Six Word Saturday…June 26

My six words for today are:  Six hours without electricity…not fun!

The weekend began in total darkness at our house…a Friday afternoon thunderstorm left us powerless for six hours–well into the evening.

  We ate our supper of “Big Macs”  by candlelight…romantic!

Afterward,  we sat around and watched the candles burn for another three hours!  No electricity out in the country means no water either…  Not my idea of a fun evening– in June, no less! 

Fortunately, the four inches of rain that we received during the storm cooled things off a bit. 

That’s good because it was in the mid-nineties before the rain! 

I am thankful for electricity, and for all of the comforts and entertainment that it provides…amen!  Yes, we now have power once again–and water, too!

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  1. Glad it came back on !!!

  2. What a bummer!!! I just don’t know how people did it a long time ago. Without the luxuries of today. We are spoiled!! lol They didn’t know any different though. We!

  3. I had forgotten that no electricity meant no water… it’s been a while since I lived in the country 🙂

    I’m a little jealous of your new camera too by the way, it’s the same as mine except it’s the upgraded version. More megapixels, a better zoom, oh I could just see the clarity in the photos. Some day, when I’ve overworked mine and it finally has had enough of me…

  4. I hate when that happens. It happens here usually after the storm. And yes, I hate being without water too. And the a/c. And the coffee maker.
    Do you find that the first thing you want to do when the power goes out is either iron or heat something in the microwave? I do.

    • I always get the urge to go to the bathroom…or I get thirsty, neither of which is a good thing when there is no water! LOL

  5. I don’t mind being without light or tv/computers. But not having at least a fan to run is hard this time of year. But at least our water still works. Thanks for playing 6WS!

  6. Yikes, glad our water doesnt turn off when the electricity does. I actually enjoy the random power outage. Gets me off the computer and I find it kind of cosy.

  7. Kathy, Glad your power is back. I don’t mind ours being out, except for the heat in the summer. We have enjoyed a bon fire in the winter with the power out. It was a great family dinner:) Blessings,

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