Six Word Saturday…October 23

It’s time to participate in another edition of SWS.  My six words for today are a bit unusual, however they are words that were spoken to my son this week, while he was at work.  They are:

“There  is  a  bomb  over  there…”

Yes, that is correct.  While my son was busy working on the site of our new county jail, a deputy sherif casually walked over to him and his co-worker.  The deputy asked if either of them owned those cars that were parked near a beat up old pick-up truck beside the sheriff’s office.  My son replied, “No, we’re parked over there,” and he pointed in the direction of his car.

The deputy then shared with them this bit of news…”Well, see that old truck parked over there beside those cars?   It has a bomb in it, so we are going to need to evacuate the area.”  My son, along with his co-worker, (with a quick rush of adrenaline and pounding heart) quickly stopped what they were doing, and made a mad dash for their cars!  My son quickly drove away leaving his tools on the job site–and the work trailer unlocked–because it was parked right beside the truck with the bomb!  He then called his boss to report what had just happened.  Can you imagine what his boss thought?  He probably thought it was a joke.  His remark was, “They’ll probably blow up all of my tools!”

The next day we found out that some “idiot” had discovered some kind of unexploded shell or missile down by the river.  (We live nearby to Ft. Stewart, GA)  He had a truckload of scrap metal, so he was probably salvaging.  Instead of leaving the thing where it was, and contacting the authorities, this “idiot” picked it up, put it in his truck, then bumped and jiggled with it all the way to the sherif’s office–in the middle of town!!!  It’s a wonder he didn’t blow himself to smithereens!

The rest of that afternoon was spent trying to figure out what to do with the bomb.  After calling in several different authorities, the bomb was eventually “taken care of”–but I have no idea how.  There is no telling how much this “blunder” will cost our county in extra expenses…but at least the bomb didn’t go off!

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  1. How scary!

  2. That is scary! Glad no one was hurt, especially your son!

  3. Wowza…that is really weird! I am so glad nobody was hurt. But it is a story your son can tell over and over again. What an experience.

  4. oh wow…glad this had a happy ending!

  5. Whew! Thank the Lord that no one was hurt. 🙂

    I hope Madison had a great 4th birthday !!!

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