…You’re Buying A Car On Ebay!!??

It’s no secret that one of our children caused us to have more gray hair in our heads than the others.  Call it “middle child syndrome”, “growing pains” or any other name you can think of, but he kept us on our toes.  Once he’d finally figured out what he wanted to do with his life, gone back to school,  gotten a good job, and met his future wife, we thought we had it made…

One day our son, who wasn’t living at home anymore, came over to our house and informed us that he was going to buy a car on Ebay–from a private owner–in Louisana!  Did I mention that we live in Georgia?  It’s not like Louisana was an hour’s drive away… We thought our son had totally lost his mind–and I pretty  much told him so! 

Ebay was  still relatively new back then–this was about 7 years ago.  I thought it is one thing to buy a small  item over the internet, but it’s another whole ballgame to buy a car!!!  I just couldn’t imagine anyone making a deal to buy a used car over the internet–without seeing or driving it!

There is one thing I can say about this particular child of ours–he’s determined– a trait which caused lots of these gray hairs in our heads!  It didn’t matter what anyone said, once he’d made up his mind, there was no talking him out of it…  He  proceeded with his Ebay deal.  He made all of the arrangements with the car owner, made arrangements to obtain financing from the bank, and then bought bus tickets for him and his girlfriend.  They rode the bus all the way to Louisana, picked up the car, then drove it  home.

 Today I’m more than happy to be able to say “I was wrong.”  The 2002 maroon colored Chevrolet Monte Carlo turned out to be a beautiful car.  The previous owner had taken great care of it.    The car looked even better than when it came  from the show room because the owner had done some customizing to it.  The car still had plenty of warranty left on it, too.  Not only was it a beautiful car, it proved to be a good car.  In fact, my son is still driving it today–seven years later.  I’d love to show you a photograph of it, but I don’t have one…

The moral of this story is…sometimes parents don’t always  know best–the key word  here being sometimes!  I’m glad that things worked out for our son–but I still wouldn’t buy a car off Ebay…I’ll buy almost anything else off Ebay, but not a car!

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  1. Is this child the 2nd child in the family…because I’m starting to think it’s second child syndrome as opposed to middle child syndrome : ) I like to say my 2nd child makes me old or keeps me young…haven’t completely decided which! Glad this worked out for your son!

    • Yes, now that you ask, he is the second child! LOL

  2. Well, ya know, I guess learn it the hard way (or prove yourself to be right in this case) can be the best way to learn :0)~

    I’ve heard that you can check out all kinds of things on a car on Ebay, like mileage and how well it was taken care of, if it’s been in an accident, etc., just by running the vin number. Ebay motors actually has a pretty good reputation. Not that I would do it, but…. you get my drift.

  3. That’s good it was such a good car… I would have been super nervous buying a car on ebay haha.

  4. The car turned out to be good, but the trip there was baaadd! Word of advice: never ride a bus that far!

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