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Our saga began about two and one-half weeks ago when our Dish Network satellite receiver stopped working properly.  My husband literally wore it out fast-forwarding through commercials!  He’s a Fox News “junkie”.  He gets up about an hour early every morning, turns on the news, puts on his coffee water, then hops back into bed.  In a while, he gets up, gets dressed for work, then fast-forwards through all commercials while watching the news for about 30 to 45 minutes.  The poor DVR took all that it could stand…

Since the receiver was torn up, I suggested that we upgrade to a newer one that can record two programs at once.  My husband made the call.  It took both of us on the phone with Dish Network to finally get the new receiver ordered!   Two days later the serviceman arrived with a brand new HD satellite and receiver in hand.  By the end of the day we were ready for HDTV…but we had no HD television.  That didn’t especially bother us, even though the serviceman told us that our big screen was a “dinosaur”!  What did bother me was how “blurry” the picture on all of our televisions was.  It must have been caused by the new satellite/receiver because it wasn’t that way before…My husband has cataracts and doesn’t see clearly, so the picture didn’t bother him–however it drove me crazy!  I tried every control on the televisions to no avail–the picture still wouldn’t get sharp.

Thus began our quest for a new HDTV, two weeks ago!  We traveled to the city on Saturday and looked at the televisions in several places.  We had no idea what we were looking for, what the technology was, or how much new televisions cost.  It had been about 6 years since we purchased a tv of any kind, and 11 years since we bought our last big screen.

Let me stop here and say– I am a picky person when it comes to the main television in the living room.  While some people are happy with whatever tv has the best price–I am not.  I have to love the total package AND the price.  So shopping for a television for me is a MAJOR ORDEAL!!!

I had no idea that in addition to Plasma and LCD televisions, there are now LED televisions.  I also had no idea that televisions now come equipped to connect to the internet.  I had no idea that very large, thin televisions have small speakers in them that usually sound “tinny”.  I learned all of these things, and more, by reading well over 200 television reviews and by traveling over  240 miles looking at televisions– within a 13 day period!

In addition to trying to find a television, I had to find an inexpensive stand to put it on.  I didn’t want to spend a lot on a stand, because I’d eventually like for my husband to build a console to match our current entertainment center.  If we’d only known that we would ever need a console we could have purchased the matching one when we bought the entertainment center 10 years ago, but we didn’t that the television styles would change so drastically.

I finally had my choices narrowed down between a 52″  Sharp LED Quattron, which by the way has the most colorful, vivid picture due to that fourth yellow color pixel, and a 55″ LED Vizio with internet applications.  I agonized over my choice.  That Sharp Quattron just blew me away with its color and clarity, but the price was a bit high compared to the other televisions in its class.  This ultimately led me to choose the Vizio– even though the one on display at Wal-mart had a dead pixel…It’s not a great feeling when the display model is torn up–Wal-mart should change that! 

Our Saga ended on Thursday evening when we purchased the 55″ Vizio at Wal-mart. We opted to buy the extended service contract–just in case!  (We couldn’t get that dead pixel out of our minds…)   We once had a big screen “go out” on us, just two months after its one year warranty expired.  We ended up buying another big screen, rather than paying the 750 dollars required to repair it!  We learned to buy the extended warranty–the hard way!

I found an inexpensive console to temporarily put our new purchase on. We also ended up purchasing a sound bar to go along with our new television.  It’s no fun having a beautiful picture on the television while the audio sounds pitiful.  Best of all, Ed found a buyer for our old big screen–and the money helped out with our new purchase!

  Thanks to our “tech-savy” son, Brad, we now have our new television internet-connected, sounding nice, and the picture on it is sharp as a tack!  Watching television is a whole new experience in HD!  It only took us 13 days, 2 trips to Best Buy, 2 trips to Sears, and 6 trips to Wal-mart to accomplish this!  Now if I can just figure out how to work all of those gadgets… 

Thanks for getting us all set up, Brad!  We owe you–again!

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  1. glad you found what you wanted. we have no knowledge about the new tv’s out there in tv land. thanks. rose

  2. Oh, the choices these days…I think we’re probably going to be doing the same thing soon..or else we have to move the sofa closer to the TV. I’ve seen the new ones and I just swoon at the color and the 3D graphics…I wish we could put one over the fireplace but I think the space is too narrow. I may end up putting the cabinet in front of the fireplace…we don’t use it anyway.
    Mama Bear

  3. I think you should just keep your set up and not worry about having your husband make a new one, it looks so nice with the sign at the top. Congrats on your new purchase, hope you enjoy it! We still have a “dinosaur” tv too.

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