Tuesday Tidbits…

I have lots of little “half thoughts” swirling in my head, but not enough to write a coherent post from, so I’ll simply write a post of my “half thoughts” today…Please bear with me, I’m still getting over two days of birthday celebrations with a four-year old!

Granddaughter, Madison, on her b'day at Chuck E Cheese

First of all, can I just say that my hubby and I have decided that– after spending three whole hours in Chuck E. Cheese on Saturday– “Silence is golden.”  My hubby says that his ears rang all night long on Saturday night, following all of the music, announcements, and game noise that he endured while at Chuck’s place…did I mention that my husband has a hearing problem?  This means that he didn’t hear all of the noise as well as I did!

Next, can I just ask–what is up with this summer weather in October?  It’s hard to get in a harvest mood when it’s eighty-something degrees every day!  I miss the cool mornings and evenings–and having a wiener roast on the weekends…My granddaughter recently went on a hayride wearing shorts–and complained that the hay scratched her legs!  Hayrides are for cool weather…but we aren’t having any!

sitting on that scratchy hay...in shorts!

I went to Party City on Saturday to get a couple of birthday party items.  Can I just say…that place was hopping!  Everyone must have waited until the last-minute to purchase a Halloween costume!  It was “standing room only” over in the Halloween aisle!  Every one of the employees was wearing costumes–and there were some strange-looking characters wandering about.

Speaking of Halloween–Brad and Jennifer attended a party on Saturday night.  She was Alice in Wonderland, and he was The Mad Hatter.  Can I just say…they made a cute couple!  She worked a twelve-hour shift that day, drove over an hour to get home, then went to a party!  Oh, to be young and energetic!  Hey!  They even made it to church on Sunday morning, too!!!

My favorite party couple...

Seeing Brad and Jenn all dressed up made me regret not throwing another party this year.  We had so much fun hosting a Halloween Party last year.  That was the night we first met Jennifer–and my hubby and I were dressed as “Mustard and Ketchup”…Fun memories, for sure!  Perhaps we’ll throw another party next year.

Speaking of Halloween…can I just say what a mess my outside decorations are in?  Those cats have been relentless in wrecking my decorations.  The cemetery looks like it’s been raided–and it has!  The cats have designated it for their playground…and those poor scarecrows on the porch don’t stand a chance! 

Drake the cat is "at it" again...

I guess that about does it for my tidbits for today.  I’m off to catch up on my blog reading to see what all of you have been doing the past few days…I’ll be back tomorrow for Random Dozen.  Hope to see you then!

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  1. Three hours in Chuck -E-Cheese, bless the both of ya’ll. We went to Cackleberry Farms on Saturday with the younger kids from church. I can’t remember when I was so exhausted.

  2. That picture is priceless! Chuck E. Cheese is not for the faint of heart!

    I think lots of us were feeling kinda of random today…I like this type of post : )

  3. Cats will destroy all decorations and not even feel guilty about it. The costumes were adorable.
    I keep reading your posts even if I don’t always comment.
    Things are crazy here. I’ll have to send you an email.

  4. silly kitties lol and the Chuck E. Cheese thought made me think of a quote…Silence is golden, Duct tape is silver lol

  5. I’ve never been to Chuck E. Cheese’s, but seeing all of those games and stuff in the pictures and video, I’m sure it can get very loud. I’m glad all of you had so much fun.

    Brad and Jennifer looked so cute in their costumes. I’m glad they were out having fun too.

    As far as the weather, I’m with you – it needs to get colder.

    Bad kitty, Drake, bad kitty !!! LOL

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