Flashback Friday… More Halloween Memories


Wouldn’t you know that I’d write about my favorite Halloween memories yesterday? That’s usually how things go for me. However, I will not be outdone! I’m joining with Linda at http://www.mochawithlinda for MORE Halloween memories today!  At my age, I’ve experienced a lot of Halloweens, so I still have more than a few memories to share!

When I was growing up, I don’t remember Halloween being as big of a deal as it has become today–but then nothing used to be comercialized like it is these days!  I knew nothing about the original meaning behind Halloween back then, we just called it Trick-or-Treat night.  It was simply a night to dress up in whatever we could find, and go around town and ask for candy.

Mr. Jack O'Lantern

I don’t remember anything negative ever being said about Halloween while I was growing up.  In fact, it wasn’t until my own children were older, and we were out trick-or-treating, that I discovered the other reason some people celebrate Halloween.  We went up to a house, and the family was on their porch handing out religious tracts.  Later, when I read the tract, I was very surprised.  Yes, I know, it may be hard to believe,  but I really had no idea!   

While growing up, I never remember having a costume of any kind.  We would dress up in our parents old clothes, perhaps add a hat and a tie, put smut on our faces and go as “Hobos” or else we’d get one of our parent’s old white sheets, cut eye holes, and pretend to be ghosts.  If you were very lucky, you might get your parents to buy a mask for you to wear.  Nobody I knew had costumes–I guess we were the “less fortunate” ones, or maybe people didn’t do costumes back then. 

An occasional Halloween or Fall Party was held during my youth, but I can’t remember ever going to one.  I do remember this from my childhood though– the thought of bobbing for apples terrified me.  There is no way I’d ever stick my face in the water!  It’s funny the things we remember sometimes!  I don’t remember ever going on a hayride, carving a pumpkin,  or visiting a haunted house as a child either.  I experienced all of those things for the first time with my own children.

a page from an old scrapbook shows my children's costumes of the past

As I wrote in yesterday’s post, I loved to sew my daughter’s Halloween costumes.  I’d begin to plan what she would be at least a couple of months before Halloween.  I loved watching the costume “come together”.  I made almost all of her costumes when she was little.  I loved them all so much, that I still have most of them packed away–over thirty years later!

Our family didn’t carve very many jack-o-lanterns.  My husband carved two or three in our early years.  I found it to be messy and sort of disgusting–and the jack-o-lanterns didn’t stay fresh for very long.  I found a ceramic jack-o-lantern while my children were still young, and that ended the pumpkin carving at our house!  (I’ve used old Jack O’Lantern for many years.)  Last year, my daughter began the tradition of “painting pumpkins”at her house, and I really like that.  It’s not nearly as messy as carving.  Each family member gets to paint their own pumpkin–even four-year-old Madison gets in on the fun! (her pumpkin is wearing sunglasses)

My daughter's painted pumpkins

Our own children attended their share of school carnivals while growing up, with the traditional games and costume contests.  I’ve baked several cakes to give away in my day, but I don’t remember ever winning one!  I remember a time, when our oldest son was about eleven, he toured the school’s haunted house.  I believe the seniors were in charge of it that year, and apparently things got a bit rowdy.  Someone tackled my son and stole his shirt right off his back–while he was in the haunted house!

While I was co-youth director at our church, we began having “Fall Fun Night” at church.  We had several different games to play, we all dressed up as Bible characters and had a costume contest, and one year we even had a wiener roast.  Of course, we had the traditional hayride, too.  One year, I remember dressing up our youngest as “Samson”.  He wore a set of fake muscles and my long, curly wig–along with a long outfit that I made for him!  Oh the things we do to our children when they are small…

I saved the best memories for last…the candy!  We were just laughing about this the other night.  My children all hated those peanut butter kisses that are wrapped in black and orange papers, while my husband and I loved them!  Those were the first pieces of candy to get thrown out of the pile by the kids.  I can’t remember if they liked candy corn back then or not, but I think they eat it now.  Both of the grandchildren love candy corn–I usually keep some in a little jar, year round.  I love how you don’t have to wait until fall to find candy corn anymore!

Thanks to Linda, for giving me another opportunity to “flashback” and remember some good times.  I am also linking up with Java over at http://www.nevergrowingold.blogspot.com for Friday Follow–Bloggers Over 40, as well as a new hop at http://www.designitchic.blogspot.com  I’m always looking for new blogging friends, to add to my old ones.   Have a great weekend, everyone…and thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Growing up back in my native country Philippines we don’t celebrate Halloween. Nov 1 and Nov 2 is celebrated as All Saints day and All Souls day. But now I noticed in a bigger cities some villages do celebrate it with costumes but not the majority. Great post Kathy thanks for sharing!
    Friday 40 and over


  2. I am so impressed with you women that sewed such fun costumes! As a mom, the costume part of Halloween always stressed me out; I couldn’t stand to pay big bucks for the commercial ones, but I wasn’t creative or talented enough to create or sew one.

    I always hated those black and orange wrapped PB kisses also! I used to wonder if there was anyone who liked them – now I know!

    The part in your post below about trick-or-treating only on Tuesdays and Thursdays was bizarre. Never heard of that!

  3. Oh gosh I thought I was the only one that liked the PB kisses. I didn’t used to either, but love them now. In fact me and hubby picked us up a bag last night. lol.
    Enjoyed your post!
    until next time… nel

  4. Yum – I love the peanut butter kisses !!! Glad to know I’m not the only one. LOL

    Have a safe and Happy Halloween !!!

  5. love the pumpkins. sew? i can sew on a button. great photos. rose

  6. Those costumes are awesome! You are so talented! And I love the painted pumpkins too 🙂

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