Marathon Month…

The amount of activities always taking place in our family, during the month of October,  is unbelievable!.  This year is no exception!  Sometimes we all feel like we are participating in a month-long marathon.

First of all, our oldest child, Brandy, has a birthday on October 1st.  Then, the first week of October, there is always a fall revival at church.  The nearby city of Statesboro, always has its big fair during the first two weeks of October, too.  Granddaughter, Madison, has a birthday on October 23rd, followed by Trick-or-treat night, and whatever fall activities the church has planned.  In addition, this year my daughter’s family added in a visit to The Pumpkin Patch and a church trip to Six Flags Over Georgia to their list of “things to do”!  Whew…I am tired just writing about it!

We have a couple of free days, then Saturday we’re off to Chuck E Cheese for lunch!  This was Madison’s choice of activities to do on her birthday.  Then on Sunday afternoon, the family will meet at Madison’s house for cake and ice cream–and to watch her open her birthday presents.  A whole weekend of birthday celebration, wow!

If all goes well, the following Saturday we will be going to The Pumpkin Patch with grandson, Cade. I’m excited because I missed that trip with Madison, and I’ve been wanting to go.

So if you miss me occasionally during the next couple of weeks, you’ll know I’m off “smelling those roses” or at home recuperating!  These are special times, and I don’t want to miss a thing!

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  1. Sounds like you have lots to do. I thought Madison’s birthday was on the 23rd. I must have it written down wrong.

    Are y’all having a Halloween party again this year? I know last year you and Mr. Ed were Mustard and Ketchup. What’s your choice for this year? LOL

    It’s good to see you out and about smelling those roses. That’s what life is all about.

    Have a great day !!!

    • Cindy, you are so right! Madison’s birthday is the 23rd. For some reason I keep thinking it’s the 26–even though Brandy has already corrected me once! We decided not to host a party this year…maybe next year!

  2. alot going on. the great thing, special time with different family members . get your running shoes on and you will handle all of this. rose

  3. Happy Birthday to Brandy & Madison! Y’all have fun! We’ll be here when you get back 🙂

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