Random Dozen…September 15

Can you believe that this month is already half gone?  Me either.  The week is also half gone, which means it’s time for “Lid’s” Random Dozen questions again.  Sit a spell and join me as I ponder the answers to her thought-provoking questions, because sometimes…”enquiring minds want to know…”

1. Do you do garage sales? If so, tell me about one great find. If not, tell me why not.  I used to have garage sales (here in Gooseneck, we call them yard sales ) all the time when my children were growing up because I accumulated so much useless stuff so quickly.  I have shopped at a few garage sales myself, but don’t go regularly.  My husband went to a yard sale a while back and bought a fantastic (convertible) ladder, which he needed because our old one broke and threw him off, causing him to break his wrist!

2. Name the last thing you fixed.  Well, remember I am from “Gooseneck” located here in the south, so the word “fix” can have a variety of meanings…I usually fix supper every night, but somehow I don’t think that’s what you mean, Lid.  Let’s go with this answer…”I fixed  granddaughter, Madison’s, dress today by hemming it shorter.”  That’s probably still not what you had in mind, was it?

3. Name your A) Favorite item of makeup OR B) Favorite tool  Woah, that’s a weird choice of answers…I’ll go with my favorite item of makeup, which is that neat all-in-one foundation/powder combination that comes in a compact.  One swipe and I”m good to go!  I first used  L’Oreal’s brand, then they discontinued it, forcing me to now pay double for Clinique.   By the way…my favorite tool is a hammer–I love to move things around on the walls a lot!

4. Which room in your home needs organizing more than any other?  That would be my husband’s pool room.  It’s become the “everything room”.  It has the grandchildren’s toys, and my scrapbooking and sewing supplies, and my treadmill cluttering it up.  It would be nearly impossible to play a game of pool in there at the moment.

5. Which room could use re-decorating?  Thankfully, all of the rooms in our house are still in good shape since we just built the house 3 years ago.

6. Share something unique about your town.  We are “noted” for growing “sweet Vidalia onions” here…and we have an “Onion Festival” every May.  Well, that’s not unique to just us, our neighbor, Vidalia, does the same thing–their onion festival is a couple of weeks before ours.  I wonder how many towns celebrate onions????

7. If you could send a one-sentence message to your great-grandchild, what would it be?  You have descended from a line of ” fiesty ancestors”–especially some of the women–and no, I”m not going to explain that statement 🙂

8. Do you Facebook?   Yes, I do, but I usually just read what others have to say.  I do all of my on-line talking on my blog…by then I am tired of talking!

9. Describe your favorite shoes.  That’s easy–they are my first pair of Crocs!  They are now 4 years old, beige in color with various colors of paint and stain on the tops of them from doing home projects while wearing them.  I  own about a dozen pairs of Crocs in various colors, but none wear quite as good as that original pair 🙂  I wear Crocs EVERYWHERE except to church!

10. Do you listen to more talk radio or more music radio? What kind of station is it?  I listen to country music radio…or I listen to nothing at all–but I enjoy all kinds of music!

 11. How far would you travel for a really good (favorite) meal?   I would say about 60 miles(one way), because we used to have to go to Savannah to eat in  a popular restaurant.  Remember, I live in a small town.  Thanks to the growth of nearby Statesboro(and Georgia Southern University), we have cut the necessary trip down to about 30 miles, because Statesboro now has most of the same restaurants as Savannah!

12. If you were totally honest with yourself (and us) what should you probably be doing right now instead of blogging?  I should be cleaning the house!  My house used to be a lot cleaner in pre-blogging days, but blogging is so much more fun than cleaning the toilet!!!

Many thanks to “Lid” for searching out these thought-provoking questions–when she could be cleaning her toilet, too!  We love and appreciate all that you do for us, “Lid”.  Just click on “Lid’s” button at the top of this  post to see more Random Dozen answers.  Thanks for stopping by…


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  1. Vidalia onions are worth celebrating! And I agree…blogging is way more fun than cleaning the toilets. Or cleaning period.

    Have a great day!

    • It’s amazing to think that people in places other than here are familiar with our onions 🙂

  2. Good morning. I just love to read your answers to all of the questions that you answer. You are such an interesting person.

    By the way…if you ever want to sell your treadmill – let me know.

    • Thanks, Cindy! I’m a little “cracked” I think 🙂 and I NEED to be USING that treadmill…LOL…but I’ll keep you in mind.

  3. Hello Kathy,
    I did this meme but will publish it tomorrow.
    I learned a few more things about you…years ago when my Honey Bear worked for Mueller Hydrants, he traveled to Statesboro on business…I went with him a couple of times…We both scrapbook…I’d love to see some lay outs you’ve done.
    Mama Bear

    • Thanks for hopping over, Mama Bear. It’s great getting to know you. My scrapbooking leaves a lot to be desired, but I try. My daughter-in-law is very creative with it though.

  4. Cleaning the toilet can always wait! But that pool room – that would be a priority for me!

    Know what we get to celebrate up here? Apple festivals are getting ready to start up all over, but my favorite is the sauerkraut/cabbage festivals. NOT!

  5. Oh my goodness your answer to #6. I had no idea I don’t think that you were that close. I know the other city you are referring too.
    Oh and Statesboro is getting a Cracker Barrel. One day maybe we will have the restaurants that Savannah does. I’m only about 10 minutes from Statesboro.

  6. Wow, reading blogs from people in Georgia always makes me want to visit there! I’ve only been through once, on a car trip, and didn’t get time to stay and explore.

    As for sweet onions…LOVE ’em!

  7. Fiesty women? Sounds like a great story to me. Come on…spill! Enjoyed your answers. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  8. you mentioned the best tasting onion that i know.i understand that living in Ga. that your city would celebrate the onion. my city in Ga. doesn’t celebrate any fruit or veggie. why can’t we celebrate the eggplant? just kidding. rose

  9. I am cracking up. Y’all celebrate onions in middle/south Georgia and here in north Georgia we celebrate marble. LOL!!

    Fixin and yard sales. Yep! :o)

  10. Here a garage sale is in your garage and a yardsale is in the front yard… (pretty self-explanatory, but we have them both and they are different from each other)

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