Shelter Tales…Susan

Susan at the shelter

I’d been volunteering at the Animal Control Shelter for a pretty good while when I adopted Susan.  Actually, I never intended to keep her, but she was already about four or five months old, and she was a female– so the odds were not in Susan’s favor for being adopted.

When I adopted Susan, I actually had another home in mind.  I was thinking about my aunt and uncle, the ones that Ed and I have in common(you know…his aunt married my uncle).  They’d had a daughter named Susan, who actually fixed Ed and me up on our first blind date, but unfortunately, Susan passed away several years ago.  I was hoping that my aunt and uncle might adopt Susan the cat from me–in honor of their daughter, but  I  ended up not asking them to take her.

Due to Susan’s age, and her being one of the last to join my ever-growing litter of cats, things were hard for Susan.  She was bullied a lot by the other cats.  She spent a lot of time by herself.  As a result of this, Susan grew up being a  bully herself.  As she out-grew some of the other cats in size, she began to “push her weight around”. 

Susan still spends most of her time by herself, but so do a good many of the other cats,  now that they are grown.  They all come together at the “cat cafe”  to eat, and a few of them will sleep together, but they are very selective about who they hang around with.  I never realized how funny cats are about that.

The most amazing and unusual thing about Susan is the fact that she likes water!  I have several fountains, and a gold-fish pond located throughout the yard, and it’s not unusual to find Susan hanging out around water.  She doesn’t mind getting her feet wet at all, and apparently she doesn’t mind getting some of her other parts wet either since she sits in the bird bath!

Susan sitting in the birdbath

Susan’s other favorite past-time is eating!  She’s eaten her way to a new nickname–“Fat Susan”.  She’s twice the size of most of the other cats now.  I guess bullying does have it’s perks…Don’t worry, all cats get plenty to eat, Susan just hangs around to clean out the bowls.

The giveaway for the patriotic windchime is still going on all week.  Just guess a number between 1 and 100.  You can enter once each day between now and Sunday at midnight.  The following numbers are already taken…86, 32, 35, 16.  The winning number will be chosen by on next Monday morning.  The person choosing the closest number without going over will win…if two people choose the same number, the first one chosing it wins…  Good luck, and thanks for stopping by…Kathy

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  1. I’ve had many cats over the years. So far almost half have liked water to some degree. The one I have now loves it. I remember bathing her in the large laundry sink a few times and she’d totally relax and start floating and turning sommersaults (keeping just her eyes and nose out of the water haha)

  2. Our feral cats all drink out of the birdbath. They have clean water to drink, but at least once a day I see them in the birdbath. Strange characters cats are. But, ya gotta love ’em.
    My number today is 25.
    Thank you.

  3. Kathy, Thank You so very much for all your prayers. You are the best. I love the pic of Susan. She is beautiful. We had a cat years ago that looked exactly like her, but ours was a male. The lady we received him from called him Sucatash lol. Strange name but he would come running when you called his name, not by kitty-Kitty lol. I still miss him alot.

    Thank You for sharing your Joy and Life. Love you my Friend,

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