A Believe It Or Not Kind Of Day…

Yesterday was a believe it or not kind of day!  It began early yesterday morning, on the way to my dr’s appointment,  when my daughter turned on my windshield wipers, only to discover there was no blade on the wiper arm!  The entire blade was missing, not just the rubber part!  Upon further investigation, we found the blade down under the hood next to the bottom of  the windshield.  Then we discovered that neither one of us knew how to put the blade back on the arm!  Brandy called her husband at work for directions, but still couldn’t get the blade back on.  We ended up going by the hospital where my hubby works to let my him put the wiper blade back on!  All of this extra activity put us about 20 minutes behind schedule, but we made it to my appointment on time–believe it or not!

Now, I’ve been going to the same Rheumatologist for 17 years.  In all of those 17 years, I have never gotten out of his office in under 2 hours–until yesterday!  Yesterday I was in and out for my appointment in 55 minutes!  Believe it or not!  I don’t know who cloned my doctor and replaced him with an efficient doctor, but thank you very much!  However, here is where my story takes an interesting twist.

My daughter and granddaughter usually accompany me on my doctor trips, and my daughter does most of the driving for me.  As usual, my daughter, Brandy, let me out at the doctor’s office, then took Madison a couple of miles away to play at Chuck E Cheese while I saw the doctor.

Because I was in and out of the doctor’s office so quickly,  the two of  them barely had time to get to Chuck E. Cheese.  I decided I would call Brandy to tell her I was finished, but for the two of them to go ahead and stay at Chuck E. Cheese for a while.  I called and got Brandy’s voice mail, so I left a message.  A few minutes later I called and left another message.  After 40 minutes, I was beginning to panic because Brandy hadn’t called me back…What if something happened to them on the way to Chuck E. Cheese?  I decided I’d try a third time, and if I didn’t get an answer, I was going to call my husband at his job (55 miles away), and tell him to come and get me!  Fortunately for everyone, Brandy answered her phone on my third attempt!  It turned out that she hadn’t received my other calls at all–not even the voice mail messages.  So…even though I finished in the doctor’s office in 55 minutes, I ended up spending  almost 2 hours there anyway!!! 

After getting out of the doctor’s office, Brandy wanted to go to “David’s Bridal” so she could try on a bridesmaid’s dress that she had seen on their website.  Jennifer has left the style (but not the color) of the dresses up to the individual bridesmaids–which may or may not be a good thing because you never know what awful style someone may pick!   Brandy is trying  to become pregnant, so she wanted a dress that is long, but also loose in the front–just in case.  After three dresses, she found the style that most compliments her figure– and it’s loose in the front.  Mission accomplished, except she didn’t order yet–and it’s a good thing.  When we got back home,  Brandy called Jennifer to tell her that she’d found the dress that she likes, and to ask if the style was okay with her.  Jennifer told her that she has changed her mind on her wedding colors, for the second time!

The last part of the day my girls and I cruised the mall and looked at “special occasion” dresses.  I tried on five dresses, and only found one out of the five that was suitable for me.  I bought it.   For the last two weddings of our children, I found dresses that I fell in love with–this dress I am “in like” with.  Do ya’ know what I mean?  I will keep this dress–just in case I don’t find a dress that I am in love with.  Hey, I’m finding out that my choices are very limited! 

Believe it or not,  yesterday my daughter left her glasses at home!  She can see up close, but not so good far off–and she was doing the driving!  Fortunately, she was able to get us there safely.  At the end of the day I offered to drive  home, and she agreed.  First thing,  I nearly missed a stop sign in the mall parking lot, and had to hit the brakes hard–which made something slide and hit the backseat window switch–which made the car window roll down on its own!  It was the craziest thing! 

Fortunately, we made it home without having an accident, despite the fact that my windshield was filthy and the sun was shinning in my eyes the entire trip home, causing me not to be able to see a thing at times…What a ride!  Did I mention that sometimes I make my daughter nervous when I drive?  I’ll bet she will remember thos glasses next time!!!

So, that was our believe it or not kind of day, have you ever had one of those kind of days?

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  1. My goodness! You better just stay put today! Glad you’re home safe and sound!

  2. That sounds like a day that I would be glad was over by dinner time 🙂 Glad everything turned out okay. I do suggest you let you ‘nearly blind’ daughter drive though…sounds like she can still see better even without her glasses, lol.


  3. What a wild day.
    I’m sure you are glad that day is over.

  4. You and Brandy reminds me of me and Megan (my oldest Daughter). Anytime we go off together it’s always an adventure. Looks like we were both in Savannah yesterday. My MIL appts were at Candler and Memorial, and we definetly didn’t visit Chuckie-Cheese’s. LOL

  5. Wow, that was really a day for the records! Glad you all made it home safely and that you found something to wear just in case the “it” one doesn’t come alone.
    So what color does she want now for the bridesmaids?

  6. Wow, sounds like you guys had quite an adventure. Sounds like if I’ve ever in the mood for a adventure, I’ll have to ride with you guys somewhere. That’s one thing I can say about you and Brandy for sure, and that is that there is never a dull moment. 🙂

    Hopefully when Madison gets a little older, she’ll want to start keeping a diary. Boy, won’t she have some stories to tell? And, who knows, maybe she’ll even want to start her own blog one day…Reflections…by Madison. Wouldn’t that be neat? 😀

  7. Glad everyone was safe and it’s a day you can look back on at get a gigge!

  8. Opps I meant giggle on gigge!

  9. Ack! I meant “not” not “on”! I give up!

  10. busy time. just when you think you know what to expect re doctor’s visit there is a differet situation. hope tomorrow is better rose

  11. good grief- I would have stayed in the ouse for the rest of the day! and Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment. Cheers!

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