Believe It Or Not!

About a month ago I was looking through an old box of photographs that belonged to my mother.  For some reason, there was an old electric bill nestled among all of those old pictures.  I looked at the date and it was from the year 1965!  Then I looked at the amount due…fourteen dollars and fifty-nine cents–and that was for TWO MONTHS of service!  Can you believe it?  It’s true….and here is the proof!

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  1. Don’t we all wish prices could be the same. But then again, so would the wages which were just as low.

    But I’m sorry my friend as I am going to point out that 6/17 – 7/19 is only one month, not two.

    • But Ruth…look closely at the bill…there is a previous balance of 6.74 from the month before…the actual one month bill for 6/17 to 7/19 was only 5.48 plus 2.37 which adds up to 7.85. Gotcha!

  2. My son had an electric bill for his first apartment that was not even $30.00 a month. Then he moved and it got even lower for a year. Then he moved again and has the same horrible electric company that I do and his bill is way high. He is having electric shock (pun intended).
    Oh and please enter me.

    • That’s a good pun, Trudy! You are entered. Have a great evening…

  3. Wow! I wish those days were still here!

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