Our Vacation Cabin…

our family vacation cabin in Helen, Ga.

The kitchen was the most popular, and most used room in the cabin!  I felt “at home” in the kitchen because I have this same dining furniture in my own house.  I also have black appliances.  We brought along plenty of food, and we ate almost every meal at the cabin.  I had one major complaint about the kitchen though.  It was very dark!  All of the bulbs were those energy-saving flourescent kind, and I could barely see my hand in front of my face!

  Most of the walls throughout the cabin were painted burgundy and hunter green which didn’t help the lighting situation.  I was truly “craving some light” by the time we left.

My oldest son and my daughter are pictured here, along with their children.  The little boy, Caden, belongs to my son, while the little girl, Madison, belongs to my daughter.  They were spending a few moments relaxing in the living room of the cabin. 

The cabin was decorated in a “bear theme”.  There was a fake bear-skin rug on the back of the love seat.  Madison was scared to death of that rug when we first entered the cabin!  My husband put the rug on his back, pretended to be a bear, then played with it as a puppet for a while.  After that Madison decided that she liked the rug!

My husband and I enjoyed sitting out on the upper back deck of the cabin–especially early in the morning.  The surrounding area was so beautiful and peaceful,  first thing in the morning.  We sat on that deck and saw four deer grazing across the backyard!   There was also a charcoal grill on the deck, and we grilled ribs and hamburgers one evening.

This is a view of the backyard of the cabin.  It was huge!  You can see the back of the cabin in the top part of the photograph.  Our family took our bean bag tossing game, and played a few rounds one evening after supper.  We didn’t have time to try out that huge fire pit. 

 Just on the other side of the backyard was the Chattahoochee River.  It was shallow all the way across, so the children could play in the water.  We didn’t have time to go tubing, but I bought a raft, walked up the river a ways, then floated down it several times.

We enjoyed sitting on these rocks, watching the river flowing by–along with a few tubers every now and then.  Unfortunately, some of us got chiggers, or what we down south refer to as “red bugs”,  from sitting on those rocks beside the river!  Lucky me!  I got the worst case of them–about a dozen total.  I’ve been scratching ever since I got home!  “Red bugs” are one souvenir that I really would have prefered to leave in the mountains!

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  1. What a beautiful cabin! I’m with you on the bugs..yuk!

  2. Helen ,Ga is a beautiful area. that cabin looks nice sounds like overall a good vacation ecept for the bugs.

  3. dear kathy, i wanted to stop and say thanks for the comment on my blog re mother and death. i feel for Jennifer for her loss and worrying about herself and dealing with everything.Prayers are said for all of you God Bless

    • You’re welcome, Rose. Your prayers and concern are deeply appreciated.

  4. Please stop by my blog when you get the chance; I have an award for you!

    • Thanks for the award, Doreen. I’ll get picking it up shortly.

  5. What a nice place to vacation. The place looks so lush and green and I love that river in the back yard. I always wonder why the owner´s don´t live there themselves. I would, if it were mine! 🙂

    • I thought the same thing, Betty. It would be a shame to have such a beautiful place, and not live there to enjoy it.

  6. Beautiful cabin… and I really love the kitchen!

    • Yes, I would really love to own a cabin like that.

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