little foggy at first.  A cock was crowing in the distance as the pastor gave his message…the pastor gently accompanied the congregation on his dulcimer as we sang.  We listened to the pastor’s message of new beginnings and new hope…how we should be joyful and positive!  It was absolutely wonderful…. 

I was uplifted by the service, and afterward, I stopped by to see what the Easter Bunny had left our granddaughter, Madison.  She was sitting at the table admiring the contents of her basket.  In a few minutes I left to head for the kitchen to get Easter lunch started….  It was just about that time that things went down hill… 

My husband had been out looking for “Hobbs” the dog, and had found him–he’d crawled under the wooden steps leading to our front porch–and died there.  Not a good thing!  First of all, my faithful companion had indeed died on Easter, just as I’d feared.  Next, he’d died under the steps leading to the front porch!  No way to ignore the fact that he was there! 

Time was of the essence, for my husband and I that Easter morning.  We had 160 filled plastic eggs to hide in our yard while the others were at Sunday School and church.  I had dinner to prepare, and now Ed had a dog to retrieve and bury.  We had to prioritize, then get busy! 

We began by hiding those eggs–all one-hundred and sixty of them…By the time we were finished, Ed was holding his head and feeling faint from all of the getting up and down…I was trying to ignore the fact that there was a dead animal under the steps while I hid eggs all around him.  It was hard…finally I gave up and went inside.  Ed finished hiding the eggs for me. 

peace at last...

“Hobbs” was a large dog, and he’d crawled into a small space to die…but he did look peaceful curled up in that hole in the dark privacy of the steps.  I found some comfort in that.  I refused to be outside while my hubby removed the body since it involved tying a rope around him and dragging him out from under the steps, then loading him into the wheelbarrow…Instead I busied myself in the kitchen, and cried over the loss of my friend… 

My husband is now 60 years old, and isn’t really able to dig a hole large enough to bury “Hobbs”.  We’d discussed what to do, but hadn’t really decided.  My husband has a dirt scoop for his tractor, so he decided to try to use it to help dig a hole.  He dug a few scoops,  and somehow the scoop got stuck under the tractor.  Ed had to jack up the tractor to retrieve his scoop…it was quite an ordeal, and took nearly two hours to get “Hobbs” buried.  

In the meantime, I was in the kitchen, cooking, crying, and getting a “sick headache”.  By the time Ed returned to the house I was nearly hysterical.  He shooed me out of the kitchen to calm down, and he finished up lunch.  What a day!  Needless to say, we didn’t make our traditional family Easter photograph this year–everyone had pictures made except for Ed and me! 

Thankfully, lunch turned out good, and the adult egg hunt was a  huge success.  Our grown children had a wonderful time hunting for eggs…in fact they left the grandchildren “in the dust”and ran off to find the eggs…Ed hid those eggs so well that there are eggs hidden somewhere–despite the fact that everyone searched and searched!  Grandson, Caden, only found three eggs(he preferred to pick up rocks and sticks), while his mother found over forty–I tell you, his parents left him behind to fend for himself!  Son-in-law, Clint, found the golden prize egg–with 5 dollars tucked inside, while Brad’s girlfriend, Jennifer, found the silver prize egg with 5 dollars  tucked inside.  At one point Brad stole Jennifer’s egg and ran off with it… 

I will never forget the Easter of 2010 for a lot of reasons…it was the best of times…it was the worst of times…The cycle of life continues…I hope we have a little less drama next year though.

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  1. I am so sad for you now 😦 Poor Hobbs! At least he’s out of his misery!

  2. I remember the days when we’d lose eggs outside at my grandma’s house. They were always real hardboiled eggs though and we’d usually find them a few months later when summer had come and they had plenty of time to rot. Just follow your nose….

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