Tuesday Tidbits…September 21

It was good to see our son, Brad, come home safely after his trip to North Carolina to be with Jennifer during her surgery.  He had a few interesting tales to tell about his experiences there.  Among them was “searching for tylenol (for Jennifer) at midnight on the evening prior to Jennifer’s surgery”, and “the search for a stuffed animal for Jennifer on the evening after Jennifer’s surgery”.  Brad also spent the night at the hospital with Jennifer, following her surgery.  Let me just say…Brad is “his father’s son”…not every man would do these things for his woman.  He even came by on Friday evening and borrowed my Wii and Netflix disc, so Jennifer would have plenty of programming to watch while recovering.  What a guy!

My daughter and I went over to see Jennifer yesterday.  She’s recovering nicely.  She is staying with her grandparents for a few days, and people have been dropping by to see her–bearing “tasty gifts”!  Brandy and I took cupcakes and some candy, while someone before us brought a strawberry trifle.  What a way to recover!  She shared with us that she has already watched the entire season of “Hoarders” on Netflix.  Jennifer is amazed by that show. 

Jennifer’s grandmother is a delightful lady.  I enjoyed visiting with her, as well as Jennifer.  I was amazed when Jennifer’s grandmother began sharing what kind of summer it had been for her family.  First of all, her own husband had surgery, then her daughter-in-law(Jennifer’s mom) was hospitalized for a week in June, then died unexpectedly in July.  In addition, two of her granddaughters had major surgery.  Sometimes, when it rains, it pours…I hope fall and winter will bring rest and relaxation for Jennifer’s grandmother and  her family.  It’s about time for some “sunshine”…

Today is the first day of fall, but the temperatures outside are still well in the 90’s.  However, we have been having some autumn breezes, which make it feel a little cooler.  Some leaves are beginning to fall, and the grass growing is slowing down.  I may pull out my fall decorations this weekend.

Granddaughter, Madison, is now in her third week of preschool.  She only goes two days a week, but she loves it!  At the end of each day, she comes down the steps saying “I had fun, can I come back?”  She so different from her mother, who never really cared for school, or being away from home. 

Our old DVR stopped working last week.  My husband wore it out fast-forwarding through commercials.  He’s one of those people who turns on the news 30 minutes ahead of time, then zips through all of the commercials–every day!  When we found out that we would need a new receiver, we told them to “upgrade” us to a new DVR that records two shows at once.  On Friday, we got our new receiver.  The technician told us that we really ought to consider upgrading to a HDTV, now that we have an HD receiver.  Our television is a big screen, but it’s about 11 years old, and there is nothing HD about it.

On Saturday, my husband and I made a trip to the city to shop for a television!  On my goodness!  We had no idea how many televisions there were on the market!  It’s mind-boggling.  Plasma, LCD, LED, 3D….Internet connnectible…42, 46, 50, 52, 55, or 60 inches…We came home empty-handed!  What ever happened to the day when buying a television was simple?  This purchase will require some thought.   We also looked at a 3D television–a very strange viewing experience!  I don’t care to sit around wearing 3D glasses to watch television.  Wouldn’t that be a sight? 

Speaking of television, I began watching the new season of “Dancing With The Stars” last night.  That show just gets more interesting with each season.  I once watched Michael Bolton in concert…I never dreamed I’d be watching him try to ballroom dance.  It was painful to watch.  Then there was Bristol Palin.  She looked like a fish out of water–that is what I would look like, if I did that show!  I hope she is able to relax next week, and enjoy herself.  I was amazed at Florence Henderson…who knew, that “Mrs. Brady” could dance–at 76 years of age!  Then there was short little Cheryl Burke and that 7 feet tall basketball player–she could stand up under his armpit!  I’m sure it’s painful for her to dance with him–in fact I know it is–she’s wearing 4 inch heels!!!

I guess I will leave you with those thoughts in your head…and I will go and do some much-needed housework.  I can not continue to put it off for much longer…My husband will run out of underwear–again.  Have a great day!

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  1. I am so happy that Jennifer’s recovery seems to be going well. And I think Brad is a remarkable young man to do all that he has done for her. She’s a lucky girl.

    As far as me, I will definitely remember today because I finally got DSL. I’ve been on a very slow dial-up for over 3 years, so today I feel like a kid at Christmas.

    Have a nice afternoon and keep us updated on Jennifer.

    • Oh Cindy! I am so glad that you got DSL!!! You WILL be like a kid at Christmas 🙂

  2. I like how you added the again part, that’s so me! “What’s that dear? You have no socks – AGAIN!” 🙂

    • Yes, Ruth, it’s amazing how quickly those socks and undies run out…usually before I get caught up with the laundry 🙂

  3. good to hear about Jennifer. She and your son are both fortunate to have each other as well as the family support. We will eventually have to buy a new television. i dread it as all of the televisions have extra gadgets. don’t over do on the house. rose

    • I think they put too many gadgets on televisions these days…

  4. I am so glad Jennifer is doing well. Your son is very sweet. The story of the stuffed animal reminded me of my brother when he and his wife lived across the street from me..he rode his skateboard to the store at 1 am to get Tylenol for his 6 month old son. His car was in the shop. I was upset that he did not wake me or at least just take my car (he had a key to the house and knew where I kept my car keys) he said it was just faster to skate board. He was funny and sweet!

    • Ah, what a sweet story about your brother. I hope this wasn’t the brother that your book is about???

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