Christmas At Our House, 2010…part two

After waking up to find the bicycle under the Christmas tree, and reminiscing about our many Christmases past, my husband, Ed, our son( who’d come to borrow batteries) and I walked across the yard to see what “Santa” had left our granddaughter, Madison.  The atmosphere was much more festive over there!!!

Madison and her mama on Christmas morning...

Madison and her family live in the house that Ed and I raised our family in.  We have over thirty years worth of Christmas memories tied up in that house, so it was “like going home again”.  Madison showed off her gifts from Santa, while she and her parents opened their family gifts to each other.  As they did so, I remarked how many Christmases had been celebrated in that very living room.  We stayed long enough to share some breakfast casserole with Madison and her family, then traveled “just down the road” to see what our other grandchild, Caden, had gotten for Christmas.  That’s when I took the first ride on my Christmas bicycle!

Our son and his son, playing in the kitchen on Christmas morning...

Caden’s parents don’t participate in “Santa”, and  Christmas is somewhat “low-key” at their house.  I respect his parents’ decision, but it’s certainly a big change from what we have always been used to–and I don’t especially like it.  I can’t help but feel a bit sad that Cade will never know the magic of Santa.  Leaving those cookies and milk out…waiting to see if it’s gone…  Is there anything in life that equals that feeling?  Despite the absence of “Santa”, Caden had some toys and gifts to open, and seemed to be having a fun time!  He seemed to like the gift that Ed and I bought him–an “All Star Sports Climber”.

Caden enjoying his new gift...

After visiting both of the grandkids, we returned home to finish up Christmas dinner–which for us is the 12:00 meal.  I kept it simple this year, thank goodness.  It was such a chore getting dinner on the table, I only thought to take one photo of family at the table–but they were the best looking ones there…After lunch, we gathered together, and swapped our men’s and women’s gifts.  It was a fun time, with some gift stealing and swapping going on…I stole Jennifer’s trunk organizer, while Brandy stole my bodywash set!  Brad stole the Bathroom Reader and windshield cleaner from Brett, while Brett stole the paper shredder from Clint…and so it went on! 

MiMi's favorite Christmas guests...


In the end, everyone ended up with two gifts each–although they were not necessarily the two gifts that they started out with! 

Of course, Jennifer received “The Christmas Panties” which have  been passed around our family for over 25 years.  Hey, she’ll be family before long, she might as well get used to it!

Jennifer shows off her "prize panties"...

  We couldn’t convince Jennifer to model those panties for a photo though–and she was a bit “put off” by those brown age spots covering the panties!!!  These panties are special to our family, and if you’d care to know more about them, click here

After opening the gifts, everyone left to go home.  Some had other relatives to visit, while others just went home to rest. 

After everyone left, Ed and I gathered up his mom’s gifts and took them to her at the personal care home.  She wasn’t feeling well, and didn’t feel like joining us for Christmas at our house.  It was the first Christmas without her in many years, and we missed her.  However, she appeared to be feeling better by Christmas evening, and we had a nice visit together. 

Merry Christmas 2010

They say “all is well that ends well”, and although our Christmas 2010 started out bad, it ended up well, so I can’t complain!  We even managed to take our yearly family photograph–with everyone wearing a Christmas hat.  Merry Christmas to all…and a Happy New Year, too!

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  1. Lovely family!

  2. Thank you for sharing your Christmas story. Sounds like it was a wonderful day. (love those panties) How awesome to have everyone so close by.

    I think that the belief in Santa is a beautiful thing when you are a child. It has never harmed anyone that I know of but we can’t change his parents beliefs.

  3. Ha-love those Christmas panties! I hope you’re feeling 100% now and are heading into the new year well!

    Happy 2011!

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