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 In addition to Java’s  Follow Friday, I’m joining Linda for Flashback Friday today, where we are discussing bedtime memories and rituals.  While growing up, I don’ t remember having any routines or rituals at bedtime, other than taking a bath and brushing my teeth before going to bed.  When I was around age eight,  an aunt gave me a stuffed poodle dog named “Coconut”.  It was the only stuffed animal that I had back then, and I loved it.  I may have slept with it some, but I really can’t remember.

 These days I find myself sleeping with two bead-filled tube pillows!  You know, those soft stretchy ones… I use my pillows to prop my body into a comfortable position for sleeping, and I must have at least one of them to go to sleep!  Who would’ve guessed that at age 56, I’d be attached to pillows?

When our children were growing up, my husband was usually “in charge” of the bedtime routines and rituals.  He helped out with baths, and  he did most of the teeth brushing and tucking in.  I can still hear him telling the children “good night,  I love you” to our children every night.  Sometimes he would talk a bit with the children before tucking them in.  He was a great daddy, and no matter what kind of day he’d had or how tired he was, he was always patient with the children.  As for me, after being at home with the children all day, I welcomed that little break from the children in the evenings.

Our oldest son had an aqua-colored blanket that he loved very much.  When I realized how much he liked it as a baby, I bought duplicates.  By the time he gave his blanket up, the original blanket was pretty ragged, but I still have it!  Oldest son also sucked his thumb until he was around 4 years old.  Below is an old photograph of him, that I took one day when I caught him holding his blanket(and sucking his thumb) as it dried on the clothesline!

Getting a little soothing while the blanket dries

Oldest son was also a “sleep-walker”.  We never knew where we might find him in the mornings!  Several times we found him sleeping in strange places–like the floor of the hallway.  One weekend,  while we were staying in our camper, we woke up and caught him trying to unlock the camper door to go outside–while he was asleep.  He had this strange look on his face–a blank stare–and the next morning he had no memory of being up and trying to unlock the door.  That experience scared me to death!

Our youngest son also had a blanket that he was rather fond of.  It was fuzzy and soft, and had stripes on it.  He would suck his forefinger and rub the corner of that little blanket while going to sleep.  He gave up his blanket a lot sooner than his older brother did, but I don’t think he was nearly as attached to it.  Youngest son also liked really soft stuffed animals, and sometimes he was content to sleep with one of those.

youngest son sleeping with a stuffed animal, but blanket is in the background

Our daughter didn’t have a favorite blanket or toy, but she sucked her thumb and twirled her hair while going to sleep.  One side of her hair was always a tangled mess every morning.  I’d always tell her that it looked like rats had played in her hair!  Sometimes she liked to sleep with her butt high up in the air–just like a baby does.  I never remember having any trouble getting our children to go to sleep–or stay asleep–since they all had some kind of “comforter”.

These days my grandchildren also have “comforters” that they like to sleep with.  Granddaughter, Madison, had a favorite little white receiving blanket that she slept with when she was younger.  It was a blanket given to her by her paternal great-grandmother.  Recently Madison began sleeping  with a little “Hello Kitty” stuffed toy that her daddy bought for her when he was on a trip, and a blanket that someone made for her when she was born.  She likes these things, but doesn’t “require” these things in order to go to sleep.

Grandson, Caden, has a monkey “snuggly” that he fondly refers to as “Key”.  He has to have “Key” before going to sleep.  His mother wisely purchased a duplicate monkey “snuggly” when she realized how much Caden liked the original one.  Caden loves carrying his “Key” everywhere with him.  Below is a photograph of Caden with his “Key”.  Caden’s daddy is the little boy in the above photograph, holding the blanket at the clothesline.

Grandson, Caden, with his “key”

Several years ago, when I used to babysit  twin girls, one of them had an old soft throw pillow that she was very attached to.  It was a muslin-covered pillow, with an overlay of crochet flowers.  She eventually wore holes in the fabric of that pillow from rubbing it with her finger so much!  All of the crochet on top of the pillow fell apart.  I’d patch one hole, and pretty soon she’d make a new hole.  Pretty soon that pillow was one-half of its original size!

The second twin was very attached to her “mookie”–her name for her pacifier.  She formed an early attachment to that thing.  It was a  BAD DAY if it  became bedtime and we couldn’t find that pacifier!  After a couple of BAD DAYS, we learned to have several “mookies” hidden away.  Getting rid of the “mookie” proved to be quite an ordeal for the mom.

Well, that’s about it for me today.  I’ll leave you with one final photograph of my two sons from when they were small.  It’s one of my favorite photographs, and brings back such good memories…

older brother sharing blanket with younger brother…so sweet

Thanks for another fun stroll down “memory lane”, Linda.  Pleasant dreams, everyone!  If you would like to read some other great bedtime stories, click on Linda’s button at the top of this post.

Just click the Follow Friday button to join Java’s bloghop, as well.  Thanks, Java, for hosting this” hop” for bloggers over 40, proving that we’re not older, we’re better 🙂

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  1. I love the pictures! There’s nothing sweeter than a little one sound asleep! Mine slept with their rear up in the air too! Fun memories – thanks for giving me a smile.

  2. it’s nice to hear the stories of bedtime with the children. the photos were good your baby girl looked like she was very comfortable sleeping. i guess she doesn’t do that now as an adult. Ha! Ha! thanks for sharing I enjoyed your story.

  3. Such GREAT photos to go with your reflections! They’re all too cute but just love, love, love the one of #1 son hanging onto his blankie on the line 🙂 My daughter sucked her index finger too, much like your #2 son.

  4. I love the pictures. My son had the same Winnie the Pooh crib things.
    My husband was gone all week so bedtime was up to me. My son was never a problem. I got lucky.

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