Along For The Ride…

Sometimes I’ll wake up in the morning, and think I’ve just got to get out of this house!  Yesterday was one of those days.  I called my daughter, Brandy,  and discovered that she was feeling the same way.  We quickly decided to get dressed and take what we commonly refer to as a “road trip”.  I bought the gas, she did the driving. 

When granddaughter, Madison, heard that we were going on a road trip, she asked if we were going to “Chuck E. Cheese”.  Well…not exactly where we had in mind, but what the heck!  We quickly made plans.  On the way to town to do a couple of errands,  Brandy and I noticed that my daughter-in-law was at home, so we decided to call and see if she and grandson, Caden, would like to come along on our “road trip”.  Within forty-five minutes we were  on our way to “Chuck E. Cheese”. 

loaded up and ready to go

It was a funny sight–  the two moms in the front seat, two kids in the second seats, and grandma in the back–with her pillow!  I laughed and told my daughter that when I bought the “egg van” 15 years ago, I never dreamed I’d still be riding in it–as a passenger.  It’s a good thing we kept it around–it’s the only vehicle big enough to hold everyone!  Soon everyone settled in for the hour and fifteen minute ride to Chuck’s place.

Funny thing about “Chuck E. Cheese”…Brandy and I do not like their pizza.  We’ve tried it twice, and just can’t eat it.  So…we stopped at McDonald’s halfway through the trip and ate lunch!  The McDonald’s in this particular town is decorated like none I’ve ever seen.  Apparently the people in this town love to hunt.  We ate lunch under what Madison refers to as “the reindeer”.  I just had to share a picture.

gotta' love that deer head--not!

By one o’clock we arrived at Chuck’s place, and the fun began!  Caden and his mother had never been to Chuck E. Cheese before, so boy did he have some eyes!  He didn’t quite know what to think about the giant singing mouse on the stage, but he loved all of the games and people.  He was quite funny riding those little kiddie rides–his eyes would grow very large when they began to move.  He’d run all around and say “Wats zat?”

that's some big mouse!

This was Madison’s third trip to Chuck’s, and I think she had the best time ever.  She enjoyed it more this time because she had cousin Cade along.  They had the best time together.  As Madison is growing older, she’s able to play more of the games–like whacking the sharks on the head…

bopping that shark

After spending three hours at Chuck’s place, we ended our trip by stopping for a quick trip at the Outlet Mall, followed by Sonic for ice cream!  Nothing this grandma loves any better than sitting in the backseat with her pillow–eating a banana split!  That’s pretty close to heaven on earth…

 I had such a good time!  Sometimes it’s great to be “along for the ride”.  I enjoyed watching two beautiful children having the time of their lives–and I got to watch their mothers run around and keep up with them.  I felt very grandmotherly yesterday, but it was a great feeling!  Now, when’s that next road trip???

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  1. We used to have a Chuck E. Cheese around here but it didn’t last long. It was the next town over so we only went 2 or 3 times I think. My sister had a shirt with a mouse on it that she referred to as her Chuck E. Cheese shirt (although I don’t think it actually was haha). Sounds like a really fun day, for kids and grownups too :p

  2. I love road trips. Especially road trips that are spur of the moment. They are the most fun because there are fewer expectations. I am glad you had a great day.

    If you are still taking numbers, I will have 87 today. If that is taken I will have 76
    Thank you.

  3. How fun! I love road trips! The picture of the giant mouse is too cute 🙂

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