Sakes Alive! The Snakes Are Crawlin’…

I don’t know what has been happening in your neck of the woods lately, but around here, the snakes are crawlin’!  If you remember, t’s only been a few weeks since our son-in-law found a snake stretched out in the middle of his hallway.

Well, last week, while Jennifer was spending time recovering at her grandparents house, one night she walked out into the hallway of their house to find a tiny snake slithering on their floor, as well!  She called for her grandparents, and her grandfather quickly took care of the snake.  Jenn is doing great, by the way–the path reports are all back and the doctor says she’s cancer free…Yay!  She is getting out and about some now, and seems to be doing good.  She has about 3 more weeks of recovery before resuming her work schedule again.  Thank you for those prayers on her behalf 🙂  Now where was I?  Oh, yes, talking about snakes!

Just last week our son-in-law’s aunt had more snake adventures–of epic proportion–over at her house!  Clint’s aunt and her family killed four–yes, that’s four–snakes in their house!  Three of the little snakes were found in the bathroom leading in from under their car port, while the fourth snake was found under the carport.  These snakes weren’t all found at the same time, but they were all about the same size, leading the aunt to believe that some snake eggs may have been hatching in the vicinity of that bathroom!  I think Clint’s aunt actually packed her bags and went on a short visit to her daughter’s house–and I don’t blame her!  Meanwhile, her husband and son have been on snake patrol…

Finally, on Saturday evening our daughter was mowing the grass between her yard and ours.  She noticed one of our many cats in the grass, and he seemed to be circling something in an effort to keep it from getting away.  Upon further investigation, Brandy discovered a moccasin coiled and ready to strike!  She quickly summoned her husband who happily killed the slimy intruder!  That’s the first moccasin that we’ve ever seen in the yard–in 33 years of living here!  Now, if it will just be 33 more years until we see the next one–that will be too soon!

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  1. YIKES! I’m not a fan of snakes but my hubs loves em. I guess its that time of year where creatures start looking for places to go for the winter. Hopefully none end up in your house!

  2. Oh my goodness….I once told Honey Bear if I ever saw one in the house, we’d be moving…I can tolerate snakes as long as they stay out of my house and yard…
    Mama Bear

  3. glad to hear that Jennifer is doing well. i hate snacks. why do you think the snacks are an issue during this time. i would be anxious going to bed just thinking of snakes. rose

  4. Hallelujah – I am SO glad that Jennifer is getting along so well. Before you know it, she’ll be back to 100%. That is wonderful. Good is good !!!

  5. I HATE snakes..YIKES…

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