The Day After, And I’m Still LOST….

Yes, I sat in front of the television with millions of other people last night and watched the season finale of Lost.  I recorded all of it, and didn’t actually sit down to begin watching until about 8:30.  I’m so glad I began an hour and a half late.  I’ve never seen so many commercials in my life!  My thumb got a real workout fast-forwarding through all of them!  I finished watching the show about the time it actually ended.  That means I saved myself an hour and a half of commercial watching.

I’m not a “die-hard” Lost fan, but I have watched most of the shows since it’s beginning six seasons ago.  I especially enjoyed the early seasons, but have become increasingly confused with the final seasons.  All of those flash forwards–then those flash sideways!  Oh, please, it was just too much for my feeble mind!  I kept wondering to myself…what are the guys writing this show smokin’?  However, I liked several of the characters on the show, and found myself drawn into their lives…especially Jack and Kate.

Despite my growing confusion, I couldn’t make myself stop watching.  For me it was sort of like watching a train wreck–I wanted to turn away, but couldn’t make myself.  I know it’s weird, but I think the show had that kind of effect on a lot of people.  The fact that my husband sat and watched the show with me each week–and sat and watched the finale until after 11 o’clock speaks volumes for the allure of the show.  Ed rarely watches any television show–especially one that lasts after 10 o’clock!

So Ed and I sat together,  and watched “The Finale”…which sort of made sense, but sort of didn’t.  We were still left with many unanswered questions–just like always.  I even sat and watched the show “Jimmy Kimmel Aloha Lost” which followed the finale.  Many of the cast members of the show were guests, and I was hoping some of them would enlighten me about the ending–like “Why wouldn’t Ben come inside the church with everyone else?” or “Did the people on the plane actually escape the island?”  Alas, it was not to be…I found no answers on Jimmy Kimmel. 

It was after 1 o’clock when I finally got in the bed–and after 3 a.m.  before I went to sleep.  After four hours of being immersed in “Lost Land”, I had trouble getting lost in “La La Land”!  Today may be a  l-o-n-g  day… 

Well, I may be a bit confused and lost about Lost, but I do have a winner for the Patriotic Wind Chime.  The number chosen by was 66.  The winner is Ruth from  Ruth guessed the number 65, which is…very close!  Congratulations, Ruth.

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  1. Thanks!

    And I stopped watching that show after the second episode. When things just don’t make sense I lose interest quickly. My husband stopped during season 2 because he couldn’t figure out somebody set the island on fire and thought it a bit ridiculous.

    So glad I didn’t miss out on anything :0)

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