Giving Thanks Challenge..#18 and #19

Yesterday morning I got up early, got dressed, and took my granddaughter, Madison, to preschool so her mama could stay in her pajamas just a while longer.  My mission was simple–I was going to take some photographs of some the beautiful fall foliage that I’d seen all around!

I dropped Madison off at school, then made a quick stop at the dollar store, followed by a trip to McDonald’s for a quick breakfast.  Then I headed down the country highway to admire and photograph God’s creations.  How blessed I am to be able to do such things–on a Thursday morning.  Which brings me to the thing that I am thankful for today…

I am thankful that I am able to stay at home, instead of being enslaved by an employer.   Thank you, God, for early retirement!

Here are some of the photographs that I took…

This was the first photograph that I took.  That little tree just caught my eye, so vibrant among all of the greenery.  This yard is located in a little town called Bellville, Ga.

This home was located close to the first one that I photographed.  The only thing better than one vibrant tree is two!  I’m not sure what kind of trees these are, but I think they are Bradford Pear trees.

A stately old Sycamore tree-one of my favorites!  This one was located beside the highway, for all to enjoy!  Don’t you just love the old shed next to it.  Typical rural Georgia!

Is this a beautiful sight or what?  Seeing this yard was worth the entire trip.  If I had these beautiful trees in my yard, I’d want to sit on the porch all day, and look at them!  Does anyone know what kind of tree that yellow one is? 

Photographing all of these trees brings me to the next thing I am thankful for…

(19)I am thankful for trees.  Thank you, God, for wonderful trees that give us cool shade in the summer–and something beautiful to look at in the spring and fall, as well.  It would be awful to live without trees!

Update:  Our Jennifer (Brad’s girlfriend) is in the hospital.  She’s been sick all week, with high fever/pain,  and it turns out that she has an abscess(perhaps due to previous surgery), as well as an appendix that needs to be removed!  She went into surgery twice yesterday concerning the abscess!  Last I heard, they were going to wait until the abscess cleared up to remove the appendix.  She’s in need of  prayers again.  I’ll update as I hear.

For my newer followers, Jennifer is our youngest son’s girlfriend (and wife-to-be, we hope) In June she found out that she had cervical cancer, in July her mom died unexpectedly, in September, she had cancer surgery, and now this.  I  hope 2011 is a much better year for Jennifer!

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  1. God bless that poor girl..prayers on the way!
    The trees are gorgeous..we think alike I was planning that adventure for today!

  2. Yes, those are Bradford Pears(ornamental only for those that don’t know) and the yellow one is a Ginkgo Bilabo. I love them and would love to have one in my yard…Honey Bear saw one advertised last week, in container, for about $60..the problem is where do we want to put it….I notice these more in the Fall because of the shape of the limbs and the color of the leaves….I read somewhere that they generally shed the mass of their leaves at once so you’ll go by and see all those leaves on the ground soon….I think they are fairly common now in this country although not native…I remember it being on a list of trees which my daughter needed a leaf from in school..I’d never heard of it until then and we asked around and found out there was one on the college campus in the city near where we lived.
    I pray that Jennifer recuperates from all of this quickly…bless her heart, she has had more than her share of crisis this year.
    Mama Bear

  3. Sounds like a perfect day! The trees are so beautiful. I am always drawn to the yellow ones.

    I am so sorry to hear about Jennifer. Such a sad story. I will keep her in my daily prayers. ((HUGS))

  4. My nephew is on the way down to spend the weekend with me and when he makes the drive down from north Georgia, he says that he has the best view of all the changing colors in the trees. I meant to send my digital camera home with him last time, but forgot.

    I just said a special prayer for Jennifer. Bless her heart. Please tell Brad that he is in my prayers as well. Keep us updated. Bless her heart.

  5. beautiful photos. trees are one of my favorite gift from God. sorry to hear about Jennifer. she has had alot going on and my thoughts and prayers for her and all of you and her family. God bless. rose

  6. Am praying for Jennifer.

    I, too, am thankful for the freedom of retirement, although mine was not all that early. Great fall color photos, especially the gingko!

  7. The trees are beautiful Kathy..I would sit and look at them all day too 🙂 I’m praying for Jennifer..bless her heart, I hope 2011 is better for her too!

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