Believe It Or Not Moments…While Child Rearing

Today I am going to reflect on some of the “believe it or not moments” we’ve experienced while raising our three kids.  If you’ve raised any children, you’ve probably had a few of these moments yourself.  If you are in the process of raising your kids, and you have not experienced any of these moments–you probably will!

Long ago...our kids were this young...believe it or not!

Once upon a time my daughter, Brandy,  had a girlfriend from their private school come over for a visit to our house.  (the little private school had students from several neighboring counties going there)  So far so good…My daughter also had her boyfriend from public school over to our house at the same time.  Brandy’s two friends had never met each other before.  Let’s just say that Brandy’s girlfriend and boyfriend mixed like oil and water!  They bickered back and forth the entire time.  At some point, Brandy’s boyfriend ended up going outside and began punching the pole under our car port!!!  Believe it or not!!  Later,  it was time for  me to take Brandy’s girlfriend home.  The girl lived in a neighboring town, and I wasn’t familiar with where she lived.  When I asked her for directions to her house (while we were in the car, headed to the town where she lived), she claimed that she didn’t know where she lived!  Yeah, right!  This girl was a teenager, and didn’t know here she lived???  I had to pull over, park, and call her mother for directions to her house.  Believe it or not!

One time, when our oldest son had recently learned how to drive, and had gotten his driver’s license,  my husband and I sent our son to town to pick up a pizza for us.  We also let our younger teenaged son go along for the ride(bad idea–double trouble).  They were gone for a very  l-o-n-g  time!  This was in the days before we got our cell phones, so we didn’t know what had happened to them.   Of course we were worried sick!  When the boys FINALLY got back with our pizza, it was stone cold!  The boys came home telling an elaborate tale about seeing “Big John”, a psycho boy who “had it in” for my oldest son because of a girl, in town.  They told how they were pursued all over town by this boy who wanted to beat my son up!  We totally believed this story for years, until the boys eventually “came clean” and admitted that they’d made part of the story up.  They did see “Big John, but most of the time  they were out “goofing off” –while we were worried sick AND our pizza was getting cold!  Unfortunately, that wasn’t the last “tale” that we’d hear out of those two boys.

My last tale also concerns our oldest son, when he was younger(do you see a pattern here?).  It took place when he was in the sixth grade and was going to a private Christian school.  One day we got that phone call from the school that every parent dreads!  Our son was in trouble!  Apparently, while visiting his grandmother’s house one day, our son decided to plunder in his cousin’s room. Without anyone’s knowledge, our son found his cousin’s nude women picture cards, stole them,  and took them to school!  Then he showed them around, and got caught!  Believe it or not!  I could have died on the spot!  The teacher probably thought those horrible cards came from our house!!!  I’ve never forgotten how embarrassed I felt.  Sometimes the boys will laugh about this incident, but it’s hard for me to find the humor! 

I could sit here and tell you at least a dozen more “believe it or not”  tales, but I think I’ll save a few for another day.  One thing for sure, remembering these times makes me glad that my children are all grown up…I’m getting too old for that kind of drama!  In case you’re wondering, our kids now range in age from 31 to 25. 

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  1. It’s good to be on the other side and know that you, and they, survived it! 🙂

    • Yes, Beth, that’s a very good way to look at it!

  2. Yeah, I already wonder sometimes what “secrets” my children have that only they know. But that’s part of growing up. I had a lot of things I told my mom that she never knew about and I’ll probably never tell her 🙂

    • Yes, I suppose “secrets” are a part of growing up. Somehow, mine always got told! LOL

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