The House That Love Built…
11/7/13 – Today is our 6th anniversary of living in ‘the house that love built’.  In honor of this, I’m re-blogging the original story of how our house came to be…  I still love our house, and I still love the man who built it for us–and I’m still thankful for both of them!
P.S.  In case you’re wondering what ever became of our old home, with the bad floors, our daughter and her husband took on the task of renovating the house, and are now our next-door neighbors.

In honor of this special day, # 7 on my “thankful list” is…our home. 

A lot of people have homes…some people don’t.  Some people own their home, while others don’t.  There are all kinds of homes.  Big homes, little homes, fancy homes, simple homes.  My home is a small, and simple home, but it’s a special home because it was built with love, by the man  I love.  Here is the story of our home…

About 4 years ago,  it became apparent that my husband and I were going to have to do extensive renovations to the floor of our old house(of 30 years), which meant completely moving out for a while.  The entire floor, from the ground up, was going to need to replaced.  Moving out would not be an easy task, considering the amount of belongings in our house!  We weighed our options very carefully.  Instead of moving out,  doing those renovations on the old house, then having to move back in,  we chose to start out new and build again.  At our age, the amount of money that we wanted to spend was a big factor in what we could do…we were on a tight budget.

phase 1, building the gamehouse

We didn’t have to build completely “from scratch” though.  Only two years prior, we’d built a new game house out back.  We hadn’t been utilizing the game house the way we thought we would.  We decided to remodel that house, and build an addition…and with that decision, our new home was begun.

At that time, our son-in-law worked for a lumbar company.  Sometimes,  trusses were built for contractors that weren’t the  correct angles or measurements, and they’d have to be returned to the lumbar yard.  Through our son-in-law, we were able to get some of those returned trusses to use for the floor and roof of our house.  We were also able to get our lumbar at a discount through him.  All of these things greatly reduced the amount of money that we had to invest in building our new home.

I can’t tell you how many nights my husband lay awake in bed trying to figure out “things” in his head.  Such as, how to get those heavy roof trusses on top of the walls of the house!  He always planned out everything that he did ahead of time–he still does.  He always has a plan–and they usually work!

phase 2, adding on

I can’t tell you how many times my husband moved walls and doorways in that house to get them where I wanted them.  We hired a contractor for one week, to help “dry in” the addition–and they put part of the walls in the wrong place!  Ed had to tear out the entire hallway, and redo it himself.  He also moved a kitchen wall, and a bedroom wall, after building them–because I changed my mind about where I wanted the doors–but he never complained.  He just said he wanted me to be happy…

the hallway…

a work in progress~future game room

For over six months, Ed drove 55 miles to work, worked all day, drove 55 miles home, then worked on the new house until bedtime.  He worked every weekend,  all weekend.  I watched in amazement (with worry) as he did tasks by himself that normally take at least two men to accomplish.  I watched him change his t-shirt several times in a day because it was soaking wet with sweat from the July and August heat–yet he rarely complained.

the outside was the last to be finished…

It took my husband a total of about twelve months to finish both phases of our house.  I watched him build phase one, the game house, then two years later, I watched him tear out much of what he’d built,  remodel, then add-on.  There is a feeling of great accomplishment when a dream becomes a reality.  Our dream house became a reality on November 7, 2007, when we spent our first night in our new home.  It was another year before the outside of the house was completed.  Not a day goes by that I don’t think about all of the hard work that went into building our house–and the love and determination that my husband built it with–for us.

finally finished…

We have a plaque hanging on the wall in our hallway.  It says this:

A house is built with boards and beams~A home is built with love and dreams   

Inside of our new house~first Christmas

we still have a “game room”

more of the game room

master bedroom

part of the bath…

more bathroom…

part of the kitchen

Our home was built with love and dreams–and I am very thankful for it, and the man who built it–for us. 

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  1. Love all the red in your house! Happy ‘House built by love’ anniversary! BTW, what happened to the ‘old’ house?

    • Pam, our daughter and her hubby renovated our old house, and moved in it. She couldn’t bare the thought of it being abandoned.

  2. This is beautiful Kathy! What an accomplishment, and your still together. 🙂 I love your all the Coca Cola stuff. I have quite a bit, planning on redoing my kitchen in our house in Arkansas with it. My ex is like your husband, as far as able to build, and seeing the big picture. Stan, not so much, but he is smarter in a lot of other areas.
    Thanks for sharing your house built with love. My son in law is planning on building their house one of these years, I hope they are able to do it before the kids are grown.
    until next time… nel

    • Nel, I know what you mean when you say, “and you’re still together”. LOL Have fun redoing your kitchen in Coca Cola 🙂

  3. Happy “House” Anniversary !!!

    You have a beautiful home and I’m sure that knowing it was built by the man you love makes it that much more special. God bless you both. 🙂

    • Awww, thanks, Cindy.

  4. back from my trip. i think this is a great story. your husband is a gem for working on his job as well as building your home. it’s a house built on love. it’s lovely and you are blessed. take care rose

    • I’m glad you’re back, Rose. Thanks for the sweet comment.

  5. Your “little” house is bigger than mine, I can tell just by the pics. How great that your handy hubby can do all of that. Your house is beautiful.

  6. Looks great!.. I know from what I’ve had to go through the last couple of years what it takes to get something like this done…and it’s a lot of work but the rewards are great too…Kudos

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