Memories…Of Fun Times

I’m not feeling so great today.  I had a killer headache all day yesterday that never ended.   I finally took some pain medication and a sleeping pill and went to bed…I woke up at 6:15 this morning, and…let’s just say “today is a Pepto Bismol day”…So as I sit here sipping my Powerade –I’ll share a few more memories of our recent Fernandina Beach trip…because if I don’t,  I’ll forget what we did! 

Brad making new acquaintances


Do I know you…One day when we all went to historical downtown Fernandina, we saw a lady wearing a “Rotary” t-shirt.  Rotary Corporation is based in our hometown, so we decided that she must be from where we live.  My son, Brad, who rarely meets a stranger, walked over to the couple and asked them where they were from.  Sure enough, they were from our hometown, and the guy works at Rotary!  Small world, huh? (my daughter, oldest son, and daughter-in-law all have worked at Rotary in the past)  After I found out the guy’s name, I remembered who he was…He once dated a teacher that I worked with…he sent her a box filled with 100 roses–to school!  She wasn’t impressed, but I was!  How many people can say they received 100 roses at one time?  

Ed enjoys a cone...


Honey, I’m hungry…What is it about ice cream that is sold out of those huge tubs that makes it taste so delicious?  Maybe it has something to do with it being 90 degrees in the shade?  I don’t know, but the ice cream is always overpriced, but oh it’s so good!…Of course the entire family had to have a cone…only Ed and I were brave(or dumb) enough to eat our cones outside–the others stayed inside the shop!  Wimps, or smart, hummm…. 

Me and my pirate...


You see, there’s this guy…There are several “neat” pirates scattered throughout downtown.  I chose this one to cuddle with so Ed could take my picture.  The problem was…Ed didn’t know how to work my new camera.  So I cuddled, smiled, and cuddled some more while he tried to figure things out.  I furnished free entertainment for the crowd…I can only imagine what they were thinking! 

crashing in the bookstore...


Hot and tired…Do you know what we do when you are very hot and tired of walking?  We take refuge in the local bookstore, and sit on their couch!  A couple of the guys browsed through some books,  just to make us look legitimate… There is a local author in the background, autographing and selling his books, but no, I didn’t buy one.  Thirty-five dollars was too rich for my pocketbook! 

what can I say about this one..


Time to go…We all knew that our time in historic downtown Fernandina must come to an end, when granddaughter, Madison, had a “meltdown” in the bookstore…some cool water, followed by lunch…just what Madison needed to improve her mood!  Don’t you just love how one finger in her mouth won’t do–it has to be two–always! 

And just like our visit in downtown, it’s time for this blog post to come to an end…Until next time, let me  leave you with this photo and a smile… 

what in the world...


What in the world…is he doing you may ask?  Brad appears to be “showing his inflatable boat some love” on the terrace of our condo…Actually, he was trying to squeeze the air out of it so he could pack it up!  Pictures can be deceiving, huh?  Have a great day!

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  1. I hope that the magic of that nasty pink stuff works wonders for you. It is miserable to be ill when it is also so very hot. It looks like a fun time was had by all. I would have taken refuge in the bookstore too. I might have stayed there forever.

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