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I was “tickled pink” when I saw that today’s theme for Flashback Friday was about music!  After two weeks of trying to remember my school days, I finally get to write about something near and dear to my soul–music! 

I have to attribute my “love of music” to my older brother.  He’s a lover of music, too, and he introduced me to all kinds of music when I was a budding youngster.  He was married for most of my childhood, but he always had the coolest cars ( Roadrunner, Charger, Corvette) with the best sounding stereos in them!   He had a great sounding stereo in his house, as well–and he likes to “crank up the volume”. 

I can’t sing worth a flip, and never could master a musical instrument, but I CAN appreciate good music!  I can usually spot a hit song BEFORE it becomes a hit.  I think my brother hasthat same gift.  I love all kinds of music, with the exception of Rap music–I just can’t stand Rap! 

I was about twelve when I got my first stereo record player.  Prior to that, I only had a small plastic AM transistor radio.  It was very small and portable, and it only worked on batteries.  Did I mention that it only picked up the local radio station?  Did I mention that our radio station only played hits that were over 6 months old?  

 About three years later–at the tender age of fourteen–nearly fifteen, I met my future husband, Ed.  We immediately fell in love, but he had joined the army and had to go away for army training.  He decided to give me his stereo to keep for him while he was away.  In return, I gave his younger brothers my old stereo.  Ed’s stereo was much nicer than mine!  He also let me have his AM/FM radio.  I was thrilled!  FM stations were still relatively new at that time, and I was thrilled to  have a radio that would pick up  FM stations–especially at night. 

Eight track tape players also became popular about the time that I met Ed.  He installed an eight track player in his old car–a 1961 pink Mercury!  We’d ride around with the music blaring away– just like typical teenagers.  Back then cars only had AM radios in them, and there weren’t very many radio stations.  Believe me, it was a wonderful thing to have a tape player in your car!  Some of our favorite eight track tapes  that we listened to while riding around were  The Supremes, The Temptations (yes, I loved soul music, and still do), and The Four Seasons.  Ed left his collection of eight track tapes with me while he was away in the service.  Eventually, I saved up enough money(from my after school job) to purchase an eight track player for my room, and I hooked it up to Ed’s stereo. 

Me putting a record on Ed's stereo. Notice the radio to the left, the eight track player in front of me and the box of tapes to the right...I am also wearing a wig--a fad back in those days!

There weren’t many concerts happening in our area back in those days, but Ed did manage to take me to see a Billy Joe Royal concert for my fifteenth birthday!  Man, now I feel really old!  Who remembers “Down In the Boondocks”???  Billy Joe Royal was our only concert together until after we were married, and moved to the city. Later, Ed took me to see “The Eagles”.  Oh, how I loved “The Eagles”!  I also loved “The Doobie Brothers”, so we saw them in concert as well. 

I listened to all kinds of music throughout my teen years, and I still do today!  I joined one of those record clubs, so I had an extensive album collection by the time I graduated from high school.  I remained in a tape/CD club over the years until recently when they went out of business!  I have many albums, cassettes, and CD’s, but  I no longer have any eight track tapes.  We threw the last of them out, along with the eight track player, three years ago.  The tapes were rotten from old age… 

I never remember my parents complaining about any of my music, so it must not have bothered them.  Looking back, some of it probably should have!  I still remember purchasing my first 45’s as a young teenager.  One of them was “Yummy Yummy Yummy”(I’ve Got Love In My Tummy)  (I laugh now whenever the cereal commercial comes on with that song playing in the background!)  Love in my tummy?–It kinda’ sounds like a pregnant woman, doesn’t it?  Another favorite of mine was “Crimson and Clover”by Tommy James and the Shondells.  I listen to those songs now and think “What was that all about?”  Someone told me years later that the song was referring to a drug “trip”…I never knew that!  Oh, and I really liked the song “Love Is All Around” by the Troggs.  You know, it was the 70’s…and “Love was groovy”!!! 

I’ve really enjoyed taking this musical stroll down memory lane.  For more memories, hop over to http://www.mochawithlinda.blogspot.com and read what others have to say–better yet, write your own post and join in!  I’m also joining Java at http://www.nevergrowingold.blogspot.com for her Bloggers Over 40, Follow Friday–cause I’m over 40 and I like to follow and be followed…Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Hi! I am a new blogger (thanks to my daughter) and I am following you via FF over 40; I hope you will follow me back. I’ve enjoyed browsing your blog and hope you will visit me.

    • I’m so glad that you stopped by. Actually, I became a follower of yours earlier in the week, on Monday!

  2. What fun memories! I never had an eight track player, but I definitely remember them! My brother used to record baseball games on his reel to reel player!

    Fun memories.

    • Yes, eight track players…a relic of the past! LOL

  3. Nice to meet you. That is a stroll down memory lane! Troggs… Egad! My eldest the other day was so surprised when she saw a vinyl record…she just couldn’t fathom it. Now they have MP3s and iPod…but good music is timeless.

    I’m here from Java’s follow friday. Glad I came.

    • Thanks for hopping over! Yes, I guess vinyl records are as foreign to today’s kids as MP3s and iPods are to me….Now I’m on my way over to visit your blog!

  4. I loved this prompt too…my favorite topic I think. I enjoyed your musical memories. My hubs met Tommy James once…he went to a recording studio to do something for work and Tommy James was there and was really friendly and seemed like a nice guy.

    Eagles are still my favorite band of all time : )

    • Yay for the Eagles…they still sound good to me!

  5. Definitely a blast from the past! I was having a hard time thinking of groups and singers (I’m notoriously bad with names) but reading all the Flashback Friday posts, the memories are flooding back! Loved the photo of you with your music corner! My mom had 3 wigs back then and when she wasn’t home I would put them on and prance around. LOL

    • My music corner…I like that! LOL Wigs came in handy when I didn’t want to wash my hair!

  6. I love the AM/FM thing! I (being a bit older than “the kids these days” LOL) know all about record players–but I didn’t realize that FM was such a recent phenomenon. I looked it up just now, and turns out television predated FM radio (at least as far as when it really took off). I’d have never known!

    • I remember when FM stations first came to our area. They were so much clearer than the old static -filled AM ones!

  7. For sure, I remember “Down in the Boondocks,” “Crimson and Clover” and Yummy Yummy!, wow, what memories! And, I cannot stand RAP either. Guess it’s the only music that I simply cannot tolerate. What a fun walk down memory lane this has been. Blessings to you my friend!

    • Thanks for the visit, and the comment. It IS fun remembering old times, isn’t it? Until next time…

  8. A lot of the musical groups/ singers i love . last year my husband and I went to an eagles concert.i felt like a young kid.

    • You went to see the Eagles last year? Wow! I’ll bet that brought back memories! Those were the days…

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