Thursday’s Thoughts…My Daddy

Today is April 15th…deadline for filing income taxes.  It was also my daddy’s birthday.  I always used to think April 15 would be a horrible day to have  a birthday!  Now I really don’t guess it is so bad, as long as you’ve  filed your taxes in a timely manner. 

 Anyway, it’s been almost 19 years since daddy passed away.  He died just after his 65th birthday.  I didn’t think so then, but today 65 seems so young.  Funny how time changes one’s perception of age…

mama, daddy, and my daughter Brandy on his birthday/Easter in 1979

The picture above was made in 1979–the year that Easter and daddy’s birthday fell on the same day…hence the Easter basket and birthday cake on the table.  I don’t know why in the world mama bought such a big birthday cake that year, but I am sure daddy enjoyed his share of cake and ice cream!  He loved to eat.

This old photograph brings back memories of some good times. I tend to remember the bad times more than the good times for some reason, and I don’t know why. Maybe because the hurt and disappointment runs deep, and I have a problem with forgiveness…but I’m working on that!

Daddy was a good man, he loved his family, and he had a lot of friends. Unfortunately he had a problem with prescription drugs and alcohol, and he never could  gain control of those problems, despite many tries. 

Daddy was a Christian man, and you would find him actively involved  in church during the good periods of his life.  Unfortunately, most of daddy’s life was a series of ups and downs–good and bad periods.

Despite daddy’s substance abuse problems, he managed to keep a roof over his family’s head, and  food in the house. There were some hard times, but they made it through–thanks to the help of family and friends–and God up above.  Among the trying times, were also some very good times, and I need to remember more of those times, and less of the others.

One thing I can definately say about daddy–he loved mama–and let me tell you–loving mama wasn’t always easy!  She had a mean streak a mile wide, and it took a special man to live with her.  Now don’t misunderstand, mama wasn’t a bad person, but she could  be difficult sometimes.  Daddy not only lived with her, he adored her. Sometimes she made his life a living hell, but he loved her anyway. 

daddy and mama in their flower garden...vegetable garden is behind them

Daddy had a “green thumb” and could grow anything! He planted and grew many gardens even though he always lived in town. He could grow enough in his small garden to feed two families through the winter.  Mama had a real talent with plants, and could grow beautiful flowers. Unfortunately, I did not inherit their talents, but I keep trying. My brother likes to grow things, and is much better at it than me.

Daddy loved his grandchildren. I think my youngest son, Brad, was daddy’s favorite out of my three. Perhaps because daddy knew that it would be his last…Brad was just 3 years old when daddy went into the nursing home. I see so much resemblance of daddy in Brad, especially his smile. I think Brad gets some of his personality from daddy.  Brad’s very social, and rarely meets a stranger.

It’s hard to believe that daddy’s been gone for 19 years.  It hardly seems possible.  Today he would’ve been 84 years old–and that hardly seems possible either!  I don’t know that I will still be here to celebrate age 84, but I sure as heck hope I make it well past 65!

I’m sure it’s better where daddy is  than it ever was here.  Daddy endured a long illness, and  geat suffering before leaving this earth.  It was such a relief to see him take his last breath, and suffer no more…  I believe he is celebrating his birthdays in heaven  these days…with Jesus and mama.

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  1. What a sweet tribute to your daddy. I lost my father 10 years ago.

  2. I miss my Dad too. I lost him in 2000. I think my Mom was probably not easy to be married to as well LOL! Must be a woman thing!
    Have a blessed weekend!

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