Flashback Friday..Friends Growing Up

Hi everyone!  I’m joining in with Linda’s Flashback Friday today over at http://www.mochawithlinda.blogspot.com I hope Linda won’t mind, but I’m giving her theme of ” friends growing up” a slight twist because today is my wedding anniversary.

I didn’t have a whole bunch of friends while growing up, but most of the friends that I had back then,  still remain my friends today.  I’d rather have a few faithful friends, than a bunch of “fair weather friends” any day.

I didn’t have many friends in early elementary school because I changed schools four times by the time I was in the sixth grade.  The seventh grade is when I began to make lasting friendships,  because after the sixth grade my family stayed put!  I always gravitated toward the new kids in class because I knew all too well what it felt like to be that new person!

Four people immediately come to mind when I think of “friends from school”.  First of all there is Karen.  I met Karen in the ninth grade when her family first moved to town.  We were friends all through high school, and she was my maid of honor when I got married.  When I married and moved away, we would write each other letters.  Later, when I moved back to town, we resumed our friendship.  We remain friends today.  I don’t see her often, but when we do get together, it’s as if we were never apart.  We pick back up where we left off.

Karen, Holly, and me during our senior year

The next friend who comes to mind is Diane.  I met Diane when I was in the tenth grade.  She was a senior that year.  Even though she finished school two years ahead of me, we managed to remain friends–and we are still friends today. I always envied Diane because she could sew much better than I could!  We actually made our bathing suits one year!  Her husband and my husband were best friends, and that’s how I met Diane.  The two guys joined and served in the army together.  At one point in our lives, after we were married, we all lived across the street from each other for several years.  My husband and I eventually moved back to our hometown, while Diane and her husband stayed in the city.  We still keep in touch regularly, and visit when we can.

Diane and me...wearing bathing suits that we made ourselves

Another friend who comes to mind is named Holly.  We became friends in the sixth grade when we found out that we shared the same birth date.  Our senior year of high school we became like sisters.  We stayed at each other’s houses all of the time.  My husband-to-be was overseas, and Holly and her fiance’ , “Bo”, kept me from going insane while Ed was gone by keeping me company.  I was their “third wheel”.   Holly and I were considered “the elite” in high school because we were both engaged while still in high school. (these days I call it crazy)

Holly and “Bo” married the following month after Ed and I did–right after high school, but their marriage did not last.  Unfortunately, Holly fell in love with someone else while she was still married to “Bo”.  We remained friends for a few years after she married the man that she left “Bo” for, but our friendship just wasn’t the same.  “Bo” got cancer and died at a fairly young age, and I haven’t heard from Holly in years.

I met my best friend in the world, and my future husband, Ed, when I was about to enter the tenth grade–I was fourteen years old on our first date.  He was five years older than I was, so he was already finished with high school, and some college, too.  Although there was a huge difference in our ages, it never seemed like it.  We were a perfect match from the start.  He had just joined the army when we met, so our courtship was “long distance” most of the three years that we dated.  It didn’t matter, we knew that we were meant to be together. 

me and my "soldier boy" cir 1969

Ed and I were joned in marriage 38 years ago today–just three short weeks after the army and high school were behind us!  He’s always there for me, and there is nobody else I’d rather spend time with than him.  I believe that he feels the same way about me.    I’ve never felt the need to “go out with the girls”, I’d rather be home with “my guy”.  Ed’s never been one to “go out with the guys” either. 

Karen, me, Ed, and Ed's dad...on June 18, 1972

Ed and I can talk about anything.  He knows me better than anyone.  We’ve laughed together, and we’ve cried together.  We’ve gone through three pregnancies, three child births, and the raising of three teenagers–and we survived it all.  We are currently enjoying our grandchildren together, and soon it will be retirement time… We’ve been together in sickness, and in health…for richer and for poorer….and we  plan to be together until death eventually parts us.  It’s  wonderful being married to your best friend!

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  1. What a wonderful post. Happy Anniversary

  2. I just loved reading this post! Happy Anniversary!

  3. I loved reading your friend stories, especially about your friendship with your husband! I’m always glad to read and hear about couples who married young and have stayed married for a long time. Happy Anniversary!

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