Giving Thanks Challenge…Days 20 and 21


(20) I am thankful for family outings.  My husband and I tagged along with our daughter and her family on a fun outing yesterday.  We all went to see Disney Princesses On Ice together.  It was a beautiful show to watch!  I knew it would be– with all of the princesses in their beautiful costumes.  It doesn’t matter if a girl is age five or fifty, there is something magical about those princesses–and their princes weren’t half bad either!  Of course, the skating is wonderful, too. 

One of the best parts was watching our granddaughter, Madison, experience the “magic” of the show.  She sat with her mouth open for the first fifteen minutes of the show!  Her mama had her dressed up like a princess, and she was just precious.  I couldn’t help but snap a photograph of her watching the show…

Granddaughter, Madison, is in awe...

(21)  I am thankful that Jennifer is feeling better, once again.  The hospital where Jennifer was a patient  is located in the city where went to see the ice show.  We left home early, and went by the hospital first to see how she was feeling.  When we arrived, she told us that she was going to be released from the hospital yesterday afternoon.  What a pleasant surprise!  She’d already had her drain removed, and was just waiting to finish up her last bag of fluids.  She’ll be on antibiotics at home for a while.

I’m not sure what all has been going on with Jennifer.  She had a UTI, like the first doctor diagnosed, but apparently she had several abscesses in her abdomen, as well.  That’s why she kept having fever and pain, in spite of taking antibiotics by mouth.  What caused those abscesses, we don’t know.  It was either from her previous surgery, or from her appendix, apparently.  She had two surgical procedures in an attempt to drain those abscesses.  The second one was successful, but she was partially awake for it, and said it was very painful.  They chose not to remove her appendix at this time–but I don’t know why.  They have decided to wait and watch, to see what is going to happen with it.  I hope nothing else happens!  She was one sick young lady last week!  Please continue to pray for her, as her body fights the infection of the abscesses, and she waits to see what her appendix is going to do.

Well, that’s it for this post.  I’m running a bit behind in posting since we spent yesterday in the city, but I sure did enjoy myself–despite the fact that I wasn’t feeling my best yesterday.  Sometimes, the show must go on–and it did!

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  1. Aww…how sweet. Looks like Madison really enjoyed herself. I usually sit like that myself during Disney’s ice shows. They are so amazing to watch. I haven’t been in a couple of years, but I always enjoyed myself when I did go.

    Jennifer remains in my prayers. Please tell her that I’m glad she’s doing better. Bless her heart. She’s been through so much, and has proven to be a very strong young lady.

    Have a wonderful week. 😀

  2. We loved the Disney on Ice show a few year ago when we went too. I think we saw Nemo. It’s amazing what those people can do on ice skates in costume!

    Your granddaughter is so cute!

  3. madison is so pretty. i can tell you are proud and love her very much. wishing jennifer to recover, thoughts and prayers for her and the family. rose

  4. jumping back thanks for your comment on my post that deals with change. there is always some type of test in life we have do we face or standstill? it depends on the outcome. take care rose

  5. aww that’s so sweet Kathy! I tagged you here 🙂

  6. What a treat for you to get to share the moment with that cute little princess all wrapped up in the magic! Sounds like Jennifer is doing a little better. Sending up another prayer for God’s highest and best good for her.

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