Random Dozen…June 30

I have no particular train of thought today, and no meme to join, so I will post my own “Random Dozen” thoughts… Ready?  Here goes…I’ll begin with a photograph of a dozen random people at the beach.  There really are twelve people there…counting the three in the water.

2.  I’m almost packed and ready for the second of our three summer trips.  It’s back to the beach–but a different beach this time.  This time it’s a Georgia beach–St Simon’s Island.  Georgia beaches are nice, but I like Florida beaches better.  The farther south, the prettier the water…isn’t that Florida beach water in the picture beautiful???

3.  Speaking of water…the one thing on my “bucket list” that I have not done(yet), is to visit the Florida Keys.  I would love to go there before I die.  It’s not an impossible dream, I just hate the thought of traveling ten hours or more.  My husband says we may fly there one day…we’ll see.  I’ve never flown before!  I think I would prefer to travel 10 hours by car…

4.  Today marks the end of June, and means that the year 2010 is already halfway over…This blows this feeble mind of mine.  Where does the time go?  I am getting to the point where I hate to sleep, because time is getting so precious.  Too little time…so much that I want to do–and I usually don’t get it done….

5.  We had a fun family get-together at my oldest son’s house last evening.  His wife hosted, and had a Fourth of July theme…complete with watermelon and lemonade.  Christina is so creative…in fact she has begun a blog at http://www.christinascreativeside.blogspot.com to share some of her creative projects.  You should check it out!  It’s nice to have a fellow blogger in the family.

6.  Television watching is getting to be a royal “pain”…I am thoroughly disgusted with “The Bachelorette”.  A while back, I began to suspect that the show was getting a bit “scripted”–back when Deanna was the bachelorette–but now it’s very obvious!!!  I have stopped watching!  What a bunch of “trash”…  

7.  One of my favorite shows is “The Deadliest Catch”, and I am so distraught about the passing of Captain Phil…I knew he was a ticking time bomb, but I still hate it that he’s gone.  I especially hate it that Phil caught his son, Jake,  stealing  pills–and Jake admitted to being an addict, just a few hours before Phil’s stroke…it was an ugly scene, and a nasty argument followed…later there was an apology, then Phil had a massive stroke.  The film footage is so raw and real…and as that day is unfolding, you can actually see the beginning symptoms of Phil’s stroke…so sad.

8.  I’ve been canning tomatoes this week.  Actually, I don’t “can” them, I stew them down and put them in the freezer.  I don’t put up vegetables like I used to, mainly because I don’t cook as many.  I am supposed to be getting a bushel of peas this afternoon.  Ah, the joys of country life…

9.  Since our last trip to the beach, my allergies have been driving me crazy.  I didn’t have any symptoms at the beach, but once we got within an hour of home, the symptoms came back full force…I tell you, I dislike these Georgia pine trees more each day…

10.  My son-in-law does the funniest impressions!  He can make me laugh hysterically…There is one person, in particular, that he does especially well…Clint, you are so bad, but I love it!

11.  Oh no!  My husband and I heard yesterday that Crocs is going out of business!  What in the world will we do?  Both of us wear Crocs shoes,  exclusively, except to church(and Ed wants to wear them there, too).  I’d better get busy and “stock pile” some Crocs for the future.  Of course, we are both still wearing our original Crocs from 3 years ago–but we use them for “around the house” only.

12.  Lately, almost every afternoon brings a storm.  We were without power for six hours last Friday evening, following a storm.   On Monday, a tornado passed through our town, about 5 miles away from us.  It uprooted several large trees, and damaged a couple of vehicles.  Fortunately, we didn’t lose power or sustain any damage due to that storm.

That’s it, my Random Dozen…I hope I didn’t bore you too much…Have a great day, everyone!

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  1. I had an opportunity to go the Keys several years back and passed it up. What was I thinking?!! Flying isn’t bad; it was actually enjoyable! I heard horror stories, so I was scared but ended up loving it. 🙂 I say go for it!

    P.S. Thanks for “advertising” for me. 😉

  2. Flying isn’t bad, I’ve done it quite a few times, but I prefer driving. No airports, delays etc and I LOVE long car rides. Let someone else drive and bring the camera to take shots out the window. So much fun!

  3. I love to fly. But I don;t like the beach, probably because no matter how much sunscreen I put on I still burn, and I am afraid of the water. Give me the mountains anytime.
    Canning tomatoes and making applesauce were my two favorite things to put up. I don’t do either not that it is just the 2 of us.

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