Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction…

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When our weekly local newspaper arrived last week, the headline story was a “doozie”.  It said “Ft. Stewart Employee Hires Hit Man to Kill Him”.  The subtitle was “Felon flubs shooting …”.  This headline may not get much press in a larger city, but in our little town of 3,641 residents, this was BIG news!  This incident didn’t take place in our town, but happened in a neighboring town with a population of just over 1400–which makes it even more strange.  Here’s a look at how this bizarre tale unfolded.

The employee, whom I will refer to as “Mr. O” was in the middle of a divorce from his wife, and was apparently depressed.  He wanted to commit suicide, but wasn’t sure if his son would get all of his insurance benefits if he did.  So “Mr. O” began looking for someone to kill him…enter a female acquaintance from a nearby town who “just happened to know someone who might be willing to murder him for money”.

Allegedly, this female acquaintance set up a meeting between “Mr. O” and the hitman, “Mr. N”.   “Mr. N” agreed to murder “Mr. O” for the mere sum of two hundred dollars!  Can you believe that?

In mid-August, “Mr. O” picked up his lady friend and the hitman, and the three of them drove deep into the woods…Around 9 in the evening, after allegedly receiving his mere two hundred dollars, the hitman shot “Mr. O” in the chest three times with a .25 caliber handgun!  Then the lady friend and the hitman drove away in the victim’s vehicle, leaving him to die.

As “Mr. O” was lying there in the woods, dying, he changed his mind, and decided he didn’t want to die anymore!  He used his cell phone and dialed 911 for help.  When help arrived, “Mr. O” fabricated a story about being ambushed, then shot by a black guy and a white woman.  He was then transferred to a nearby trauma center for treatment.

Upon further investigation, the hitman was arrested.  The hitman told investigators that “Mr. O” had set up the whole incident, and he apparently mentioned the lady friend’s role in the plot.  “Mr. O’s” lady friend was also questioned, and admitted to arranging the shooting.

All three people have now been arrested and charged with crimes including “Criminal Conspiracy” , “Criminal Conspiracy to Commit Murder”, and “Criminal Solicitation”…”Mr. O”, is currently out on bond, while the other two are still incarcerated.

Just this week a news story broke about a missing woman in this same little town.  After two days, the woman has been found murdered.  Her husband is in the army, and is currently deployed.  I heard on the local news last evening that an arrest has been made in her case, and the suspect is a friend of the victim’s family.  He actually took part in the search for the woman’s body!  The story also mentioned a possible link between this case and the case of another missing woman from the same town…There is a possibility that this man may be involved in this young woman’s disappearance as well.  She’s been missing for two years… 

Do you think there might be “something in the water” in this little town?

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  1. Sounds scary. Ummm… Glad I don’t live there, or you for that matter!

  2. Ya know I don’t think a great fiction writer could have made up a story as good as these! Truth IS stranger than fiction sometimes!!

  3. unfortunately, little towns have problems. we had a married woman and her boyfriend killed her husband. they are in jail. out town has 70-90,000. rose

  4. thanks for your comment on my post, gifts. i feel very strong about being there for others. i enjoy your blog. take care rose

  5. Well, I imagine there are just as many incidents in small towns as large…but more of it gets reported in small towns…the first story is sure a strange one…
    Mama Bear

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