It’s All Over But The Unpacking…

Kathy and Ed...38 and counting

My husband and I recently returned from our  thirty-eighth wedding anniversary trip to the beach.  It was heavenly going to sleep to the sound of those ocean waves, and waking up to that beautiful ocean view each morning.  Oh, if I could only bring that view home with me!

  As always, we had a nice time, but it was over way too quickly!  Also, as usual, the suitcases are still sitting around waiting to be unpacked…I hate unpacking!  I’ll get around to unpacking them, eventually…It usually takes me a couple of days to “get over” a trip.

We stayed pretty busy the entire time between going down to the beach, eating, going to Wal-mart, eating, visiting historic downtown Fernandina, eating, going to K-mart, sleeping, going back to the beach…I’m sure you get the idea…All of our vacation trips always include lots of shopping!

Clint, Brandy, and Madison resting in historic Fernandina

All of our family left on Father’s Day to come back home, while Ed and I stayed behind one more night.  It was so sad when everyone left–the condo was way too quiet!  After having seven people scrambling for the bathroom or a place to sit, suddenly it was very lonely.  Everytime I walked by the empty bedroom, I got sad–I felt the “empty nest syndrome” all over again.  I’m so glad that some of our children were able to join us for a while.  It was fun.

Brad and Jenn pose with pirate in historic Fernandina

Ed and I decided to go to the movies on Father’s Day, after everyone left.  I’m a big fan of both of the previous Toy Story movies, and I wanted to see Toy Story 3.  The last time that I went to see a 3D movie was about 20 years ago, and I got nauseated from the sensation.  This time I took some motion sickness medication, and did fine–except for being a little bit drowsy. 

 Ed and I don’t go to the movies much, and I almost died when it cost us twenty-one dollars to get in the theater!  I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, so I guess it was worth it.  The 3D effect was a neat addition, too.  Thank goodness our children are all grown…I’d hate to have to buy tickets for a family of five these days!  I did notice some parents handing out smuggled in drinks and popcorn though, and I understand why!  I’m sure they were broke after buying the movie tickets.

We had a lively bunch of neighbors during our vacation.  There was a house next door to our condo, and there must have been at least twenty-five guests of varying ages staying there at any given time.  It took three large tents on the beach to accommodate all of them.  They provided free entertainment the entire time they were there.  We watched them play Bocce, a game played with lots of heavy balls , and then a bean bag tossing game called Corn Holing.  I’d never seen either game before, but both games looked  fun. 

A brand new bunch of people checked in when the first bunch checked out,  and on the last evening we watched as they caught several fish while “surf fishing”.  It was never a dull moment next-door.  I kept wondering where all of those people slept!

Our granddaughter, Madison, absolutely loved the beach on this trip.  She couldn’t get enough of it!  My youngest son, Brad, had an inflatable boat, and he took Madison riding  in the surf.

Brad and Maddie floating in ocean...

  She loved it–even when a wave knocked her out of it once.  She sputtered, and cried for a minute or two, then was ready to ride again…She liked the sand, too, but the water was her favorite. 

Maddie enjoying her sand toys...

That pretty much sums up our little “get away”, except for my picture-taking adventures.  I recently got a new camera, and was anxious to try it out all around the beach.  The pictures in this post were made with my new camera.  I’m already looking forward to trying it out again in the mountains of north Georgia in July…

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  1. Kathy, I loved seeing all the pics. I didnt realize your trip was this soon. Looks like a great time. Glad yall had so much fun. Happy Anniversary my friend, Audrey

  2. that looks like it was so much fun! I’m glad you got to go 🙂

  3. Beautiful! Makes me long for the beach!

  4. Looks like lots of fun. The beach always makes me happy : )

  5. Oh how I love getting new toys! Did you enjoy your camera?

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun. We’ll be leaving on Sunday for an almost two week vacation and seeing your pictures makes me that much more excited. Too bad there’s still a lot of packing to do!

    • Yes, I am enjoying the new camera, but will enjoy it more when I learn all of the features, and how to use them…Have fun on your trip!

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