Thursday’s Thoughts…Baking and No White Christmas For Us!

Nine days until Christmas…are you ready?  I’m not!  Where is the time going?

Yesterday, my daughter, Brandy, and her daughter, Madison, came over to bake some goodies with me.  I got up with a bit of a sore throat, and no Christmas cheer!  Despite that, the two of them stayed, and we got in the kitchen and baked some Christmas cupcakes.  It was a group effort.

granddaughter, Madison, and her mother, Brandy

Madison poured in the ingredients, then she soon lost interest.  Brandy and I finished baking the cupcakes, then she decorated them while I made my first batch of “no bake cookies”.  I got the recipe from my blog friend, Kim, at “Just a Southern Girl”.    She called them “Ben’s No Bakes”, but Jennifer says that her mom used to make them, and she called them “Cow Patties”! LOL   “Cow Patties” does pretty much describe what they look like! (for anyone who may not know know…a cow patty is a pile of cow manure)

"No Bakes" or "Cow Patties"...they are delicious!

“No Bake Cookies” are the equivalent of cooked fudge mixture with some quick oats stirred in.  The cookies turned out perfect, and I ate way too many.  Fortunately, I decided to send some goodies home with my daughter, and I sent some to Brad–that way I wouldn’t have so many temptations left in the house!
Then, yesterday afternoon brought a new learning experience…
When we lost our “field of snow”.  In other words, the farmer came and picked the cotton!  Oh how we hated to see it go.  It was so beautiful to see.  It was the closest thing that we had to a “White Christmas”.  See what I mean…

Our version of a White Christmas...

 As you can see from the photo, the cotton was ready to be harvested.  This was the first year that we’ve had cotton planted in our field, and we’ve enjoyed it so much!

  In case you haven’t guessed by now, I put on my coat and quickly grabbed my camera when I heard the noise of the cotton pickers in the field.  I’m glad I have a good telephoto lens, so I could capture what was happening all across the field!

Our field is probably about 25 acres, and a total of 4 cotton pickers came to pick the cotton!  My son-in-law says that cotton pickers cost $250, 000 each!  That means there was over a million dollars worth of equipment in our field at once!  Wow!

one of the cotton pickers at work

It was so interesting to watch that very expensive machine gathering the cotton off the bushes!  Every few minutes, the picker would become full, then it would stop, and dump its load into a bin-looking machine. This machine would then squeeze and pack the cotton, and put it into rectangular bales, ready to be picked up by trucks.

the cotton being dumped...

  I wasn’t close enough to get a good look at the yellow machine that did the compressing, but it was fascinating watching the cotton being dumped into it.  This last photo is what the cotton looks like once it’s been compressed and baled for market. 

the cotton harvested, and ready for market...

I’m told there is that there is a shortage of cotton at this time, and that clothing will be going up 30% in price for spring…There may be a cotton shortage in some places, but it looked like a “bumper crop” here!

I’d love to know the dollar value of these nine bales of cotton–and exactly how much each one of those bales weighs.  Cotton is heavy! 

By the way, after the cotton pickers left, cotton was blowing all over the place.  It looked like we’d had a fake snow storm here!  It just made us more sad…Apparently, there won’t be a white Christmas in “Gooseneck” after all…

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  1. Aw, such a sweet picture of the ‘bakers’ : ) I used to love those no-bake cookies…I think we always called them no bakes at our house. Hmmm, do I need another cookie added to the cookie roster?

  2. No bake cookies was the first thing my Mom let me make in her kitchen when I was younger. I have been craving them all day. Guess I’m going to have to just give in and make some.

  3. Did you put peanut butter in the no bake cookies? We used to make those when I was still living at home because we always had the ingredients for them on hand.

    Cotton picking has sure changed since I was a girl…and I think it was a good year for cotton here too.
    But sometimes I think they say it is a shortage of something just so they can raise the price.

    Precious Memories being made there in your kitchen.
    Mama Bear

  4. Very good post – I’ve never seen cotton being picked so that was great to see. Thanks. Love those cookies!!!

  5. Hope your feeling better. What a great story about the cotton. Your right, it looks like snow.

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