Trick-or-Treat Memories…

We live in a crazy little town that only allows trick-or-treating on Tuesday or Thursday evenings–no matter what day Halloween falls on!  Since today is the last Thursday before Halloween, guess what happens in our town tonight?  I have two filled treat buckets ready and waiting for my two grandchildren, who will be my only visitors this evening since we live on the far side of nowhere!  Those two won’t need to go to town after visiting MiMi, but of course they will go anyway.

One of my favorite Halloween memories happened when our first two children were still pretty little.  My husband and I dressed up that year along with our children.  While we were trick-or-treating, my husband had on some silly glasses with the fake nose and moustache attached, my old wig, and a hat.  When we came to his co-worker’s house, my husband just walked right on in her house–without saying a word– whenever she opened the door.  She didn’t recognize him, and just about had a heart attack when this strange man came into her house, uninvited!  The grandmother was sitting in the living room, and jumped up to run off, when Ed finally spoke to let them know who he was!  Luckily, that co-worker has a good sense of humor!  She still laughs about that Halloween.  Those were simpler times, today Ed would probably get shot if he pulled such a stunt!

Hubby and our oldest two children cir. 1983

The photo above was taken on that particular trick-or-treat night.  In looking back at these photographs, I sort of regret dressing my children as a witch and a devil that year.  Times were different back then, and witch and devil costumes were common, so I didn’t think a thing about it.  Funny how time changes your perception, isn’t it?

I loved creating our children’s costumes.  I loved to sew, and I made all of my daughter’s costumes, except for a couple of them.  The year the photograph below was taken, Brandy was a fairy.  It was one of those years that I didn’t sew her a costume.  Little Brett is wearing Brandy’s hand-me-down clown costume–I got away with that for a couple of years, while he was young!

Brett and Brandy cir. 1984

The year that we laugh most about was the year I dressed Brandy as a dice–or di, whatever.    I covered a square box with white paper, then glued black dots on each side.  She wore a black leotard and tights underneath.  She even wore black and white saddle shoes to compliment the outfit!  She had such a hard time moving around with that square box on, but the costume was adorable!    Unfortunately, I couldn’t locate a photograph–maybe next year!

One of the most difficult costumes that I sewed was that of a bumble bee. Making the wings was the most challenging part. Brandy wore it in a costume contest in the first grade, and won a trophy for “most original”. Back in those days, nobody dressed up as a bee.

Brett’s little scarecrow costume was one of my favorite costumes.  I made the hat, sewed the “hair” to the hat, then made the “straw” to go around his arms and legs. My husband painted up his face.  I thought he looked so sweet!  We were all “into” the Wizard of Oz back then…Believe it or not, I still have every one of these costumes in a box!  By the way…don’t you wonder what my daughter, Brandy, is thinking in that photograph below? 

From 1985--a scarecrow and a bee...

We used to start out early in the afternoon to go trick-or-treating.  We’d go to my in-laws house first because they lived near us.  Next we traveled up the road to Ed’s Aunt Betty’s house.  After that, we’d head to my parent’s house.  They lived in town–where all of the excitement was!  Sometimes, after trick-or-treating a while, we’d go back to my parents’ house and help give out the last of the candy.  It was fun to see all of the children dressed up.  That was in the good old days, when only little children trick-or-treated, everyone wore some kind of costume, and you didn’t see any half grown teenagers out trick-or-treating!

My least favorite trick-or-treat night was the one when my husband got caught up on Jury Duty.  The jury had trouble reaching a verdict, and he completely missed going trick-or-treating with us.  I had to take the children out alone.  He joined us in town for supper afterward.  He looked terrible, and had a migraine headache!  He said while he and  the majority of the jury tried to convince the “holdouts”,  all he could think of was… “I’m missing my children’s trick-or-treat night.”

That’s it for my favorite trick-or-treat memories.  All of those old costumes have been packed away for many years, and now I have two new little people to make new memories with.  I can hardly wait to see their excited, smiling faces tonight as they set out to make memories of their own…

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  1. Your memories are precious Kathy. I love looking at your old pictures 🙂

  2. I enjoyed reading about your Trick or Treat night memories and seeing the pictures…there is no reason why we can’t enjoy the night and the dressing up without anyone thinking we’re endorsing evil practices…
    Mama Bear

  3. I was one of those teenagers who tick or treated, but me and my group of friends were not really into growing up as fast as a lot of kids our age did either.

    Honestly, I’d rather teens stayed innocent and did things like that rather than run around egging people’s houses and smashing the pumpkins they took the time to carve.

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