Six Word Saturday…November 13

My six words for this Saturday are:

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!

Many years ago, on November 13,  a child was born.  His mother says that she had very few labor pains, and her baby boy weighed in at a whopping 10 pounds!  He was a sickly child.  His older brother and his younger brother both passed away from sickness (probable cystic fibrosis) during his early childhood.  His mother recalls her middle son asking, “Mama, am I going to die, too?”

as a boy, with his mother

  I can only imagine how he must have felt, what he must have thought, losing his brothers at such a tender, young age.  I’ve often wondered how his mother endured giving up two of her children.  Fortunately, the middle son didn’t die, and eventually grew up to be a healthy young man, with two younger brothers.

This healthy young man, tried college, but didn’t like it.  He eventually joined the military, where he learned how to take x-rays,  and care for sick people–just like his mother, an office nurse,  had done for so many years.  He’s been taking care of sick people for over 40 years–and he’s very good at it.  I should know, he takes care of me when I am sick, which happens more often than I would like.

So on your very special day, I want to say thank you, honey, for all that you do–for me and for others as well.  Relax, enjoy your special day, and I wish you many more happy birthdays in the future!!!  I love you so much more than you’ll ever know…and I hope you enjoy your German Chocolate birthday cake!

getting ready to cut his cake, 4 years ago

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  1. Sweet post. Not to mention the german chocolate cake. Can’t remember the last time I had one. hehehe
    My Mom usually makes one when we all get together at her house for our Christmas.
    Have a blessed weekend!!!
    And one of these days we may run into one another in Statesboro. Just probably not in Wal-mart, haven’t been there in two weeks. woo hoo!

    • Thena, isn’t it strange to think that we may have actually seen each other, but didn’t know it? Perhaps we shall meet one day, I’d like that! Hey, I understand about Wal-mart…I stay away as long as I possibly can!

  2. Happy Birthday Ed!

    Sorry I’ve been MIA, I kind of took a computer break. I get so obsessed sometimes 🙂

    Thanks for the award!

    • I’ve missed you, Ruth. I thought you may have had computer problems. Good for you–for taking a break for other things! I’ll pass on your birthday wishes to Ed, thanks!

  3. Happy birthday to your wonderful hubby.
    what a loving six words.
    have fun today.

    awards for you. Happy Thanksgiving! xx

  4. Well, a very Happy Birthday to your Honey!

    My Hubby’s birthday was the 11th.

    I am like you…I appreciate my husband so much, and I thank God for him.

    Have a great day together!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  5. That looks like my favorite… German chocolate… Yum! Happy birthday to your hubs!

  6. Hope you had a very, very Happy Birthday Mr. Ed !!! 😀

  7. happy belated birthday wishes to a good man rose

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