Post It Note Tuesday and Random Tuesday Thoughts…January 25

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Now for the rest of my “Random Tuesday Thoughts”. 

 The sun has gone, the rain is back.  Yuk!  Since it’s gloomy, I’ve gained a couple of pounds, and I need a laugh or two, let me begin by sharing this bit of knowledge with you that my friend, Cindy, sent me.  It’s a photo entitled “The Four Stages of Life”!  I’d say that about sums it up for most people!

"The Four Stages of Life"

My husband has begun to ride bikes with me in the afternoons.  He found an old bicycle in our “discard pile”, pumped up the tires, and they actually held air!  That bike had been in the back yard, discarded in a pile of jumk, since our daughter’s teen years–and she’s 32 now!  That’s my “Thrifty Ed”!  He bought a couple of new tubes for the tires, but so far he hasn’t needed them.  Who knew?  I think my hubby was secretly afraid that I’d get healthier than him!  He’s also cutting down on carbs and sugar 🙂

I have a new “healthcare” nightmare story to share.  On Thursday, I came home to find a message from my Rheumatologist on the answering machine.  When I called the office back, I got their answering service.  It was 4 pm, and the office was closed. (Yeah, right!  They just stop answering the phone at 4pm–they are in the office until at least 6pm)  The answering service advised me that the dr’s office was closed on Friday’s, so I would need to call back on Monday at 9am.

On Monday at 9:15am I called the dr’s office again, and got Voice Mail!  It said to me “If this is an emergency, call 911.”  Are you kidding me???  The message went on to say that the office was “overwhelmed” with phone calls, please call again later.  On my third attempt, an hour or so later, I finally reached the receptionist–who had no idea why I was called on Thursday!  Three long distance phone calls, and I never did find out why they left a message for me to call!

The second part of my “healthcare nightmare” involves a change in insurance carriers.  My husband’s place of employment keeps changing carriers–three within a year’s time.  Each time the coverage gets worse.  The saddest part of the whole thing is, hubby works for a hospital–and they should know how vital good healthcare coverage is! 

The latest plan will not cover any visits to a “specialist” unless we meet the $3200 deductible first!  Ouch!  It looks like I may be switching back from my Rheumatologist to my primary care physician.  I simply can’t afford the visits with no help from the insurance!  It’s usually a $50 co-pay for a $300 office visit–and that’s not counting the $50 yearly retainer fee that this doctor charges his patients!  Oh, don’t even get me started on that one!

I’m going to close this random post with a funny YouTube video that I found on friend Eva’s post yesterday.  I laughed so hard when I watched it!  It’s a bit slow getting started (just like old folks) but once it gets going, it’s hilarious!  To all of my “Over 40 Bloggers”, this may be us one of these days–in a nursing home retirement show!   Enjoy…

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  1. Love the four stages photo! Have a good Tuesday. Stopping by from Random Thoughts Tuesday.

  2. enjoyed the photo with the bottles. i would hate to gain weight if i exercised and would be tempted to stop, i’m not good about in this direction. take care rose

  3. Hey, it’s kinda nice that Mr. Ed has been riding bikes with you. You’ll probably stick with it longer with a partner, and it doesn’t look like Madison is ready for that job yet. Maybe when she sees how much fun the two of you are having with your bikes, she’ll want to join. Have a great day. 🙂

  4. It MUST be muscle mass–muscle weighs more than fat so that sounds right…to me anyway.

    Ugh, we have a very similar thing going on with our insurance through Hub’s work…stupid insurance.

    Enjoyed your post!

  5. Definitely gotta be muscle mass – at least that’s what I’d say. 😉

    The four stages of life picture totally cracked me up! 🙂

    RTT: Head Colds and Renovations

  6. I’ve been watching Oprah for as long as I can remember. The story on Monday was a good one. I like a several of the shows on OWN.

    So sorry about your insurance. I hate when they change plans, sometimes you have to see new doctors, it sucks. I can’t believe that they are covering less.

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