Share It With You Sunday…December 12

Well, its thirteen days until Christmas, and guess what’s going on at our house?  A lot of things!

First of all, my husband looked out of the window this morning, and asked me “What is that box under our car shelter?”  It turned out to be his new mattress, and  it spent the night outside in the rain and cold!  I guess it was delivered yesterday while we were gone, and we didn’t pull the car under the shelter when we came home.  Lucky for us, it was wrapped tightly in plastic, and tucked safely inside of a box.  Notice that box–does it look like it had a rough ride, or what?

It really makes you want to order something this time of the year, doesn’t it?  Especially, when your package is dumped outside in the weather!!! 

Anyway, this mattress is sort of like a temper-pedic mattress–it’s made of memory foam.  I bought one 10 months ago, and it’s the best mattress I’ve ever slept on…Now it’s hubby’s turn to get one–cause he’s the one with the backache all the time now!  As I blog, I’m sitting here watching the mattress expand from the one inch height that it was when we unpacked it, and rolled it out, to the ten inche thickness that it will eventually become.  It’s a very interesting process…it will continue to expand for days, but he can sleep on it tonight!

So with Caden’s birthday party over, I figured that was my signal that it’s time to get the Christmas gifts wrapped!  Before I move on, let me just say how grateful I am that God did not bless me with a baby during the month of December!  To have to plan and host a birthday party during this month is cruel and unusual punishment! 

Caden’s mother has been going crazy trying to decorate for Christmas and get ready for his birthday–plus she’s been making and selling Christmas ornaments!  Wow!  She survived, and the party was a success–and I know she’s glad that it’s behind her… 

And would you believe that today Caden woke up sick?  Yes…when it rains sometimes it pours, doesn’t it?   Poor fellow…sick on his actual birthday–bummer!  He’s a photo of him opening a gift yesterday…

  Speaking of gifts– that’s what we’ve been doing this afternoon–wrapping Christmas gifts!  Oh what fun!  The song “simply having a wonderful Christmas time” was playing in the background and I said to Ed, “I’m not having a simply wonderful Christmas time!”  I’m frustrated because I am in the middle of a Christmas mess, see….

That little person over by the window is Ed.  He’s wrapping his gifts for work–while I run around taking photos.  Now that I’ve stopped doing that, and started blogging, he’s on the couch taking a much-needed nap!   That’s Ed’s billiards table underneath all that Christmas mess…it makes a great “all-purpose” table, too.  That’s my dusty treadmill over in the corner, it gets used about as often as the billiards table does.

While eating lunch today, I heard a thud and a crash on the front porch.  The wind is really blowing here today!  I jumped up, only to discover one of my front porch trees had blown off  its table, and landed on the floor!  Thank goodness for shatter-proof ornaments–but that didn’t help the bowl which broke when the tree pot fell on it.  I re-positioned the tree, added more rocks to the base of the pot, and came back inside–only to hear another crash about ten minutes later!  That stupid tree blew off its table again!  It will be a miracle if the lights on it burn tonight…and let me tell you–that tree’s not looking so pretty at the moment–after hitting the floor twice!

I have one more cute photo and story to share with you before I get back to my gift wrapping.  You know, I told you about how “Buddy” the elf is “traveling” around our granddaughter, Madison’s house at night (with a little help from her dad)?  Well, since I wrote that post, Madison found “Buddy” in her daddy’s Christmas stocking, and here is a photo of his most recent resting place–in the arms of the Minnie Mouse!  We think Buddy is looking for warm spots to rest…

Now doesn’t that photo just warm the cockles of your heart?  I can hardly wait to hear where the little elf lands next!  I think that’s one busy and mischievous elf!  Have a restful Sunday, everyone…I’m going back to wrap more gifts!

In case anyone is interested, I’m posting Caden’s birthday montage at the bottom.  It was a labor of love–and it beautifully captures the past two years with him…

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Six Word Saturday…December 11

I know it’s late, and the link may be closed, but I wanted to post my six words for this Saturday.  They are:

I had a birthday to celebrate!

Please excuse the tardiness of this post, but I’ve been to a special birthday party today.  Our little grandson, Caden, turns two tomorrow, but he celebrated a day early!  Fun times…but where does the time go?

I hope this will be only the beginning of many happy birthdays for this young man–and I hope I’ll be around to celebrate quite a few of them with him.  Good night, everyone!

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Flashback Friday…More Memories


It’s Friday again…which means it’s time to brush away the cobwebs from my mind, and think about more memories of Christmas past.  If you’d like to join in, click on Linda’s button at the top of this post for prompts and instructions.

It’s funny, but I don’t remember Christmas being that much of a big deal at school when  I was growing up.  I can only remember one Christmas party (that doesn’t mean we didn’t have them–I just can’t remember them) when we exchanged gifts among the class.  I remember it because I was in the fourth grade, and I really liked my teacher, “Miss Doll”.  She was the teacher who also taught my daddy.  Anyway, for my gift that year, I received a beautiful bracelet–and I loved it so much!  It was a bracelet of tiny white pearls linked together, and it had little fruit charms all around it.  I can still visualize those little apples, pears, and bananas dangling from my arm!  I treasured that bracelet for the longest time!

Another school-related activity which comes to mind happened when I was a sophomore in high school.  I took a music class that year, and our class formed a choir to sing Christmas carols.  It’s funny that I participated  because I really can’t sing!  I can only make a joyful noise…  Anyway, we traveled to a neighboring school and sang for them.  It was a big deal, and I remember having to wear a white blouse, and a red skirt.  I sewed the skirt myself!  It was also a big deal to get out of class to go and sing!

Christmas 1983--after high school, but before work--with our two oldest children

Now flash forward quite a few years–to 1992–and I was back in elementary school again–this time as an employee!  I worked as a first grade paraprofessional for 15 years.  In those days, we could still have Christmas parties and decorations.  I’m sad to say, that since I left school, things have changed somewhat.  They can’t call it “Christmas” parties…

Back the, beginning on the Monday after Thanksgiving, until the last day of school before Christmas break, I was in charge of all things Christmas in the classroom!  We made decorations and ornaments until we were all sick of them!  It took six months to vacuum all of the glitter out of the carpet!  We baked, too, but the teacher was always in charge of that activity.  On the last day of school before Christmas break, we always had a classroom party, and the teacher and I presented each child with their gift(s) from us.   On a couple of occasions, I purchased extra gifts for needy students, and secretly had the gifts delivered to them.   

In the early nineties, my family was also actively involved in church activities.  I was a Sunday School teacher, as well as assistant youth director–which meant I was in charge of the children’s Christmas play every year.  We had some good plays, and some fun times.  My husband was always great help with designing the props–and I had a couple of great assistants to help with the plays.  Sometimes we delivered food to needy families during the holidays, and one year we took the youth to a couple of places and let them sing Christmas songs for the sick and shut ins.

Back then we exchanged gifts at the church Christmas social on a Wednesday night, a couple of weeks before Christmas.  Women brought a women’s gift,  the men brought a men’s gift–with a five dollar limit!  You can tell it was the nineties, huh?  One gift that I remember getting was a bottle of Oil of Olay beauty fluid.  I was in my early thirties, and I was a little  insulted that I ended up with what I considered to be “an old person’s gift”.  My,  how our perception  changes with age…these days I love Oil of Olay!

Back in those days, our church used to have cantatas every year.  Now the membership is so small, there aren’t enough people to even have a choir.  Last year, we combined with a “sister church” and had a cantata together with them.

Believe it or not, I went caroling for the first time ever last year.  The Ladies Circle decided to go caroling for some of the church’s sick and aged members, and I tagged along.  As I’ve stated before, I can’t sing, but I had a great time “making some noise”.  My daughter, granddaughter, and Brad’s Jennifer all went along, too.  We began our caroling as the sun began setting.  It was a fun time!

On that fun note, I will end this post…and I’ll leave you with a photo of me, taken recently at Bass Pro Shop’s Christmas Workshop.  We stopped by the other day,  to let our granddaughter take in the activities.  When I saw this photo, my first words were, “I look like an old, frumpy grandma!”  Then I thought, well, that’s what you are…and you happen to look the part!  LOL

Thanks, Linda, for hosting this fun meme, and letting me walk down “memory lane” one more time.  Thanks to Java for hosting Follow Friday, as well.  I’ve found some of my favorite bloggers through Java’s blog hops.  Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Thursday’s Thoughts…December 9

As I write this post, I am functioning on a mere three hours of sleep.  I’ve been burning the midnight oil and working on a montage for our little grandson’s birthday this weekend.  A montage is a slide show of photos, with special effects, set to music.  Whenever I start a project, I am obsessed until it is finished!  I have to find just the right photos and music–and until then, I can’t rest.  

I love to take pictures, and believe it or not,  I’ve worn out three digital cameras since 2004!  I wore out the first one taking photographs of school children(I was the first grade photographer, and took photos of everything all year for an end of the year slide show). I also took a zillion photos of shelter pets for the newspaper, while trying to find them homes.  I wore out the second camera while taking photographs of the twins I used to keep.  Double the pleasure, double the photos!  I wore out the last camera photographing our first and the second grandchildren!  I’ve been sorting through two years worth of photographs, finding just the right ones for Cade’s montage.  Did I mention that I have over twelve thousand photos stored on my computer?  I’m practically cross-eyed from looking through all of those photos!

Would you believe I haven’t wrapped a single Christmas gift–yet?  I always shop early, but wrap late.  There is a reason for this.  The main Christmas tree, in the living room, rotates so isn’t possible to put many gifts under it.  I’ve had a rotating tree stand for many years–actually I’m on my third one, because they only last a few years.  I love for my tree to rotate, so I can enjoy all of the ornaments that I’ve spent 39 years collecting.  I’ll never forget the first rotating tree stand that I bought.  My husband thought I’d lost my mind!  #1, the thought of a tree turning around and around in the living room was strange to him, and # 2 I paid fifty dollars for the stand–about 30 years ago, which is a lot now, but it was REALLY a lot back then. 

the rotating Christmas tree...

Our family went to a “lighted Christmas Parade” last Saturday night.  Fortunately, the weather warmed up a bit–just for that one evening!  (It’s been below freezing for about a week now, which is unusual.)  Both grandchildren and their families were there with us, so it was fun watching the grandchildren watch the parade.  Granddaughter, Madison, had a wide-eyed look of panic on her face when an “elf” from the parade came over and asked her if she’d been good.

waiting for the parade to begin...


We laughed so hard at those crazy men from the shriner’s club who were in the parade this year.  One of them had an upholstered living room chair mounted on a go-cart frame!  It was hilarious to see that chair rolling down the street with someone driving it.  Others had bar stools mounted on their go carts, and then there were more shriners riding on motorized coolers…What a sight to see!  Unfortunately, it was dark, so I didn’t get any photographs of that, but here’s one of the floats…

one of the lighted floats...

Speaking of that elf in the parade…Recently, there has been some “fun” going on next door at my daughter’s house.  Last year, I purchased “The Elf On A Shelf” (plus the storybook) for both grandchildren.  Caden was a baby, so he didn’t understand what the elf was last year.  However, Madison got a kick out of her magical elf.  This year the fun continues… 

"Buddy" the elf

The story goes that the elf sits on a shelf all day, and watches the child to see if they are good.  At night, the elf goes to Santa and gives him a behavior report on the child, then returns to the child’s house before morning–resting in a different spot each morning.  The first order of business was to name your elf.  Madison named hers “Buddy”.  Cade calls his “Hattie” this year.

This year, Maddie’s elf arrived the day after Thanksgiving.  At first, Madison, informed her mama that the “elf” wasn’t real!  It took a while to convince Madison, although she is still skeptical.   Kids are just too darn smart these days!  Anyway,  Maddie’s daddy does “elf duty” each night.  He’s so creative with his choice of elf  landing spots!

First thing every morning, Madison jumps out of bed and searches for “Buddy”.  So far “Buddy” has been in some interesting places, and in some interesting positions!  One morning, he was sitting by the phone–with his legs crossed.  Another morning he was in Madison’s Christmas stocking.  Today “Buddy” was found trying to be a part of the nativity scene.  He looked like “Buddy” the wise man!  I can’t wait to hear about his next landing spot! 

Oh, to be a kid again!  I’d love to have an elf on my shelf–oh wait!  I’m not a child, but I’m a child at heart–and I do have an elf…His name is “Jingle”–and he sits on top of the cuckoo clock!  See…

Jingle the elf...

At first, when Madison misbehaved, she would remind us that whenever she was at my house and “Buddy” couldn’t see her!  Then “Jingle” arrived…We tell her that “Jingle” reports to “Buddy”!  I tell you–it’s a chore raising children these days! LOL

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Wednesday Hodgepodge…December 8

Hey! It’s “hump day” and time to join Joyce for Wednesday Hodgepodge. I was one of the ones who begged  asked Joyce to consider taking on this weekly task of hosting a meme, and I’m so glad she did! She’s great at hosting–just like I knew she would be!  Thanks again, Joyce! Here are this week’s questions…

1. Have you ever been on a real sleigh ride? How about the warm weather version – a carriage ride?  No, I’ve never been anywhere cold enough to have a real sleigh ride–but it sure looks like it would be fun!  However, I’ve been on two carriage rides–one in the winter( around Christmas, in Helen, GA) and one during the summer i(n Charleston, SC.)  Fun, fun, fun!

2. What’s your policy on ‘chain mail’…you know, the emails you receive that are often some sort of poem/blessing/good wish that ask you to send it on to 10 or 12 friends? Do you delete without opening, read and trash, read and trash and then worry you won’t be blessed/lucky/protected? Do you delete the sender from your contacts or just go ahead and send the love onward?  I usually read, then trash them.  Sometimes, when my emails get to be overwhelming, I will delete them without opening.  I currently have over 300 unopened emails…but last week, I was up to 450!
3. Who is your favorite character in any of the Christmas movies and why?   I like Ralphie in “The Christmas Story”, because he was such an adorable little boy–and he had such a hard time!  I can still hear the words “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!”   I was so glad when he finally got his BB gun!
4. Share a favorite quote. How about “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid”?  LOL
5. What’s your favorite holiday scent?  Since my Christmas tree is an artificial one, I love to burn Fresh Balsam candles this time of the year.  I miss the scent of a fresh Christmas tree.
6. Does the Christmas season stress you out? In what way?  Yes, it does.  Christmas always comes before I get around to doing everything that I want to do.  I don’t get to watch as many holiday movies, see as many Christmas lights, or make as many “goodies” as I’d like.  So much to do…so little time!
7. What’s the best thing about your life right now? Despite my previous answer, I’m too blessed to be stressed.  I love having time to stay at home, and do whatever I want, and I especially love being a grandparent.  Grandchildren make getting old more fun!  Speaking of fun…they are both coming to visit in a bit.  I’d better get moving!  
Instead of a random thought, I’ll leave you with a random photo of Christmas tree # 3…the Coca Cola tree!  It’s located in the game room, and is decorated in the “coke theme”.  I’ve been collecting coca cola ornaments since 2004.
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More Adventures In Babysitting…December 7

Once upon a time, about 5 years ago, there was a time in my crazy life when I was the nanny to twin girls.  I began keeping them at their house when they were 5 months old, and stopped keeping them two years later, when I decided I wanted to have more free time at home.  I loved those girls, and thought of them as my own.  We had some crazy times together.  This past weekend, while I was trying to safely secure the plastic ornaments on my  Christmas trees on the front porch, I had a “twins flashback”, and I laughed…

Raising three children of my own had not prepared me for twins!  Those two were way more adventurous than any of my three–including my two boys!  Once the two of them became mobile–it was “Katie bar the door!”  Nothing was sacred–no matter where you put it.  Just look at the action in these photos..They were in the process of wrecking their house!  Their chest of drawers eventually had to be bolted to the floor, with rods running through the handles to keep them from opening the drawers and  climbing up it!

Well, one morning in December of 2006, I came to work and the twins mother had put up a Christmas tree.  It was beautiful, and I was so proud of her for putting one up!  She happily exclaimed, “I’ve got them(the twins) fixed, I bought all shatterproof ornaments, and I “hot glued” those suckers on the tree!”  I just laughed…

I can’t tell you how many times those twins removed ornaments from that tree–even though the ornaments were wired on the tree and hot glued, and even though they got into trouble every time they stole another ornament.  It’s funny to think back about it now, but it was a chore to keep them from scaling the tree back then!  Those babies could climb!  The tree survived intact, although the bottom half of it was redecorated several times throughout the season!  Here’s a photo of the twins sitting beside that tree…

Those were the days!  Nowadays,  the twins spend their days in kindergarten…I wonder if they still love their Christmas tree as much as they did the year of 2006…

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Meet Me On Monday…December 6

What a weekend!  It was filled with a whirl of activities!  Our youngest son got engaged on Friday evening.  Saturday was our son-in-law’s birthday, and Saturday evening was Jesup’s annual Christmas Parade, which we enjoyed with the grandchildren!  Oh my!  I’m tired today…

As always, I’m joining Java for “Meet Me On Monday”.  Java, if you happen to read this,  I wish you a speedy recovery” from your illness!  I’m glad you are feeling better.  You gave us quite a scare!  That was quite an interesting story–and a horrible first day of work for your new employee…I don’t think I’ll ever try ear candling after reading your story.

Here are Java’s questions and my answers:

 1.  What is your favorite kind of cheese?  I love cheddar cheese.  Unfortunately, cheese is no longer my friend because of digestive problems, and elevated cholesterol levels–but I still eat a little now and then.

2.  What size is your bed?  My bed is a queen sized bed.  I’d like to have one king-sized bed, but we settled for two queens instead.  It has to do with getting older–and snoring issues!

3.  What is your most overused phrase?  I know I always say “You’re kidding!” when someone tells me something that’s hard to believe–so I’ll say that’s it.  Another one I say a lot is “If I were you…” LOL

4.  Green or purple grapes?  I like both equally, but I  usually buy green ones.  Funny, I don’t know why though!
5.  Shower, morning or night?  I prefer a hot bath in the evening–just before jumping into bed!  I rarely take showers.  I don’t sleep very well if I don’t take a bath/shower before retiring for the evening. 

Speaking of beds and baths–here is a photograph of the little Christmas tree in the bedroom.

Tiny bedroom tree...

This little tree was a gift from my husband’s co-workers at the hospital, and I love it!  Each family member’s name is painted on an ornament.  I guess we’ll be adding Jennifer’s name to the tree before next Christmas!  Our little family is slowly growing…and on that note, I’ll say “Have a happy Monday!”

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Share It With You Sunday…Good News!

Today’s news is something that I’ve been hoping to share with you for a while now–I just wasn’t sure when it would be…but before I get to that, let me give you a little back ground story!

On Friday evening, our youngest son, Brad, came by.  He was on his way to Savannah to meet Jennifer and her daddy, who had been there doing some shopping earlier in the afternoon.  I heard him enter the combination to our safe, so I knew he was up to something.  He’d been keeping a “little something”  there–waiting for just the right moment. 

On his way out, he asked if he could borrow my camera.  He said he wanted to take Jennifer down to historic River Street, under the pretense of “taking photographs for mama’s blog”.  I gave him my camera, and he went on his way.  In my mind I was thinking, Jennifer’s going to be tired from shopping, and she is not going to want to go to River Street to take blog photographs for me!  (which I totally understand)  I was secretly hoping that she wouldn’t give Brad too hard of a time.

Brad took her out to Olive Garden for dinner.  He said she was quiet throughout dinner–she was probably thinking how much she wasn’t in the mood to go take photographs for me, and about the bedroom furniture that she’d been admiring earlier, but Brad had talked her out of buying. 

Following dinner, they headed down to River Street, explored some of the shops and sights, and took a few photos, which I will now share with you–because they are a part of the story…

I have no idea what this place is, but it’s beautiful.

I believe this is Savannah Sweets, a local candy shop.  Notice the cobblestone street in front of it.  River Street is famous for its cobblestone streets–and for the river, of course.

This is the night view of the river.

After taking a few photographs,  Brad finally got down to his business–the real reason he took Jennifer down to beautiful and romantic River Street–to ask her to become his wife…and

She said “YES”!

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Six Word Saturday…December 4

My six words for today are:

Beginning to look like Christmas here!

I’ve been MIA from blogging for most of the week because I have been busy as a bee decorating for Christmas.  I’ve found that things that I usually do in 3 days have taken me 7 days this year!  I must be getting slower with age!  I officially finished decorating today, so I thought I’d show you some of what I’ve been doing all week.  Today I will show you what I did in my kitchen…

This is my kitchen counter.  I had to rearrange things to accommodate the decorations.  I always decorate the kitchen in a candy/gingerbread theme.tree holds my   You can’t tell, but the little tree is decorated with pretend candy and gingerbread cookies.  They look good enough to eat!   The sign at the top of the little tree says “Gingerbread brings love to the holidays”.  The little black shelf behind the Christmas tree  holds my Christmas salt and pepper shakers, and a gingerbread napkin holder. 


I can’t begin to tell you what a pain it is to put those lights and garland around that large window in my kitchen–but I do it every year–because my pleasure exceeds my pain.  The school teacher within me shows itself, and I decorate the window with window clings.  I did that at school for so many years…I decorate my kitchen window for every holiday, not just for Christmas!

I’ve been looking for a table runner for my kitchen table for a while.  I bought one, with Christmas trees on it, but it didn’t really go with my decor…and then I found this black one with candy canes on it!  It matched my kitchen perfectly since my colors are red, black and white.  I gave the other table runner to my daughter.

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks to Cate for hosting this fun meme.  Have a fun weekend–as for me, I’m going to see a Christmas Parade this evening!  I love night Christmas Parades!

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Flashback Friday~Decorating For Christmas, Way Back When…

I’ve spent the entire week decorating my house for Christmas! So I found it very appropriate when I found out that today’s subject was Christmas decorating–only it’s about back in the day when I was growing up!

First of all, in my early childhood days there were no artificial trees–at least, not that I knew of. If a person couldn’t afford to buy a live tree, we went to the woods and cut one down. We bought trees sometimes, but my fondest memories are of the times when we searched for, then cut our own. In those days, cedar trees were pretty common throughout the woods of the prison grounds where my daddy was a guard, and that’s where we often got our Christmas tree.  We’d usually cut our tree down a couple of weeks prior to Christmas, tied it to the top of our car, then bring it home with us.

In those days everyone used colored glass ball ornaments. Most of them were solid and shiny in colors of gold, silver, blue, green, and red. Mama had a few onaments with stripes painted on them, and as I got older, she bought some shiny plastic ornaments in different shapes, which she added to her older glass ornaments. My favorite ornaments from my childhood were tiny glass pine cones in different colors. One of these ornaments, a red one, actually survived all of these years, and it hangs at the top of my tree every year. I still have a couple of the striped ornaments, as well.

my oldest, most special ornament

Decorating those cedar trees was quite challenging because the limbs were always so flimsy. We had to be careful where we hung the ornaments because they tended to pull the limbs down if hung too close to the ends of the limbs. I remember using some type of narrow tin foil garland around the tree, then ending up by putting silver icicles on last. Sometimes we’d get in a hurry and throw the icicles on, instead of hanging them one by one.  The only tree top I can remember was a glass one that didn’t light up.

We used multi-colored indoor/outdoor lights on our tree.  Miniature lights hadn’t been invented yet, so we used the kind that had bulbs the size of night-light bulbs–the 7 watt kind.  Once we bought a blinker that made our lights blink on and off, but I preferred them burning steady.  We had a few strings of the larger outdoor lights, and sometimes we’d put them around the outside house windows, or maybe the door. 

my parents' Christmas tree cir. 1970

I remember always decorating our front door.  Each year we’d choose a roll of door foil and cover the front door.  I looked forward to choosing the color of the paper!  Then we’d hang a wreath or some type of decoration on top of the paper.  It was always a chore trying to get that door foil to stay on the door, and not get torn before Christmas.  Some people had spot lights shinning on their doors, but we didn’t.  If we wanted our door to light up, we put lights around it.

Mama had some electric candles that she used to put in the front windows of the house.  They were sets of three candles, and the bulbs in them were orange.  A lot of people put those in their windows back then. 

I don’t remember any other kinds of decorations from my childhood–no snow globes, gingerbread houses, or ceramic Santas.  It’s funny, because I don’t remember ever having Christmas stockings either, but we always had a fireplace!  My mother actually painted the bricks of our fireplace bright red, and she painted the mortar white!  It looked just like the fireplaces in Christmas storybooks.  Mama must’ve liked the way it looked, because she painted two fireplaces in two different houses that way.  Perhaps it reminded her of Christmas year round–sort of like my “year round tree”.  I found a photograph of one of those fireplaces, and seeing it again brought back so many memories…like when I was young and thin!

me standing by the first red fireplace, cir. 1970

That’s about all of my decorating memories, so I guess that means it’s time to go.  Thanks to Linda for hosting this week’s flashback!  If you’d like to join in the fun, or simply read more Christmas decorating memories, just click Linda’s button at the top of this post!

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