Six Word Saturday…

It’s the weekend again…yes!  I’ve been waiting all week to tell my six words because I think they are so funny…Ready? 

Here they are:  “DO YOU HAVE ANY BLINKER FLUID?”These are the six words that my youngest son convinced his girlfriend to ask the clerk at Wal-mart! 

Yes, Brad convinced Jennifer that the reason her blinker wasn’t working correctly was because she was low on blinker fluid! 

That little smart butt…Jennifer says that she questioned Brad on this, but he thoroughly convinced her that she needed blinker fluid!

So while Brad stood in the background at Wal-mart– and smiled, Jennifer went up to the clerk and asked “Do you have any blinker fluid?”, to which the man replied “Huh?” 

She repeated herself, then the clerk caught the eyes of my Brad, and realized that a joke was being  played…

Oh “payback” is going to be hell for Brad…Go for it Jennifer, that was just so wrong!

Have a great weekend everyone…don’t forget to tell me if you would like to be entered in the cash drawing on April 30…Kathy

Jennifer and Brad... who is doing an impersonation of ????

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  1. Too funny! But shame on your son for embarrassing his pretty blonde girlfriend that way. His time is coming…I know she will get him back!

  2. what a cute couple

  3. LOL that’s a GREAT joke!! Happy Saturday honey!

  4. Ha! Happy 6WS!

  5. Somebody’s in trouble!

  6. Oh paybacks are so rough too. I could almost feel sorry for him but I won’t.
    Enter me please.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  7. That is WAY TOO FUNNY. Poor Jennifer.
    Have you a great weekend, Kathy!

  8. Enter me Please

    Such a funny story and if someone did that to me I’d have totally fell for it, no questions asked. I know diddlysquat about cars.

    A couple years ago a coworker (that I have since become friends with) asked me what type of car I drove. Then he had to go outside and take a look and tell me because I didn’t know the answer!!!

  9. Oooh, what a brat! I hope she gets him back REAL good 😉 Pretty funny though, heehee

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    How rotten was it? I has bedridden for 8 months, I had to have constant care and my clinic bills went through the roof!

    Thank goodness, I found a good referral site to help me.

    I will post more later this year to tell you more about what I have been going through.

    Anwyas thanks for the good work keep it up!

  11. too funny1

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