Last Night We Had One Of Our Neighbors For Dinner…

Some of our “neighbors”

It’s no secret that we live in a small farming community called “Gooseneck”.  It’s also common knowledge that our next-door neighbor is a farmer who also raises cows.  We have a long history of having cows as our nearest neighbors, which has led to some interesting events over the years…

First of all it’s interesting to watch our farmer neighbor handle his cattle.  They know his truck, and get all excited when they see him drive close to the field.  The sight of him means “food” to them.  He also makes “calling noises” and they come running.  It’s obvious they know who takes care of them.

Cows are notorious for escaping.  The grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence!  I can’t tell you how many times our neighbor’s cows have wandered over to our yard and tasted a few of our shrubs, bushes, and of course–grass.  It’s not a big deal, it goes with farm life.  What is a big deal is the fact that we also live near a major highway.

One evening, about 4 years ago, one of our neighbors largest bulls escaped, and wandered out onto the highway without anyone realizing it.   Unfortunately, it was dark, and the bull was black, and a lady driving a PT Cruiser ran into the bull on the highway.  This caused a chain reaction of accidents on the highway involving several cars.  One of the cars lost control and actually ended up going up on the front porch of my uncle’s house!  Fortunately, the only person seriously injured in all of the chaos was the lady in the PT Cruiser.  The bull was killed from the impact of the little car–and let me just say–he was as big as the car was!

After the bull in the highway incident, there was an investigation, and a lot of sleepless nights for our neighbor farmer.  (He actually ended up getting sued.)  After the accident, the cows stopped escaping.   Then, suddenly one morning this past spring  our daughter-in-law caught a few of those wandering cows in our garden!  It seems that a tree limb had fallen across the electric fence and caused it to “short out”.  Those curious cows had been “eye balling” our garden from afar, and they jumped at the opportunity to sample a few things.  Fortunately, we caught them before they did much damage! (The damage couldn’t have been much anyway, since we didn’t manage to grow much food.)

Times are hard, and recently, our neighbor decided to venture into a new method of selling his cattle.  He’s gone into the meat-selling business.  In an effort to get his business up and running, he recently gave his friends and neighbors sample packages of hamburger meat for Christmas–which brings me to the title of this post!

We decided to make grilled hamburgers with our sample package of meat, and we invited our daughter and her family over for supper…The meat had a wonderful flavor, much better than what is sold at the grocery store.  It’s grain fed, Black Angus–with no hormones added.  The problem was–we kept thinking about whowhat we were eating.  We kept seeing those large brown eyes looking at us–and hearing those pitiful “mooing sounds”.  I finally spoke up and said “This is awful, we’re eating our neighbor!”

It brought back childhood memories of staying at my grandparents’ house–and playing with the chickens that would eventually become our Sunday dinner!  It also brought back memories of seeing my father-in-law shut one of his cows up in that special pen to be “fattened up”.  We all knew what that meant!

I still have two more packages of that special hamburger…I guess that means we’ll be having a neighbor for dinner at least a couple more times.   I might decide to become a vegetarian–but not before I try a couple of our neighbor’s steaks!

This is not our neighbor, but it’s a near-by farm. Can you tell they raise cattle?

I’m joining the blog hop “Think of Me Thursday” today, hosted by Mrs Mama Drama and Belly Charms.  If you’d like to join in, too, just click their button at the top of my post!  Have a great Thursday…

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  1. Hey that free meat sounds pretty tasty! I hope you will enjoy it!

    That is sad about the accident. I hope the PT Cruiser lady has recovered by now. John and I have seen cows out in the road before when we take country drives. Thankfully it was never at night and we have seen them up ahead and had time to slow down.

    Thanks for your comment and the encouragement. I hope I can slowly become more active.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  2. I love hamburegers but I’m not sure how I would feel to have one knowing it came from one of the cows next door. Feels sort of creapy. Great story however and enjoy the steaks.

  3. I enjoyed reading your post today…We grew up rural and even had a farm ourselves for a few years and we bred Black Angus…Somehow when we are adults we’re able to eat Beef, Pork and Chicken without thinking about the animals it came from…what is grown on farms such as your neighbors is so much better for us and better tasting. I wish I could find someone like that where I live now.
    Mama Bear

  4. ha…we used to live out in the country and 2 neighbors down had cows. one morning they got out of the fence and they were all around my house, looking at me through our windows. my son was about 18 months at the time and he loved it. he ran from window to window saying ‘mmmoooo’s mama mooo’s’.

    my grandparent’s were chicken farmers, so i am all familiar with the fresh chicken for dinner.

    i really enjoy your blog…thanks for sharing!

  5. I used to have that problem too, now I just don’t care so much. Farm fresh food is sooo much better, even if I met the “guest” in the past.

    At least you were not literally eating your neighbor!

  6. I haven’t grown up on a farm or near any farms. I know that would have been hard for me to do. Our daughter stopped eating meat over a year ago. She is 29. It’s not about being a vegetarian, it’s about not eating animals.
    There was some show she watched and one person said “I wouldn’t eat my dog so why would I eat other animal.” I do like meat, just so you know!

  7. […] you remember the post I wrote last week about “having our neighbor for dinner”?  Well, it turned out that my animal adventures were far from over after I wrote that story.  I […]

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