Share It With You Sunday…What A Weekend!

We had a busy weekend here in Gooseneck–but it was a good weekend!  Our little granddaughter, Madison, turned four on Saturday.  We spent the weekend celebrating–and I do mean the entire weekend!

Our Birthday Princess...

Now I know that all grandkids are special, but Madison is a wee bit more special to us for several reasons.  First of all, I wanted to be a grandma for five long years before Madison ever arrived.  Then when our daughter and her husband finally decided to try to conceive–it took quite a while (15 months)– and they had to have a little help(fertility drugs).  Once Madison was conceived, it was a problem pregnancy–bed rest almost the entire time–ending with an emergency c-section delivery!  By now I guess you’ve got the idea…Madison didn’t come easy.

Every year on Madison’s birthday, we recall all of the trials and tribulations that we went through to get her here:

…How Brandy had to give up her job due to being on bed rest

…How she and her husband learned to manage on one income

…How they eventually had to move in with my husband and me for the last two months of the pregnancy, after Brandy was hospitalized for several days

…How Brandy was sent to the hospital for an emergency c-section(two weeks early) after going for a routine office visit

…How Brandy’s regular doctor was out-of-town at the time that she was sent to the hospital

…How the attending physician suddenly changed his mind about doing the c-section after the nurses at the hospital convinced him that it wasn’t necessary!

…How I got ugly with the attending doctor(and threatened him) when he told me he was going to send Brandy home

…How the attending doctor agreed to go ahead with a c-section–if an amniocentesis was done showing lung maturity

…How it took Brandy an entire day to get up her nerve to have the amnio done

…How the c-section was scheduled–then cancelled– when the amnio results showed the baby’s lungs weren’t mature

…How finally after five long days of Brandy being  in the hospital–her regular doctor returned(death in family)

…How on the very day that her regular doctor returned–her baby went into distress again but it would take all day to get any relief…

…How finally at 7:40 in the evening an emergency c-section was performed–and little Madison was born, perfect,  healthy, and with mature lungs! (the test was wrong) Her cord was wrapped around her neck,  causing all of the distress

…and last but not least, how I slept on the floor of Brandy’s hospital room most of those five nights–because nobody would give me a cot or a reclining chair–and I wasn’t leaving (it’s well over an hour’s drive home)

Now that I’ve remembered and written all that we experienced trying to get Madison here– I’m tired!  Actually, I am tired from two days of partying and celebrating with her–but I wouldn’t trade a minute of it for anything!  Like the old song says…Thank God for kids–and grandkids!

Me holding Madison for the first time...

I’m including a photograph that was taken of me when I held our precious granddaughter for the very first time…Can you see the look of relief and joy on my face?  What a moment!  I am not ashamed to tell you this– I sat in that hospital chair and held that little bundle of joy the entire night, while her exhausted parents slept.  That was as close to heaven as I’ll ever get here on earth…Happy Birthday, Madison!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Madison! What a sweetie pie!

  2. I’m so glad everything turned out fine with Madison. When she’s older and understands all of the events that led up to her delivery, she shouldn’t have any doubts that she was a very loved and wanted little girl. God bless you all.

    I’m glad you had a festive and happy weekend helping Madison celebrate her big day.

    Happy 4th Miss Madison !!! 😛

  3. Wow-so glad you got your happy ending! Happy Birthday to your granddaughter!

  4. Glad God was watching over precious Madison … what a story! We’ve got a grandson (T#3) who comes with a story, too … his is focused on what happened AFTER he was born (5 weeks too early … his lungs weren’t mature). ALL our grandkids are special, aren’t they? But you realize that even more when you’ve come dangerously close to losing one.

    Glad you got to spend the weekend helping Madison celebrate her birthday!

  5. Oh she is beautiful Kathy! Happy Belated Birthday Madison!!

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