You’re Not Going To Believe This Story…

My regular readers know that, after weeks of searching and comparing,  my hubby and I bought a new big screen television a month ago.  Several times during the past month our new television would “pop” while we were watching it, like it was giving off a static charge.  Then one night last week when we tried to watch a dvd, we couldn’t get the tv remote to work.  We discovered that the tv was “locking up” whenever we pushed a certain button on the remote.  We had to unplug the tv to even turn it off!   After an hour on the phone with technical support, my husband finally got the remote and the television “in sync” again, and all the while  I’m thinking…”hmmm, this baby needs to go back to Wal-mart!

On Saturday morning we got up early and went to Wal-mart for pet food.  While there, my husband noticed a television like the one we recently purchased, with a sign over it saying $1096.00.  We paid a good bit more than that for ours!  My husband decided it was time to return our troublesome tv, and get a replacement–at a cheaper price.

We went back home, boxed up the tv (we’d saved the packing just in case something happened), and back to Wal-mart we went!  Did I mention that it’s a 60 mile round trip to Wal-mart?  We returned our troubled tv, explained our problems with it,  got a refund, then went to purchase another tv.  We told the salesman that we wanted the one under the $1096.00 sign.  He put it on a cart, then rolled it to the register.  When he scanned the tv, it rang up at the same price that we originally paid– not $1096.00!  The guy looked puzzled, then excused himself for a moment.  He returned to say that there was a mistake–the wrong television had been put in front of the sign.  My husband argued and said, “Well, the sign says…1096.00, and this television was under the sign.”  So the guy went off again, came back, and says “My manager says the best she can do is offer you three dollars off, for the price error.  She can’t sell that tv to you for that price.  ”  By then, we were getting aggravated!  My husband asked to speak to the manager.  My husband never gets upset, but he was getting upset by now…He explained to the lady that we’d just made a second trip of 60 miles just to buy that tv at that price.  She wouldn’t budge, and said that all she could do to help was give us a 20 dollar gift card for our gas.  We didn’t know what else to do, but take the gift card.

Ed and I talked,  and decided that we might as well go ahead and purchase the television for the original price.  We really liked our other one–until it began having  problems.  By then the manager had gone, and we were back dealing with the original guy.  You could tell he felt bad for us, and seemed surprised that we were still going to buy the tv.  Then he said to us “If you will wait until tomorrow to buy this television, you will get a $250 gift card.” ( a special promotion)  I was thinking…”I am not coming back tomorrow”, but my husband said, “I’ll come back tomorrow!”  The guy put our name on the tv and said he’d put it in the back for us.  We thanked him for telling us about the upcoming promotion  and we left–with no tv!

Today we went back to Wal-mart to buy our television.  We asked an associate to get our tv out of the back.  She rolled a tv out to us, my husband took one look at the box and immediately recognized the box with a tiny tear on the corner!   It was the “troubled tv” that we  returned the day before!   They were trying to resell it–to us!  My husband said, “I don’t want that tv, I want one that hasn’t been opened.”  Soon another manager came to see what the problem was with us…Ed explained that he knew this was a used set, because he had returned this very set yesterday because it had problems! ( By this time, I’d escaped to the grocery section!)  Ed opened the box for them, and sure enough, it was our former tv!   After that,  the manager got busy and went to find another tv– with our name on it!  When Ed questioned the manager about selling a used, defective tv as a new one, he claimed it had mistakenly gotten put back in stock!  Finally, we made our purchase and got our $250 dollar gift card. 

My question is this…Why couldn’t Wal-mart “make things right” yesterday, and go ahead and give us the gift card?  I”ve always heard that, legally, the store has to honor the price that’s advertised, but Wal-mart wouldn’t budge, and we didn’t know what else to do.  However,  we were very insulted when they only offered us three dollars for a price error!!!  Worst of all–how dare they try to resell a defective television to some unsuspecting souls–especially us!  Oh, how I dislike shopping at Wal-mart…

I’ll bet you think the story ends here–but no there’s more!  While there (call us crazy) we decided to use the $250 gift card to go ahead and purchase a tv for the bedroom because I recently sold my old one.  After purchasing the big screen, Ed went back in the store,  and got a smaller tv for the bedroom– and we got a $40 dollar gift card with that tv.  Once we got it set up, we discovered that the new bedroom tv has problems already… the picture quivers every few minutes… That means Ed will be going back to Wal-mart, again, sometime in the near future,  to exchange another tv!   I can hardly wait to see what happens on trip #4!

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Six Word Saturday…October 30

My six words for today are:  These two are attending “THE GAME”.

Yes, folks, it’s time for a little serious football today!  Today is the day of the annual Georgia/Florida game!  It’s a rivalry that goes waaaay back.  Time to put on our red and black and root for the “dawgs”!  Lucky Brad and Jennifer have tickets and will be in sunny Florida watching the game in person…We’ll be in sunny Georgia watching it on the big screen television, and screaming “Go Dawgs”!  Did I mention that my brother and his family live in sunny Florida?  They will be watching via their big screen,  screaming “Go Gators”!  May the best team win 🙂

Thanks to Cate at for hosting this fun meme!

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Flashback Friday… More Halloween Memories


Wouldn’t you know that I’d write about my favorite Halloween memories yesterday? That’s usually how things go for me. However, I will not be outdone! I’m joining with Linda at http://www.mochawithlinda for MORE Halloween memories today!  At my age, I’ve experienced a lot of Halloweens, so I still have more than a few memories to share!

When I was growing up, I don’t remember Halloween being as big of a deal as it has become today–but then nothing used to be comercialized like it is these days!  I knew nothing about the original meaning behind Halloween back then, we just called it Trick-or-Treat night.  It was simply a night to dress up in whatever we could find, and go around town and ask for candy.

Mr. Jack O'Lantern

I don’t remember anything negative ever being said about Halloween while I was growing up.  In fact, it wasn’t until my own children were older, and we were out trick-or-treating, that I discovered the other reason some people celebrate Halloween.  We went up to a house, and the family was on their porch handing out religious tracts.  Later, when I read the tract, I was very surprised.  Yes, I know, it may be hard to believe,  but I really had no idea!   

While growing up, I never remember having a costume of any kind.  We would dress up in our parents old clothes, perhaps add a hat and a tie, put smut on our faces and go as “Hobos” or else we’d get one of our parent’s old white sheets, cut eye holes, and pretend to be ghosts.  If you were very lucky, you might get your parents to buy a mask for you to wear.  Nobody I knew had costumes–I guess we were the “less fortunate” ones, or maybe people didn’t do costumes back then. 

An occasional Halloween or Fall Party was held during my youth, but I can’t remember ever going to one.  I do remember this from my childhood though– the thought of bobbing for apples terrified me.  There is no way I’d ever stick my face in the water!  It’s funny the things we remember sometimes!  I don’t remember ever going on a hayride, carving a pumpkin,  or visiting a haunted house as a child either.  I experienced all of those things for the first time with my own children.

a page from an old scrapbook shows my children's costumes of the past

As I wrote in yesterday’s post, I loved to sew my daughter’s Halloween costumes.  I’d begin to plan what she would be at least a couple of months before Halloween.  I loved watching the costume “come together”.  I made almost all of her costumes when she was little.  I loved them all so much, that I still have most of them packed away–over thirty years later!

Our family didn’t carve very many jack-o-lanterns.  My husband carved two or three in our early years.  I found it to be messy and sort of disgusting–and the jack-o-lanterns didn’t stay fresh for very long.  I found a ceramic jack-o-lantern while my children were still young, and that ended the pumpkin carving at our house!  (I’ve used old Jack O’Lantern for many years.)  Last year, my daughter began the tradition of “painting pumpkins”at her house, and I really like that.  It’s not nearly as messy as carving.  Each family member gets to paint their own pumpkin–even four-year-old Madison gets in on the fun! (her pumpkin is wearing sunglasses)

My daughter's painted pumpkins

Our own children attended their share of school carnivals while growing up, with the traditional games and costume contests.  I’ve baked several cakes to give away in my day, but I don’t remember ever winning one!  I remember a time, when our oldest son was about eleven, he toured the school’s haunted house.  I believe the seniors were in charge of it that year, and apparently things got a bit rowdy.  Someone tackled my son and stole his shirt right off his back–while he was in the haunted house!

While I was co-youth director at our church, we began having “Fall Fun Night” at church.  We had several different games to play, we all dressed up as Bible characters and had a costume contest, and one year we even had a wiener roast.  Of course, we had the traditional hayride, too.  One year, I remember dressing up our youngest as “Samson”.  He wore a set of fake muscles and my long, curly wig–along with a long outfit that I made for him!  Oh the things we do to our children when they are small…

I saved the best memories for last…the candy!  We were just laughing about this the other night.  My children all hated those peanut butter kisses that are wrapped in black and orange papers, while my husband and I loved them!  Those were the first pieces of candy to get thrown out of the pile by the kids.  I can’t remember if they liked candy corn back then or not, but I think they eat it now.  Both of the grandchildren love candy corn–I usually keep some in a little jar, year round.  I love how you don’t have to wait until fall to find candy corn anymore!

Thanks to Linda, for giving me another opportunity to “flashback” and remember some good times.  I am also linking up with Java over at for Friday Follow–Bloggers Over 40, as well as a new hop at  I’m always looking for new blogging friends, to add to my old ones.   Have a great weekend, everyone…and thanks for stopping by!

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Trick-or-Treat Memories…

We live in a crazy little town that only allows trick-or-treating on Tuesday or Thursday evenings–no matter what day Halloween falls on!  Since today is the last Thursday before Halloween, guess what happens in our town tonight?  I have two filled treat buckets ready and waiting for my two grandchildren, who will be my only visitors this evening since we live on the far side of nowhere!  Those two won’t need to go to town after visiting MiMi, but of course they will go anyway.

One of my favorite Halloween memories happened when our first two children were still pretty little.  My husband and I dressed up that year along with our children.  While we were trick-or-treating, my husband had on some silly glasses with the fake nose and moustache attached, my old wig, and a hat.  When we came to his co-worker’s house, my husband just walked right on in her house–without saying a word– whenever she opened the door.  She didn’t recognize him, and just about had a heart attack when this strange man came into her house, uninvited!  The grandmother was sitting in the living room, and jumped up to run off, when Ed finally spoke to let them know who he was!  Luckily, that co-worker has a good sense of humor!  She still laughs about that Halloween.  Those were simpler times, today Ed would probably get shot if he pulled such a stunt!

Hubby and our oldest two children cir. 1983

The photo above was taken on that particular trick-or-treat night.  In looking back at these photographs, I sort of regret dressing my children as a witch and a devil that year.  Times were different back then, and witch and devil costumes were common, so I didn’t think a thing about it.  Funny how time changes your perception, isn’t it?

I loved creating our children’s costumes.  I loved to sew, and I made all of my daughter’s costumes, except for a couple of them.  The year the photograph below was taken, Brandy was a fairy.  It was one of those years that I didn’t sew her a costume.  Little Brett is wearing Brandy’s hand-me-down clown costume–I got away with that for a couple of years, while he was young!

Brett and Brandy cir. 1984

The year that we laugh most about was the year I dressed Brandy as a dice–or di, whatever.    I covered a square box with white paper, then glued black dots on each side.  She wore a black leotard and tights underneath.  She even wore black and white saddle shoes to compliment the outfit!  She had such a hard time moving around with that square box on, but the costume was adorable!    Unfortunately, I couldn’t locate a photograph–maybe next year!

One of the most difficult costumes that I sewed was that of a bumble bee. Making the wings was the most challenging part. Brandy wore it in a costume contest in the first grade, and won a trophy for “most original”. Back in those days, nobody dressed up as a bee.

Brett’s little scarecrow costume was one of my favorite costumes.  I made the hat, sewed the “hair” to the hat, then made the “straw” to go around his arms and legs. My husband painted up his face.  I thought he looked so sweet!  We were all “into” the Wizard of Oz back then…Believe it or not, I still have every one of these costumes in a box!  By the way…don’t you wonder what my daughter, Brandy, is thinking in that photograph below? 

From 1985--a scarecrow and a bee...

We used to start out early in the afternoon to go trick-or-treating.  We’d go to my in-laws house first because they lived near us.  Next we traveled up the road to Ed’s Aunt Betty’s house.  After that, we’d head to my parent’s house.  They lived in town–where all of the excitement was!  Sometimes, after trick-or-treating a while, we’d go back to my parents’ house and help give out the last of the candy.  It was fun to see all of the children dressed up.  That was in the good old days, when only little children trick-or-treated, everyone wore some kind of costume, and you didn’t see any half grown teenagers out trick-or-treating!

My least favorite trick-or-treat night was the one when my husband got caught up on Jury Duty.  The jury had trouble reaching a verdict, and he completely missed going trick-or-treating with us.  I had to take the children out alone.  He joined us in town for supper afterward.  He looked terrible, and had a migraine headache!  He said while he and  the majority of the jury tried to convince the “holdouts”,  all he could think of was… “I’m missing my children’s trick-or-treat night.”

That’s it for my favorite trick-or-treat memories.  All of those old costumes have been packed away for many years, and now I have two new little people to make new memories with.  I can hardly wait to see their excited, smiling faces tonight as they set out to make memories of their own…

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Random Dozen…The Last Regularly Scheduled One


They say “all good things must come to an end”, and so it is with the regular weekly meme “The Random Dozen” which has been hosted by “Lid” over at 2nd cup of coffee.  I am grateful to “Lid” for hosting this meme for so long.  Because of my participation in this meme, I’ve made many blog friends that I probably wouldn’t have found, otherwise.  I do hope “Lid” will host an occasional Random Dozen so we can all get together for a “reunion” of sorts!  

Today “Lid” is sending us off with two final, random questions to ponder…

1. What scares you the most

A) Physically
B) Emotionally

Why does it scare you, and how do you cope?

My biggest fear, physically and emotionally,  in life is the fear of “becoming very ill” again.  Back in 1994, when I was first struck with an “auto immune disease”, I was knocked off my feet and out of life.  At first, I could barely move any of my joints–closing my hands was impossible.  I was in constant pain, and I had fatigue so bad that I couldn’t walk 50 feet without having to sit down.  I ran low-grade fevers every day.  I couldn’t eat, and my hair began to fall out.  Life, as I knew it previously, was over.  It took months of trying different medications, before my doctor found the right combination to put my disease into remission, and more months after that, to regain my stamina.  I’ve never forgotten those miserable months…I always feel like I am living with a ticking time bomb in my pocket, because this ugly disease can flare up again at any time…In the meantime, I continue to take the daily “meds” that help keep this disease “at bay”–knowing full well that those “meds” are a double-edged sword, and are harming my body in some ways while helping it in others. 

I cope with my fears through prayer, and by living life one day at a time.  I enjoy the good days, and endure the bad days, hoping that they won’t last too long.  I learned a long time ago how to live “a new normal”.  I do not take one day of my life for granted.    I now realize that good health is the most important gift a person can have.  If you still have yours, thank God for it.

2. What comes to mind when you read the phrase, “Nothing gold can stay?” 

Whenever I read the poem from which this quote came, it made me want to cry.  I was thinking how things are always changing, and can never stay the same.  Sometimes, change is good, but for me, it’s always hard!  I spent hours and hours last week making video montages of my little granddaughter’s first four years of life,  in honor of her fourth birthday.  I cried every time I watched one of them–realizing how fast time is passing, and how much she is changing–along with the rest of us.

While searching for songs to use in Madison’s video montages, I found a very moving video on YouTube.  I’d like to end this post by sharing it with you.  It goes along with the theme of “changing”…Enjoy–and get a tissue!

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Tuesday Tidbits…

I have lots of little “half thoughts” swirling in my head, but not enough to write a coherent post from, so I’ll simply write a post of my “half thoughts” today…Please bear with me, I’m still getting over two days of birthday celebrations with a four-year old!

Granddaughter, Madison, on her b'day at Chuck E Cheese

First of all, can I just say that my hubby and I have decided that– after spending three whole hours in Chuck E. Cheese on Saturday– “Silence is golden.”  My hubby says that his ears rang all night long on Saturday night, following all of the music, announcements, and game noise that he endured while at Chuck’s place…did I mention that my husband has a hearing problem?  This means that he didn’t hear all of the noise as well as I did!

Next, can I just ask–what is up with this summer weather in October?  It’s hard to get in a harvest mood when it’s eighty-something degrees every day!  I miss the cool mornings and evenings–and having a wiener roast on the weekends…My granddaughter recently went on a hayride wearing shorts–and complained that the hay scratched her legs!  Hayrides are for cool weather…but we aren’t having any!

sitting on that scratchy shorts!

I went to Party City on Saturday to get a couple of birthday party items.  Can I just say…that place was hopping!  Everyone must have waited until the last-minute to purchase a Halloween costume!  It was “standing room only” over in the Halloween aisle!  Every one of the employees was wearing costumes–and there were some strange-looking characters wandering about.

Speaking of Halloween–Brad and Jennifer attended a party on Saturday night.  She was Alice in Wonderland, and he was The Mad Hatter.  Can I just say…they made a cute couple!  She worked a twelve-hour shift that day, drove over an hour to get home, then went to a party!  Oh, to be young and energetic!  Hey!  They even made it to church on Sunday morning, too!!!

My favorite party couple...

Seeing Brad and Jenn all dressed up made me regret not throwing another party this year.  We had so much fun hosting a Halloween Party last year.  That was the night we first met Jennifer–and my hubby and I were dressed as “Mustard and Ketchup”…Fun memories, for sure!  Perhaps we’ll throw another party next year.

Speaking of Halloween…can I just say what a mess my outside decorations are in?  Those cats have been relentless in wrecking my decorations.  The cemetery looks like it’s been raided–and it has!  The cats have designated it for their playground…and those poor scarecrows on the porch don’t stand a chance! 

Drake the cat is "at it" again...

I guess that about does it for my tidbits for today.  I’m off to catch up on my blog reading to see what all of you have been doing the past few days…I’ll be back tomorrow for Random Dozen.  Hope to see you then!

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Share It With You Sunday…What A Weekend!

We had a busy weekend here in Gooseneck–but it was a good weekend!  Our little granddaughter, Madison, turned four on Saturday.  We spent the weekend celebrating–and I do mean the entire weekend!

Our Birthday Princess...

Now I know that all grandkids are special, but Madison is a wee bit more special to us for several reasons.  First of all, I wanted to be a grandma for five long years before Madison ever arrived.  Then when our daughter and her husband finally decided to try to conceive–it took quite a while (15 months)– and they had to have a little help(fertility drugs).  Once Madison was conceived, it was a problem pregnancy–bed rest almost the entire time–ending with an emergency c-section delivery!  By now I guess you’ve got the idea…Madison didn’t come easy.

Every year on Madison’s birthday, we recall all of the trials and tribulations that we went through to get her here:

…How Brandy had to give up her job due to being on bed rest

…How she and her husband learned to manage on one income

…How they eventually had to move in with my husband and me for the last two months of the pregnancy, after Brandy was hospitalized for several days

…How Brandy was sent to the hospital for an emergency c-section(two weeks early) after going for a routine office visit

…How Brandy’s regular doctor was out-of-town at the time that she was sent to the hospital

…How the attending physician suddenly changed his mind about doing the c-section after the nurses at the hospital convinced him that it wasn’t necessary!

…How I got ugly with the attending doctor(and threatened him) when he told me he was going to send Brandy home

…How the attending doctor agreed to go ahead with a c-section–if an amniocentesis was done showing lung maturity

…How it took Brandy an entire day to get up her nerve to have the amnio done

…How the c-section was scheduled–then cancelled– when the amnio results showed the baby’s lungs weren’t mature

…How finally after five long days of Brandy being  in the hospital–her regular doctor returned(death in family)

…How on the very day that her regular doctor returned–her baby went into distress again but it would take all day to get any relief…

…How finally at 7:40 in the evening an emergency c-section was performed–and little Madison was born, perfect,  healthy, and with mature lungs! (the test was wrong) Her cord was wrapped around her neck,  causing all of the distress

…and last but not least, how I slept on the floor of Brandy’s hospital room most of those five nights–because nobody would give me a cot or a reclining chair–and I wasn’t leaving (it’s well over an hour’s drive home)

Now that I’ve remembered and written all that we experienced trying to get Madison here– I’m tired!  Actually, I am tired from two days of partying and celebrating with her–but I wouldn’t trade a minute of it for anything!  Like the old song says…Thank God for kids–and grandkids!

Me holding Madison for the first time...

I’m including a photograph that was taken of me when I held our precious granddaughter for the very first time…Can you see the look of relief and joy on my face?  What a moment!  I am not ashamed to tell you this– I sat in that hospital chair and held that little bundle of joy the entire night, while her exhausted parents slept.  That was as close to heaven as I’ll ever get here on earth…Happy Birthday, Madison!

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Six Word Saturday…October 23

It’s time to participate in another edition of SWS.  My six words for today are a bit unusual, however they are words that were spoken to my son this week, while he was at work.  They are:

“There  is  a  bomb  over  there…”

Yes, that is correct.  While my son was busy working on the site of our new county jail, a deputy sherif casually walked over to him and his co-worker.  The deputy asked if either of them owned those cars that were parked near a beat up old pick-up truck beside the sheriff’s office.  My son replied, “No, we’re parked over there,” and he pointed in the direction of his car.

The deputy then shared with them this bit of news…”Well, see that old truck parked over there beside those cars?   It has a bomb in it, so we are going to need to evacuate the area.”  My son, along with his co-worker, (with a quick rush of adrenaline and pounding heart) quickly stopped what they were doing, and made a mad dash for their cars!  My son quickly drove away leaving his tools on the job site–and the work trailer unlocked–because it was parked right beside the truck with the bomb!  He then called his boss to report what had just happened.  Can you imagine what his boss thought?  He probably thought it was a joke.  His remark was, “They’ll probably blow up all of my tools!”

The next day we found out that some “idiot” had discovered some kind of unexploded shell or missile down by the river.  (We live nearby to Ft. Stewart, GA)  He had a truckload of scrap metal, so he was probably salvaging.  Instead of leaving the thing where it was, and contacting the authorities, this “idiot” picked it up, put it in his truck, then bumped and jiggled with it all the way to the sherif’s office–in the middle of town!!!  It’s a wonder he didn’t blow himself to smithereens!

The rest of that afternoon was spent trying to figure out what to do with the bomb.  After calling in several different authorities, the bomb was eventually “taken care of”–but I have no idea how.  There is no telling how much this “blunder” will cost our county in extra expenses…but at least the bomb didn’t go off!

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Flashback Friday…Family Structure

It’s Friday…time to join Linda for another “flashback”–and time to join Java for her “Bloggers 40 and Over”!  The overall theme for today’s flashback is family structure and related things.

My parents had their fair share of problems, but they loved each other.  My father loved my mother deeply and unconditionally–and at times she was a tough person to love.  (I suppose that can be said for all of us at one time or another.)  The two were married just shy of forty-seven years when my daddy passed away.

With the exception of a couple of months one Christmas, my mother didn’t work outside the home until I was ten or eleven years old.  At that time she took a job working in a local sewing factory, where she worked until after I married and left home, about seven years later.  My mother used her income to pay off some accumulated bills, and have a few extras.

Once my mother went to work, my daddy began to pitch in and help with the household chores.  He worked an early shift as a prison guard, so he was home every day at 1:30.  He would take a little nap each day, then he’d  cook supper, and have it ready when mama got home from work.  We’d eat supper, then I had to clean up the kitchen–a chore I never looked forward to!

I didn’t have many household chores during the school year, except cleaning up the kitchen after meals, and keeping my room cleaned.  During summer, however, I was expected to help keep the entire house cleaned.  I didn’t like to cook, but I loved to bake.  I limited my cooking to making desserts and spaghetti.  I took my lunch to school every day, and I was responsible for making that.  I hung out clothes, took them in(no clothes dryer), and folded them.  I didn’t use the washing machine much, though.  My  parents did all of the clothes washing.

I got a job during my junior year of high school, and I continued working until just before my high school graduation.  I used my wages to buy my own school clothes, and purchase items for my “hope chest”.  By the time I got married, I had almost everything that we needed for our home–dishes, pots, linens, etc.  I didn’t even have a bridal shower, because I didn’t need one.

Daddy could do a few things around the house–like painting or minor repairs, but if the repair was very extensive, he called for backup.  My husband, on the other hand, is a “do-it-yourself man”.  There is no job too huge for him to tackle!  He’s built two houses–the last one “from the ground up”–including doing all of the wiring, and plumbing!  He’s a “self-taught” man.  He’s not quite so handy when it comes to car repairs, however.  Nine times out of ten, he has to pay someone to repair our vehicles when they tear up.

Just like our parents, my husband and I pride ourselves on maintaining a long, happy marriage.  We believe in the phrase, “till death us do part”.  Our children were raised with this philosophy.  Maintaining a happy marriage takes a lot of effort–from both parties–but it’s so worth the effort!

I was a stay-at-home mom until the last of our three children started to school–fourteen years after marriage.  At that time, I decided to take a job to supplement my husband’s income.  I didn’t have to work, but my income provided things that our family wouldn’t have had otherwise–usually a new vehicle, extras for the kids,  or tuition to private school for our kids.

an older photograph of our family

We required our children to clean up the kitchen after meals–just like we had to do–and to keep their rooms cleaned.  As they grew older, sometimes we asked them to do other chores as well.  Most of the time, it was easier to do it ourselves than to argue with them to get things done.  That’s one thing I’d change if I could–require them to do more chores!  (I wanted them to enjoy their childhood, so I took it easy on them.)  They think they had to do a lot, but really they didn’t.  Our youngest children–both sons–hate to do chores to this day!!!  The oldest son will hire things done rather than having to do it himself.  The youngest son can do most anything–just like his dad–but he lacks motivation much of the time.

We didn’t require our daughter to work until she completed high school, because she helped me by taking the boys to school, and picking them up from ball practices.  As soon as she graduated from high school, she got her first job at a video store.  Fortunately, she did’t have to work there very long, before something with better hours came along.

Both of our sons held jobs at various times while living at home, to help earn their spending money.  The oldest son helped our neighbor work in tobacco during the summer, until he was older then he got a job working on the hospital switchboard on weekends.  Our youngest son began working an internship at a local bank when he was sixteen, and worked there his last two years of high school, and most of college.

our oldest children with their families

Times are changing every day–and sometimes I worry about the direction this old world is headed in.  It will be interesting to see how life progresses with our grandchildren.  Perhaps our own children have learned new things since their upbringing, and will do an even better job in raising their children than we did raising them…My advice to them–bring up your family in the church, “one spanking is worth a dozen “time outs”, and don’t go so easy on those chores!

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Marathon Month…

The amount of activities always taking place in our family, during the month of October,  is unbelievable!.  This year is no exception!  Sometimes we all feel like we are participating in a month-long marathon.

First of all, our oldest child, Brandy, has a birthday on October 1st.  Then, the first week of October, there is always a fall revival at church.  The nearby city of Statesboro, always has its big fair during the first two weeks of October, too.  Granddaughter, Madison, has a birthday on October 23rd, followed by Trick-or-treat night, and whatever fall activities the church has planned.  In addition, this year my daughter’s family added in a visit to The Pumpkin Patch and a church trip to Six Flags Over Georgia to their list of “things to do”!  Whew…I am tired just writing about it!

We have a couple of free days, then Saturday we’re off to Chuck E Cheese for lunch!  This was Madison’s choice of activities to do on her birthday.  Then on Sunday afternoon, the family will meet at Madison’s house for cake and ice cream–and to watch her open her birthday presents.  A whole weekend of birthday celebration, wow!

If all goes well, the following Saturday we will be going to The Pumpkin Patch with grandson, Cade. I’m excited because I missed that trip with Madison, and I’ve been wanting to go.

So if you miss me occasionally during the next couple of weeks, you’ll know I’m off “smelling those roses” or at home recuperating!  These are special times, and I don’t want to miss a thing!

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