Flashback Friday…Memories Of My Childhood Homes

Today I decided to join Linda at http://www.mochawithlinda.blogspot.com  for Flashback Friday.  We are sharing some memories of our childhood homes.  I had several childhood homes, so I have plenty of memories.

our home in Florida

The first home that I remember was in Florida.  I believe  I was about age three when my parents moved into their brand new home in Lake City.  One of my earliest memories of that home is when I stuck a bobbie pin into an electrical outlet under the car port!  It was a shocking experience–to put it mildly!  It was a beautiful home, with knotty pine walls(can’t remember what it was called) and a picture window in the living room.  I used to look at the knots in the wood on the walls, and think that they looked like giant cock roaches on the wall!  It’s funny what you remember as a child.

My parents and I moved from Florida to Georgia when I was nearly nine years old.  Unfortunately, my parents got behind on their mortgage, and the bank foreclosed on their beautiful new home.   It would be many years before they would be able to purchase another one.  We lived in several rental homes over the next ten years, but I’ll only write about my favorite one.

me standing on back steps of Gordon St. house cir. 1971

The last rental home that we moved into was located on Gordon Street.  My daddy’s brother and his family lived there until they purchased a home of their own, then we were able to rent the house when they moved out.  I lived on Gordon Street from 1966 until I got married in 1972.  The house on Gordon Street will always be “home” to me.

The house on Gordon Street was an older house, but it was in pretty good shape.  My parents paid forty dollars a month to rent it.  The house had three bedrooms, but only one of the bedrooms had a closet in it!  Back when that house was built, people used wooden cabinets, or armoires, to keep their clothes in.  Unfortunately, we didn’t own any armoires.  Eventually, the landlord allowed us to build a closet in one of the  bedrooms.

I remember that the house was very cold in winter.  We used two small gas heaters to heat it, along with the fireplace in the living room.  When the weather was extremely cold, we would put some plastic or blankets over the windows to keep the cold wind from blowing through the windows.  We didn’t have air conditioning, but the house wasn’t unbearably hot.  We placed box fans in the windows to pull in cool outside air.  In those days, a lot of places still weren’t air-conditioned.

A storage shed was located behind the house, and once a family of  large wharf rats moved into the storage house–the kind of rats that grow very large, and have long fang-like teeth!  Eventually the rats moved closer to the house, and would try to come inside through the kitchen cabinets at night.  They actually chewed and left teeth marks in one of the drawers!  We could hear them trying to chew their way into the house.  It was very scarey!  I think daddy eventually got rid of them with some poison.

The house only had one bathroom, and it was located at the back of the house.  My bedroom was at the front of the house, so it was a chore to get to the bathroom at night!  We didn’t have a shower either, only a bathtub.  Once my mother was in the bathroom, on the toilet, when she spotted a tiny snake  crawling on the floor,  under the bathroom sink!  She was terrified of snakes, so you wouldn’t believe the fuss that she was making in there!  The poor snake must have gotten terrified, because he quickly disappeared–much to mama’s dismay!

In 1973, about a year after I got married, my parents were finally able to purchase another home of their own.  They moved  a few streets over from Gordon Street to Charlton Street.  They were thrilled with their new home, but it never felt like home to me.  My parents lived in that house for over sixteen years, until their bad health forced them into a nursing home.  The house sat empty for eight years, until both of my parents had passed away….to be continued on Monday…

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  1. That car in the first picture looks almost identical to one we had: a pale green ’55 Chevrolet! And you reminded me of the fact that our first little home only had one window unit air conditioner, and when we moved it was such a big deal to have central air!

    I enjoyed your memories!

  2. I can’t wait to read the rest…I love that picture of you circa 1971 🙂

  3. Enjoyed your memories! Yes I agree 70’s were the day…lol. I actually had a tshirt like the one you have on. Isn’t it funny I don’t think smilies ever went out. I also like you had long straight hair. Gotta love the 70’s. Looking forward to reading the rest of your memories.
    until next time… nel

  4. Okay … the rats creeped me out a bit! Maybe a LOT!

  5. Wow! Sounds like you had a lot of adventures in that house!

  6. I enjoyed your memories and the photos. Wouldn’t have liked the thought of rats trying to chew their way into the house.


  7. I love your 70’s picture. Your hair was so long!

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