Flashback Friday… About My Pets

 Hey guys, we have a guest hostess for today’s Flashback!  BP over at Raindrops and Rainbows will be filling in for Linda today.  If you’d like to join in the fun, just click her link!  We’re going to be reminising about our pets of the past…

Let me begin by saying I didn’t have a lot of pets while growing up, but I have more than made up for it as an adult–but more on that in a moment. 

My earliest pet memory is from when I was about age eight.  I remember we had a little black, shaggy dog named Sheba.  I don’t know what kind of dog Sheba was, but I’m guessing she was a mix of some kind of terrier, poodle, or something along those lines.  I remember Sheba getting “distemper”, and being very sick. 

I have a few more memories of Sheba, including the fact that she moved from Florida to Georgia with us.  Those were some turbulent times for my family, and my parents could hardly take care of themselves and me, much less a pet.  I didn’t know it at the time, but my dad got a friend to take Sheba to another town, about 2o miles away.  It took her over three weeks, but Sheba eventually found her way back home to us!  I remember going outside to walk to school, and there stood Sheba to greet me!  We kept her for a year or so after that, but eventually Sheba was given away again.  I used to think about her a lot, and wonder if she had a good life.  It was a long time before we got another pet.

The other pet that stands out in my mind was a Siamese cat whom we named Cleopatra Fontaine, thanks to my older brother’s suggestion!  I was a teenager when she entered our lives.  Cleo, as we called her for short, just wandered up to our house one day, and never left.  We lived pretty close to a motel, and we often wondered if she’d escaped from someone staying at the motel. 

Cleo was a beautiful cat, but she meowed all the time– and it was one of those annoying Siamese meows!  Cleo was a female cat, and like all female cats do–she blessed us with several litters of kittens.  Never once did Cleo give birth to a kitten that even remotely resembled her!  Her kittens looked like every tom cat in the neighborhood!  I married and moved away, leaving Cleo behind with my parents.

While I didn’t have an abundance of childhood pets, I’ve had more than my fair share as an adult.  I am a true animal lover!  As a married adult, my first pet was a gray tabby cat named “BB”.  I considered BB to be my first child, and she was treated like one!  Some cats are “special”, and BB was one of those.  I wrote an entire post about BB here. 

Over the years, our family has adopted nine dogs, four rabbits, five parakeets, two hamsters, a guinea pig, two hermit crabs, and too many cats and kittens to count!  Below are a few pictures of some of our family’s pets through the years…sadly, all of these pets passed away a long time ago.

In the photos you will see “Sandy”, our first child’s first dog, “BJ”, the furry black dog from hell, “Sadie”, our third dog, “Tazz”, my dalmatian–and our only dog with a pedigree, “Pussy Willow”, the dark gray kitty who could climb trees, but couldn’t ever get back down, and “Miss Kitty” a stray who adopted us as her family when her previous family moved. 

Notice the photo of “Sparky” the blue parakeet visiting with the guinea pig named “Scooter”.  The two of them were actually friends, and Sparky could talk!  Sparky was a smart little bird, and he would sit on Scooter’s cage, and say “Hey, Scooter Pig!”  It was hilarious! 

Out of the five parakeets that we’ve had, only two have been trained to talk.  “Tweety”, the parakeet that we have now can talk, but I didn’t train him, so I can’t understand what he’s saying.  I gave him a home after a co-worker found him sitting under her car port, and couldn’t find his owner.  Her husband caught him by putting his cap over him!  I’ve had Tweety Bird for over six years.

Tweety Bird

Our rabbits are over six years old, too.  The white one, named “Sugar Pie”, was a discarded Easter pet that I rescued from our local animal shelter.  “Honey Bun”, the brown Holland lop, was a gift from a friend who breeds show rabbits.  My husband has them very fat and spoiled!  Sugar Pie uses her litter box faithfully, while Honey Bun chooses to use a certain section of his cage for his bathroom!

Sugar Pie

Honey Bun

Speaking of our local shelter, I used to volunteer there on a regular basis–until I kept trying to rescue all of the pets on “death row”.  Eventually I had to give it up–but not before I adopted five dogs, a rabbit, and about nineteen cats and kittens!

These days,some of our pet population has dwindled due to age.  Two dogs have died of old age, since they were old when I adopted them, while a third had to be euthanized due to a health issue which couldn’t be cured.  I currently have two dogs, and fourteen cats left–plus the rabbits and parakeet.  All of my cats and dogs are outside pets, with the exception of “Bobs”, my “special needs” kitty.  She’s inside and outside, depending on how her behavior is!  Bobs is so special, it took a three part post to tell her story!  Trust me, it’s a doozie! 

Now you know all about my pets–past and present!  I told you I had a lot of them…

I’m also linking up Follow Friday today, as well as Boost My Blog.  Have a great weekend, and don’t forget–my giveaway is still in progress!


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  1. Thanks for sharing your memories. That is so neat that Sheba found you again. I’ve heard stories like that of pets finding their way back home.

    Enjoyed the pictures of your pets! You have a lot of them!

    God bless,

  2. That is a lot of critters. Sounds like you have a lot of love to go around.

  3. We used to have goats, a miniature horse (for a while)and turkeys, ducks and chickens. We got rid of the goats so that we could camp.

    We are down to a few ducks and a rooster.

    We also have 2 dogs and 1 cat.

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    I have several blogs:

    Come on home – mom blog

    The Blogging Biz Mom

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    Have a great weekend!

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